3 Best Action Cameras Under $50 in 2022

Whether you want to record yourself riding a mountain bike on tough terrain or surfing big waves, there is no better method than an action camera. These action cameras can bring your photos and videos to life and show others exactly what you saw.

They can easily be attached to helmets, handlebars and nearly anything else. However, with so many options with different features, how do you know which action camera to choose? Well, you’re in luck. This guide is going to go over a few of the best action cameras under $50.

Quick Summary

  • If you’re looking for a 4k action camera with multiple batteries and other accessories, consider the Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera. It has many great features, is high quality, and is easy to set up and use in a number of situations.
  • If you want a popular option with a number of included benefits, consider going with the Campark Action Camera. It is popular for a good reason as it is waterproof, takes high-quality videos or photos and makes sharing content easy.
  • If you are looking for great value, look no further than the Crosstour Action Camera. This action camera can be used on a bike, your helmet or even mounted to your wrist. Over a dozen accessories are included, too.

Who Should Get This?

An action camera is a great tool for adventurous individuals who want to share their lifestyle with others. It makes it very easy to film a wide range of different things, without having to physically hold and point the camera.

It can be used for biking, surfing, parkour, skiing and dozens of other activities. Even traditional sports can use action cameras and they can also be used as dash cams on your vehicle for security reasons. They can do nearly anything that any normal camera can do, but are just more flexible and usable.

Of course, if you don’t do a lot of extreme sports or aren’t interested in filming your escapades or having a dash cam, you probably don’t have a use for an action camera.

Best Action Camera Under $50: What to Consider in 2022


Most of the time, this action camera will be put in some pretty precarious and potentially dangerous situations. Whenever using it, it will have a high risk of being hit, dropped or tossed around. If it is not durable, it likely won’t last very long and you will be forced to replace it. As a result, make sure the action camera you get is one that can take a beating and has been shown to be durable.

Battery Life

If you get an action camera, you want to make sure it can keep up with your busy and exciting lifestyle. A big part of this is making sure that it has relatively strong battery life. The last thing you want to do is be forced to cut your adventures short in order to charge your action camera. In addition to good battery life, you should always carry more than one battery with you.

Camera Quality

Of course, you also want to purchase an action camera that offers high-quality images and videos. The higher the quality of the camera, the more clear and detailed all media captured on the device will be. The size of the lens, MP of the camera and the frames per second all go into the quality of the camera.

Best Action Camera Under $50: Our Picks for 2022

1. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

This is a great choice for someone looking for 4K quality without having to pay a premium price. Shooting photos and videos is easy and clear, and sharing your content is incredibly quick and can be done in real-time.

The device is not only very compact and portable, but also durable and features a waterproof case. The camera comes with an extra battery and a number of accessories to help show the versatility of the camera.


  • Features a wireless control wristband
  • Comes with many inherent modes and mounting accessories
  • Up to 4X zoom


  • Sound experience isn’t the best
  • Battery life isn’t as strong as some would like

2. Campark Action Camera

One of the most popular choices when it comes to the best action camera under $50 is the Campark action camera. This camera offers 4K videos and a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees. The wi-fi connection also allows users to control the camera via an app, which makes sharing content very easy.

Other features of this camera include waterproofing of 30M, a strong battery life and it comes with a number of other accessories. Time lapse functionality, the option to shoot in slow motion and a high-quality 2-inch display are also included.


  • Wide-angle FOV
  • Waterproof up to 30M
  • Decent battery life and comes with a replacement


  • There can be a bit of a learning curve
  • Not the best for nighttime use

3. Crosstour Action Camera

The Crosstour action camera offers among the best value in the space. It can be used for watersports, on a bike, on a helmet or even held in your hand. The camera can also connect to your mobile device and allow you to do a variety of things from downloading videos, deleting photos or sharing what you have shot.

The device also comes with a cleaning wipe as well as a user manual to help get you started. It is a great option for children, or anyone getting introduced to the use of action cameras.


  • Great value for what you get
  • Multiple 1050mAh batteries
  • A large LCD viewing screen


  • No battery charger included
  • Doesn’t offer 4K quality

Useful Tips and Resources

While they are designed to be more durable, you still need to treat your action camera with some respect. Because you’ll likely be using this device during extreme or action-packed activities, be sure to do your best to protect it. This includes using a protective case when transporting it and protecting the SD cards and batteries that you use.

When using these cameras, it is a good idea to learn how to correctly attach it to your car, bike or helmet to make sure it is secure. If you’re using them to capture your bicycle rides or races, this is a great video to check out:

Also, be sure to keep it clean. Cleaning the lens, and removing any dust or debris from the device will increase its lifetime. In a similar vein, only keep the camera on when you need it, as to not overheat it and degrade its performance.

Final Words

So whether you want an action camera to record your extreme sports, your day to day life or your next fun excursion, hopefully this guide has been able to help. All of the mentioned cameras are not only affordable, but include a wide range of great and important features.

Do you have or know about an action camera under $50 that you feel deserved to be mentioned here? If so, let us know about it in a comment below!

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