5 Best Cellular Trail Cameras

Finding the right camera for your adventures can be difficult. Even though many cameras are built with travelers and nature enthusiasts in mind, you need to focus on certain features, such as waterproof or infrared sensors to find the right camera for your specific interests and needs.

Hello everyone! My name is Lavelle and I am a professional photographer and videographer. Since 2009 I have been capturing moments for customers across the United States. During this time, I have also enjoyed many trail adventures and have found some excellent trail cameras along my journey.

In this article, I will share with you some things that you should look for when considering which cellular trail camera to purchase. I will also share my list of the best cellular trail cameras that I’ve come across.

Key Takeaways

  • Since most trail cameras are used in outdoor conditions, it is very important to choose a camera that is waterproof.
  • Look for a trail camera that has good night vision technology.
  • In many cases, trail cameras are used to photograph wildlife, so trigger speed and motion detection is critical to the camera’s usability. Look for a camera that has these features.
Are trail cameras waterproof?

Yes, some trail cameras are waterproof. However, some aren’t. If you find the perfect camera for your needs, and it’s not waterproof, you can purchase a waterproof case for your camera.

Yes, most trail cameras do have built-in wifi, however, some don’t. Having the built-in wifi makes it more convenient for you to download photos and videos.

Yes, many trail cameras can be used at night and in low-light conditions. Most trail cameras also have infrared sensors that help you detect wildlife in low light or night conditions.

Things to Look for in a Cellular Trail Camera

If you want to capture great moments during your trail adventures, you will need a good trail camera with certain features. Some of them include:

  • Waterproof: You want a trail camera that is waterproof since environmental conditions can change quickly. Having a waterproof trail camera allows you to protect the camera and its components and keeps you from having to cut your adventure short prematurely.
  • Trigger Speed: A split second can make a huge difference when trying to capture quickly moving-wildlife. The trigger speed on your trail camera is vital to you being able to get that great shot. Most trail cameras have a trigger speed of 2 seconds or less. The shorter the trigger time, the better it is for your photography needs. 
  • Infrared Sensors: Infrared sensors allow you to see things that the human eye may not see. This is important as you attempt to capture photos of wildlife. The sensors can also serve as a safety mechanism, warning you from surprise appearances by unsuspecting wildlife.
  • Wifi: Wifi is a super convenient feature. With wifi, you can avoid having to connect your camera to a computer to transfer or download photos. This can come in handy when you want to post images quickly, in the moment.
  • Resolution: Resolution is a basic necessity of all cameras including trail cameras. Generally, most trail cameras have a resolution of between 12 mp and 20 mp with some having a resolution as high as 32 mp. The higher the resolution, along with the proper settings, the better your pictures will look.

The 5 Best Cellular Trail Cameras Reviewed

Here is my list of the best cellular trail cameras to consider.

1. Covert WC Series LTE Cellular Trail Camera (Best Overall)

  • Resolution: 32MP
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4s
  • Detection Range: 100 ft.

My top choice is the Covert WC Series LTE Cellular trail camera. The camera specifications are outstanding and it is designed with the adventurer in mind.

With a 32-megapixel camera resolution, this camera has one of the highest resolutions of any camera in this class. The battery life is remarkable on this camera as is the wireless transmission productivity.

The Covert WC Series LTE Cellular has a premium resolution that offers an exceptional burst function. This camera can take 10 pictures in less than a half second and has a no glow feature which keeps wildlife from being spooked by light or noise.

The only drawback is that you have to subscribe to a monthly service to maximize the camera’s features. Other than this one issue, it is a great option.

My Verdict: This camera tops the class because of its awesome features and specifications. It works well at night and in low-light conditions. The images are crisp and clear and it is fairly easy for users of all levels to use.

2. Reveal by Tactacam 4G LTE Cellular Camera (Best Surveillance)

  • Resolution: 12 MP
  • Trigger Speed: 0.5s
  • Detection Range: 96 ft.

The Reveal by Tactacam 4G LTE camera is another great option. It has a decent 12-megapixel resolution and a good trigger speed of a half-second. Its detection range is very good, ranging out to 96 feet. 

