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Since GoPros are made for action sports and adventures, you probably need some accessories to make the most out of your filming experiences. However, choosing the best GoPro accessory kit is very tricky since so many options exist.

Hi, it’s wonderful to meet you! My name is Larry, and I’ve been passionately filming GoPro videos for 10 years. I have experience using hundreds of different GoPro accessories and have purchased dozens of accessory kits.

In today’s thorough review, I’ll share the top 5 GoPro accessory kits you can get today. I’ll also summarize a few key takeaways, answer some related questions, and explain what makes the best GoPro accessory kit.

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Key Takeaways

  • GoPro accessory kits come with several different add-ons, mounts, and attachments, making it easier to film videos.
  • Purchasing individual accessories is time-consuming and expensive, so I recommend purchasing a comprehensive GoPro accessory kit.
  • The Apollolab GoPro Accessory Kit is the best overall pick for most GoPro users.
  • The Husiway GoPro Accessory Kit is the best premium option if you want higher-quality items. 

The items you should buy depend on what type of content you plan on recording. For example, if you want to record your motorbike adventures, I recommend getting a helmet mount and chest mount. Furthermore, if you want to record hiking videos, you should invest in an extended selfie stick or monopod.

Most GoPro accessories are good for travel since they are typically lightweight and compact. However, I recommend getting a shorty grip, a GoPro travel case, an extended selfie stick, and a few body or helmet mounts. You should also invest in a few extra GoPro batteries and microSD cards, so you never run out of power or memory while traveling.

Not all GoPro accessories are the same because there are so many options. These options include dive housing cases, tripods, handlebar mounts, floating cases, and much more. Fortunately, GoPro accessory kits provide more than enough accessories to elevate your GoPro filming experiences.

Depending on the specific accessory, there are different ways to add accessories to your GoPro. The most crucial factor is whether your GoPro is compatible with the specific accessory. 

If so, you can follow the included instructions to add it to your GoPro. However, if you want to attach a mount but don’t have built-in mounting fingers on your GoPro, you need an additional case. 

Most GoPro mounts and supports use the standard 3-prong GoPro mount or GoPro quick-release buckle adapter. Therefore, your camera must have the compatible mounting fingers to use the mounts. If you have an older GoPro without the built-in mounting fingers, you need to purchase a case that has them.

What Makes the Best GoPro Accessory Kit

Before we jump into my list of top recommendations, it’s essential to learn what factors to look at when deciding which one to purchase. Since all GoPro accessory kits are different, knowing what criteria to consider will help you make a confident decision. 

So let’s take a closer look at these three key elements:

What the Kit Includes

The most important thing to consider when deciding the best GoPro accessory kit is what types of things are included. Not all kits are created equally, and many will include different things. Be sure to take a close look at all that is included, and make sure the things you need and want most are in the kit.

How Portable the Kit is

In order to successfully use your GoPro accessory kit, you need to be sure you can take it with you. As a result, it needs to be portable. The kit should have a case capable of holding everything (or nearly everything) you might need. 

It should be easy to carry, light, durable and portable through and through. It should also have materials inside to keep the accessories safe and in the right spot. These are typically foam inserts you can customize to fit your specific accessories.

The Quality of the Items

Of course, you also want to consider the quality of the accessories included. While not everything included in every kit will be the perfect quality, most of it should be durable enough for repeated use and not break instantly. On the other hand, if everything included is low quality, the kit won’t have a lot of value for you as it may not last long.

Top 5 Best GoPro Accessory Kits

Now that you understand how to differentiate each GoPro accessory kit, let’s dive into my list of the 5 best GoPro accessory kits. I compiled this list based on my own experiences and feedback I’ve received from other GoPro fanatics. 

Let’s get started!

1. Apollolab GoPro Accessories Kit (Best Overall)

  • Items Included: 61
  • Notable Accessories: Octopus style holder and floating hand grip

The Apollolab GoPro Accessories Kit features 61 different accessories packed into one affordable, high-quality bundle. Some noteworthy accessories include a chest harness, floating hand grip, selfie stick monopod, black tripod mount adapter, and car suction cup. You also get a bike handlebar holder mount and a three-way adjustable pivot arm. 

