3 Best Drone for 7 Year Old in 2022

Some drones may seem like a toy, but the now common flying devices are much more than that. There are many models out there used for a variety of professional purposes, including surveying and taking amazing aerial photographs. However, some are aimed at younger users as well.

In this article, we will take a look at the best drones for a 7-year-old. The options you will find below all meet the needs of a younger pilot by being easy to fly, affordable, and durable enough to withstand a bit of abuse. Whether you’re getting a drone for your own child or someone else’s, you won’t find better options than what you see here.

Quick Summary

  • A simple option that’s easy to fly thanks to hand-powered flight is the Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drone for Kids or Adults. This is a great drone for first-time flyers.
  • Another option that’s perfect for 7-year-olds due to the durable design and multi-color lights is the Dwi Dowellin Mini Drone for Kids. This drone offers plenty of fun and has an easy-to-use controller that makes it another ideal entry level model.
  • The Snaptain H823H Mini Drone for Kids is a high-quality option that’s strong enough to take a few crash landings without issue. This drone is capable of some fun tricks as well.

Who Should Get This?

All of the drones you’ll read about here are great for 7-year-olds, as well as any other kids around that age range. They are well-built-but-affordable options that are easy to fly. That combination makes them perfect for young little pilots who are just learning how to take care of electronic devices.

These drones make a great gift for any child around seven years of age who wants a fly toy. If you’re an adult thinking about a gift for that little one in your life, all of the options here are perfect due to their affordability and ease of use. None of the models come equipped with a camera, however. If you want something that can take photos mid-flight, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Best Drone for 7 Year Old: What to Consider

Easy to Use

While it’s true that kids these days can operate electronic devices with ease, it’s still important to get a drone that’s easy to fly. While your child may be a natura, the basics of drone control are not easy. At age 7, it can really go either way in regards to a child’s ability to navigate a flying device. Ease of use is critical and an important aspect of keeping your kids both engaged and entertained.


When it comes to getting a drone for a 7-year-old, durability also matters. Since there’s a good chance this will be the child’s first drone, there will be a learning curved when picking up the controls. This means that a crash (or three) is inevitable. You need a drone that will be able to handle some accidents without worry. Every option listed is more than up to the rigors and abuse that comes along with a 7-year-old in control.

Battery Life

A drone will only stay in the air as long as the battery holds a charge. While you won’t get hours of flight time out of any drone, you also don’t want one that will only last a minute or two. A battery life of around 10-minutes is ideal, while a few minutes less than that is common. It’s also a good idea to get a spare battery or two so you can quickly change them out and get the drone back up in the air.

Best Drone for 7 Year Old: Our Picks

1. Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drone for Kids or Adults

The Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drone is a great choice for seven years olds. This model makes for a perfect first-time drone because of its hand-operated design that eliminates the need for a separate controller. You literally control the drone through the movement of your own hands. That makes it look and feel as if you have some sort of magical ability, which all kids will surely love.

In addition to being easy to fly and control, this drone is also durable and built to take a bit of a beating. It’s best used indoors because its smaller size means it can be affected by the wind. Even so, this is a top option for a 7-year old that’s packed with high-end traits.


  • Easy to fly
  • No controller needed
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • USB charging cable included
  • Has LED lights for night time fun


  • Limited battery life of eight minutes
  • Small size so best for indoor use

2. Dwi Dowellin Mini Drone for Kids

The Dwi Dowellin Mini Drone for Kids is another great option for a 7-year-old. This drone just looks cool and features bright colors and flashing lights that kids are sure to love every time they take to the air. It features three speed modes as well as an auto-hover function that will keep it in the air if you take your hands off the controls. It also features a headless mode to keep it flying straight, as well as a 20 minute flight time with the two included batteries.


  • Brightly colored
  • LED lights for nighttime fun
  • Three speed modes
  • Headless flight for easier control
  • Auto-hover function
  • Durable


  • Flight time is only 10 minutes per battery
  • Kids might need adult instruction to get drone ready for flight

3. Snaptain H823H Mini Drone for Kids

Another solid drone for 7-year-olds is the Snaptain H823H Mini Drone for Kids. This features a 4-rotor design with the blades fully enclosed by a protective grid of plastic covering. That insulation makes the model both durable and safe. It is also well-suited for the demands kids will surely put it through. It’s capable of some stunts and higher-level maneuvers too. That means it can be a great learning drone for kids who truly enjoy flying.


  • Three speed levels
  • Automatic altitude hold
  • Headless mode
  • Covered blades
  • Affordable
  • 21-minute flight time


  • Can be difficult to control

Useful Tips & Resources

If your 7-year-old is a first time drone operator, it’s a good idea to start flying indoors before moving outside. The wind and other natural factors can impact control. When starting indoors, you can keep conditions more regulated. If you want to teach your child some basics of the science behind how drones actually achieve flight, take a look here.

Final Words

The drones on this list are perfect for younger kids who have never flown before. They allow for hours of fun and provide a great way to keep a child both occupied and entertained. If you remember to always supervise a 7-year-old when they are at the controls, they will surely have a fantastic time.

Do you think you could have flown a drone at 7 years old? Let us know in the comments below!

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