3 Best GoPro Accessory Kits in 2022

GoPros are incredible tools to capture great photos, high-quality videos, and record all of your exciting life adventures. However, the camera itself often isn’t enough for most people to get the best content possible.

There are several accessories that can help such as mounts, cases, gimbals and more. One of the easiest ways to fill out your collection of accessories is by purchasing an accessory kit. But which of the available options is the best GoPro accessory kit?

This article is going to go through a couple of options to help make your decision a little bit easier.

Quick Summary

  • If you want a kit with nearly 60 different accessories, the Leknes 59-in-1 Camera Accessory Kit may be for you. The kit also comes with a large and shockproof case to make sure all of your accessories remain safe during transport.
  • The Action Camera Accessories Kit for GoPro offers a great collection of different accessories for your needs. Mounts, inserts, screws, scraps and so much more are included in this kit. The kit is compatible with a variety of different versions of GoPros.
  • No matter what sort of outdoor activities you are doing, the Kupton Accessories for GoPro kit will likely include what you need. It offers many grips and mounts to help you get the best content possible.

Who Should Get This?

If you have a GoPro or are interested in getting one, you should consider getting an accessory kit. These will come with several different add-ons and attachments that can optimize your GoPro experience in a number of ways. It can make taking videos easier, getting unique angles possible and so much more.

Getting all of these accessories individually can not only be time consuming, but also potentially expensive. The kits we will mention can provide you with dozens of items in one bundle, greatly simplifying things.

If you don’t plan on having a GoPro, you probably won’t need to get this. Also, there is the chance that you may want to buy each accessory separately, and in that case, an accessory kit might not make the most sense for you.

Best GoPro Accessory Kit: What to Consider in 2022

What the Kit Includes

The most important thing to consider when deciding the best GoPro accessory kit is what types of things are included. Not all kits are created equally, and many will include different things. Be sure to take a close look at all that is included, and make sure the things you need and want most are in the kid.

How Portable the Kit is

In order to successfully use your GoPro accessory kit, you need to be sure you can take it with you. As a result, it needs to be portable. The kit should come with a case capable of holding everything (or nearly everything) that you might need. It should be easy to carry, light, durable and portable through and through. It should also have materials inside to keep the accessories safe and in the right spot.

The Quality of the Items

Of course, you also want to consider the quality of the accessories that are included. While not everything included in every kit will be the perfect quality, most of it should be durable enough for repeated use and not break instantly. If everything included is low quality, the kit won’t have a lot of value for you as it may not last long.

Best GoPro Accessory Kit: Our Picks for 2022

1. Leknes 59-in-1 Camera Accessory Kit

With 59 different accessories in one, this kit offers many different types and kinds of items. Mounts for your chest, for your windows and for your handlebars are all included. Also included are head and wrist straps for incredibly dynamic content.

There are floating grips, inserts, rotating mounts a monopod and more. This is a ton of value packed into a single kit. The kit also comes with a high-quality and durable carrying case, making the kit quite portable, despite how much is included.


  • An incredible amount of accessories
  • Convenient and durable carrying case
  • Various mounts and grips for any situation


  • Some of the items are low quality
  • It is possible some items may not function perfectly

2. Action Camera Accessories Kit for Gopro

No matter your needs, this action camera accessory kit will be able to meet them. It can help you attach your GoPro to a car window, to your bike, to your chest and on a selfie stick. This versatility can help you get a range of different photos and videos to show off your adventures.

The large, waterproof and durable carrying case makes it easy to carry all of the mounts, straps, inserts, tripods and grip that are included. All the accessories, and the case, make sure that you can always capture the fun journeys you find yourself on.


  • Large, waterproof and intelligently designed case
  • Very budget-friendly and valuable
  • Great for both beginners and experts alike


  • The design of some of the accessories aren’t as intuitive as they could be

3. Kupton Accessories for GoPro

If you are looking for accessories like waterproof casing, backpack clips, mounts, harnesses and grips, consider taking a closer look at this kit. Many of these are greatly adjustable to fit all types of people, vehicles or locations. Whether you want to film in the water, from a car, on a bike or just in your hand, this kit has you covered.

The kit is also quite versatile and is compatible with a number of different GoPro models and versions. It even comes with an accessory to help tighten your accessories tightly to ensure they are more secure.


  • The waterproof case works up to 45 meters underwater
  • Works for almost any activity or sport
  • The accessories seem well-built and durable


  • Some items may be missing from the kit, so be sure to check

Useful Tips and Resources

While these accessories aren’t often as technical or expensive as the GoPro itself, they should still be cared for. If they are dropped or thrown around loose in a bag, they could easily become damaged and be rendered unusable.

Be sure to keep track of everything, as well. With so many items and accessories in these kits, it can be easy to lose or misplace something. It can be very annoying when you need a specific mount for a shoot, only to find out it has been misplaced.

Of course, be sure to also teach yourself how to use the different included accessories before starting your journey. While many are straight forward, some might require a little more practice to get proficient with and fully understand.

If you want to learn how to use various types of GoPro mounts, be sure to check out this video:

Final Words

If you have a GoPro or are interested in getting one, there are a number of different accessories that can help you have a better experience. These accessory kits we have talked about here help you quickly, easily and affordably get all the accessories and add-ons you need to make great content.

Do you know about a great GoPro accessory kit that wasn’t mentioned here? If so, be sure to let us know about it in a comment below!

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