This GoPro accessory kit even includes a large shockproof and waterproof carrying case. However, if you want to purchase a standalone carrying case, most of them are more expensive than the entire Apollolab GoPro Accessories kit. Therefore, this kit provides immense value for its relatively low price point. 

Opening your package for the first time can be overwhelming. With over 61 included accessories, it can take a few days to dig through the kit and test each item. Best of all, you can use these accessories for any situation. For example, you can use them on your motorcycle, car, paddleboard, and kayak. In addition, this kit is compatible with all GoPro cameras. 

However, since this is a relatively affordable GoPro accessory kit, you shouldn’t expect top-of-the-line quality. Nonetheless, the build quality on each of the included items is more than enough for most GoPro users. Unless you record immensely high-impact sports, the accessories should hold up for several years.

My Verdict: The Apollolab GoPro accessories kit is the best overall pick because it features 61 useful accessories in an affordable bundle. This accessory kit has everything a GoPro user needs to take their videos to the next level. 

2. Neewer GoPro Accessory Kit (Best Value)

  • Items Included: 50
  • Notable Accessories: Head, chest, and helmet straps

The Neewer GoPro Accessory Kit is another all-inclusive GoPro accessory kit compatible with all GoPro cameras and other action cameras. This kit has adjustable one-size-fits-all straps for your head, chest, and helmet. These mounts are perfect for breathtaking POV shots of skateboarding, snowboarding, parachuting, and surfing.

It also includes a wrist strap and floating handle grip. The wrist strap offers a 360-degree rotation, so you can record any angle. It also is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. In addition, the floating grip handle keeps your GoPro afloat in the water while snorkeling or swimming.

You can also use the included handlebar and suction cup mounts for your bike, motorbike, car, ATV, jet ski, or kayak. The handlebar mount fits any round tube that’s 0.75 to 1.4 inches in diameter. This mount also provides 180-degree tilt movement, so you can set your preferred viewing angle. 

This accessory kit also comes with a relatively high-quality carrying case you can use to store your GoPro and a few additional accessories while traveling. Overall, this kit has everything you need to enhance your GoPro videos at an affordable price point.

The main drawback to this accessory kit is that the selfie stick comes in a random color, either black or red. Although I didn’t have a problem with either color, some GoPro users may prefer one color over the other. In this case, you may need to look at another option. 

My Verdict: The Neewer GoPro Accessory Kit offers the best value because it comes with 50 different items and has a ridiculously low price point. I was stunned when I opened this bundle and saw everything it came with.

3. Husiway GoPro Accessory Kit (Best Premium)

  • Items Included: 62
  • Notable Accessories: Silicone GoPro case and waterproof housing

The Husiway GoPro Accessory Kit is a premium GoPro accessory kit compatible with the GoPro HERO10 Black and HERO9 Black. I don’t recommend getting the Husiway Kit if you have an older GoPro camera. This is because this kit comes with a silicone case and a waterproof housing that’s only compatible with the HERO9 Black and HERO10 Black.

However, this accessory kit is an incredible option if you have either of these two cameras. This kit has everything you need to expand your filming experiences. For example, the included selfie stick extends to 36.6 inches and is made from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy.

Furthermore, this kit comes with a lens cover and adjustable lanyard to protect your camera while traveling and filming. Other notable items include a helmet strap, chest mount, wrist strap, floating bobber, and convertible tripod. You also receive a helmet mount, five flat pad adhesive mounts, and five curved pad adhesive mounts. 

In essence, this kit contains a lot of useful, high-quality items for beginner GoPro users. In addition, it offers excellent variety, so you always have an accessory to use no matter what type of content you film. The only downside to this GoPro accessory kit is that I only recommend it for HERO9 Black and HERO10 Black owners.

