3 Best Drones Under $100 in 2022

Drones have existed for a long time, but have only become popular among the general public just recently. While they have practical uses like capturing content, photographing real estate and surveying land, they are also very fun to fly around through the sky.

Many drones are incredibly expensive pieces of equipment, but thankfully that isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many quality drones that can be purchased for under $100. This guide is going to some quality drones that can be purchased in that price range.

Quick Summary

  • The DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone is partially created by the biggest names in the consumer drone market, and it shows. The drone has good battery life, great stability and is easy to get started with and use.
  • The SGOTA RC Drone is a compact and foldable drone meant to be taken with you wherever life may take you. This dual-camera drone offers a bevy of useful features that you are sure to love.
  • If you want a drone with a great camera, the AKASO A31 Quadcopter Drone might be for you. It shoots 1080P HD videos, and comes complete with many other impressive features for both novice and advanced users.

Who Should Get This?

A drone in this price range is good for both new and experienced flyers. They are affordable enough for most budgets but offer better features than most introductory drones that cost $50 or less (maybe insert a link here to the “best drones under $50 article”).

Whether you want to use the drone for fun, or for a wide range of practical uses, the drones you’ll learn about here can help. If you have no need for a drone, and would never use it, these products likely aren’t for you.

Also, if you are purchasing the drone for your child or another true beginner, there are cheaper options that can be tested first, if you so choose. This could protect you from losing money if the drone crashes.

Best Drones Under $100: What to Consider in 2022

Safety Features

In this price range, the last thing you want to do is lose your entire investment after a single crash. As a result, you need to consider the safety features and durability of any drone you purchase. It should offer propellor protection or be well-built to stand up to the inevitable bumps and bruises that will accumulate.

Photo/Video Quality

While some people just like to fly their drones for fun, many love them for their ability to take photos and videos. If that is you, be sure to consider the camera quality of a drone before making a purchasing decision. The better the camera, the better your content will turn out in the end.

Size and Weight

If you plan on taking your drone anywhere, it is a good idea to consider the size and weight. Smaller drones are often easier and lighter to carry or transport but may struggle in the outdoors, especially when it is windy. Know what you plan on using the drone for, and get one that matches up with that size-wise.

Best Drones Under $100: Our Picks for 2022

1. Tello Quadcopter Drone

Using flight technology from DJI, this drone features high-quality parts that guarantee a smooth flight. The drone features the ability to land or take off with a single tap while offering precise controls. The camera can capture 720P video and the drone has a range of 100 meters.

13 minutes of battery life is also offered by the device, and the drone comes complete with the Tello app. It is light, yet durable, and offers great bang for your buck when it comes to performance.


  • Made with tech from the biggest name in the industry
  • Offers a great mix of beginner and professional features
  • Precise controls and great stability


  • Flying in the dark is sometimes an issue
  • Wind can often affect its flight due to how light it is

2. SGOTA RC Drone

This drone offers a number of unique features that you are sure to love. From the dual-cameras to the “follow-me” mode, this drone is capable of doing what many others cannot. In addition to these features, the rest of the drone is pretty impressive as well.

It features wide viewing angles, can be folded down to an incredibly compact size and is well-constructed and durable. Safety features like automatic return, headless mode and altitude hold make it great for any level of user.


  • Dual-camera setup
  • “Follow Me” mode makes it easy to record yourself
  • While light and foldable, the device is still durable


  • Doesn’t offer direct protection for propellers during flight
  • Instructions aren’t the clearest

3. AKASO A31 Quadcopter Drone

While this drone has a lot to be proud of, the shining jewel is the camera that can shoot 1080P HD video. This will ensure you get great content of whatever you are shooting. In addition to the great camera, this drone is also built very well despite its size and weight.

Flying the drone is easy for any level of pilot due to the clear controls and beginner-friendly features. It is also capable of flying quite fast and even doing tricks, while remaining quite stable. It is simply a great option for those who want a drone to capture quality content, without breaking the bank.


  • Awesome camera for the price
  • Very simple to land and take-off
  • Intuitive flight controls


  • Flight time could be better

Useful Tips and Resources

When spending any amount of money on a piece of technology, you need to be sure to care for it. Be sure to keep your drone clean, wipe dirt off the lens and body and do anything else you can do to keep it in the best condition possible. If you’re not sure how to clean your drone, this article can help.

Also, in the effort of preserving the life of your drone, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the controls before you fly it. Even if you have flown drones before, every one has a different set of controls, different levels of responsiveness and may not perform the same.

Final Words

There are some high-quality drones out there that won’t force you to break the bank. Hopefully, the information on the three aforementioned drones has been able to make your decision a little easier. Whether taking photos or videos is your thing, or if you want to learn some great tricks, any of these drones is a good option.

Is there a drone under $100 that you feel should have been included within this article? If there is, don’t be shy, and let us know in a comment below!

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