This trail camera has a lot to offer. While the resolution is minimal at 12 MP, it still produces good-quality images. It is a budget-friendly cellular trail camera and is very easy to set up and use.

The thing that stands out is the ability to conduct surveillance in multiple conditions. Whether it’s daytime, nighttime, dusty, windy, or even rainy, the camera still produces usable images and video.

What concerns me about Reveal by Tactacam 4G LTE is the battery life. It uses two AA batteries, but they tend to drain more quickly than others in this class.

My Verdict: This is an excellent choice for surveillance types of needs. It is a durable camera and its rugged body design is both appealing and practical.

3. SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V Trail Camera (Best Night Vision)

  • Resolution: 10MP
  • Trigger Speed: 0.4s
  • Detection Range: 80 ft.

The SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V trail camera has a 10-megapixel resolution. The picture quality is decent and the trigger speed is good on this camera. The detection range of 80 feet is good as well.

Hunters find this camera to be appealing because of its impressive features and solar power system. The camera’s motion sensor is also very usable in hunting conditions. SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE-V, of all the others on the list, requires the least amount of interaction.

The mobile scouting and night vision features are things I like about this camera. The scouting feature sends pictures to your cellular phone automatically and periodically. This helps hunters to identify wildlife patterns. The night vision capability of this camera is remarkable and it easily identifies moving subjects.

The only con is the cost of the solar batteries. While the camera itself is priced nicely, the batteries are expensive and can serve as a deterrent to some consumers.

My Verdict: This is a great option for hunters. The picture quality is not the best but it is usable. The night vision stands out and hunters will find this camera to be very useful in the field.

4. Camojojo Trace Live Stream Cellular Trail Camera (Best Camera)

  • Resolution: 3K
  • Trigger Speed: 0.2s
  • Detection Range: 65 ft.

The next camera on my list is the Camojojo Trace Live Stream Cellular. The features include a 3k resolution, an excellent trigger speed, and a decent detection range.

It is easy to set up, has an amazing trigger speed of .2 seconds, and takes exceptional photos. The 3K resolution produces very detailed images. The camera is also well-designed with a rugged body type and is waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof.

The Camojojo Trace Live Stream easily has the best resolution of any camera in its class and the images are super clear and crisp. The camera also has the second fastest trigger speed of the choices on this list.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t notify you that the camera was triggered to take a picture. If you set this camera up and walk away to an indiscreet location, you will not get notified when images are taken. It’s inconvenient to have to keep checking the camera.

My Verdict: This is an excellent choice if image quality is your top priority. It is well-designed and can handle the uncertainties of adventure photography.

5. GardePro E8 Trail Camera (Best Trigger Speed)

  • Resolution: 32 MP
  • Trigger Speed: 0.1s
  • Detection Range: 100 ft.

The last choice on my list is the GardePro E8. This is a good option and is moderately priced, with an excellent resolution of 32 megapixels and a very good range of 100 feet. The trigger speed is outstanding at one-tenth of a second.

This camera has a lot of good features including motion detection, a waterproof design, and Bluetooth compatibility. It could easily rival the number three and four choices on my list as they are all comparable choices.

The trigger speed is outstanding. With a 0.1-second trigger, it can easily catch the fastest-moving objects such as deer. It also has three motion detection zones, which adds to its value.

What concerns me, is that while the camera is listed as a 32 MP camera, the images are grainy at that resolution. To get good, clear images, you have to shoot in 12 MP resolution. This misleading spec causes great concern for me.

My Verdict: This is a good overall camera. The specs, except for the camera resolution, are very good. If the resolution issue is addressed, then this camera easily moves up to the number 2 spot on my list.

Final Thoughts

Some great cameras in the marketplace will meet your adventurous needs. It may take some research and patience but with the right resources, you can find the best cellular trail camera for your best moments. 

Be sure to look for the features I’ve mentioned, such as infrared, sensors, wifi, and trigger speed. You will find the ideal camera for your needs and interests by concentrating on these features.

Do you have a specific camera that works best for your adventures? Leave a comment below and share your experience with us.

Until next time, capture the best moments of your life!

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