My Verdict: This is the best GoPro accessory kit for the HERO9 and HERO10 because it comes with a silicone case and a waterproof housing case. Furthermore, the accessories are noticeable higher quality than most accessory kits on the market. 

4. ZOOKKI GoPro Accessory Kit (Best Budget)

  • Items Included: 19
  • Notable Accessories: Car suction cup and selfie stick

The ZOOKKI GoPro Accessory Kit is an incredibly affordable bundle that includes 19 different items. This accessory kit is compatible with any GoPro camera and offers several mounting options. Some of these mounts include a head strap, chest strap, car suction cup mount, and floating hand grip. 

I love the floating hand grip because it keeps your camera afloat in the water and is painted with a bright yellow color, so it’s easy to spot. Therefore, this item is a must-have for snorkeling and swimming. The included selfie stick is expandable, lightweight, and easy to use. In addition, it offers a comfortable grip for hiking and travel videos. 

The best way to sum up the ZOOKKI GoPro accessory kit is that it’s simple yet practical. This is one of the best beginner kits available since you most likely need GoPro mounts in your GoPro accessory kit. All the items are well made with good quality materials. Furthermore, everything fits together easily.

However, it’s important to note that this accessory kit doesn’t have a GoPro carrying case. Therefore, I recommend purchasing an additional carrying case if you plan to travel with your GoPro and need somewhere to keep it safe.  

My Verdict: The ZOOKKI GoPro Accessory kit offers outstanding value when it comes to how many products it includes. This is the perfect kit to purchase if you are just starting out and want to pick from several mounting options to amplify your GoPro videos.

5. Vamson GoPro Accessory Kit (Best Quality)

  • Items Included: 64
  • Notable Accessories: Waterproof GoPro case and shockproof carrying case

The Vamson GoPro Accessory Kit is another GoPro accessory kit specifically designed for the GoPro HERO10 Black and GoPro HERO9 Black. This bundle includes a waterproof case, a silicon GoPro sleeve case, and a tempered glass screen protector. The waterproof housing uses transmittance material to provide crystal-clear underwater footage and protection.

This bundle also includes a large shockproof and waterproof carrying case. The dimensions are 13 inches by 8.7 inches by 3.5 inches. Therefore, you can fit several extra batteries, SD cards, mounts, and accessories in the case for your travel and filming adventures.

Some other cool items are the snorkel filters and anti-fog inserts. These snorkel filters provide excellent color correction and improve contrast in different photography and underwater video conditions. Furthermore, the anti-fog inserts can prevent your GoPro lens from getting foggy while filming in cold or humid environments.

Some other notable items are the 10.6 to 35.4-inch extendable selfie stick, floaty bobber, and a slew of different chest, wrist, and head mounts. All in all, this accessory kit has nearly everything you need for your GoPro HERO10 or HERO9.

Although this is the best quality GoPro accessory kit, you shouldn’t expect top-notch material and build elements. This is because you can quickly find higher-quality standalone items that aren’t part of a bundle. However, extremely high-quality GoPro accessories are not necessary. Instead, you need something that gets the job done reliably and for a long duration.

My Verdict: The Vamson GoPro Accessory Kit is another excellent option for HERO9 and HERO10 owners. This is the best underwater GoPro accessory kit since it has everything you need to make the most out of your snorkeling and ocean adventures!

Final Thoughts

If you have a GoPro or are interested in getting one, there are a number of different accessories that can help you have a better experience. These accessory kits we have talked about here help you quickly, easily, and affordably get all the accessories and add-ons you need to make great content.

Fortunately, every GoPro accessory kit in today’s list is sufficient for any GoPro user. However, I recommend getting the Apollolab GoPro Accessory Kit if you want the best overall value. If you want the best quality possible, you can’t go wrong with the Vamson GoPro Accessory Kit or Husiway GoPro Accessory Kit.

So now I’d love to hear from you! Which GoPro accessory kit from today’s list caught your attention? What type of content do you plan to film? Do you have any more questions about GoPro cameras? Drop a quick comment below to let me know!

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