Best GoPro Dog Harness Mounts

If you want to record the world from your dog’s point of view, you need to find the best GoPro dog harness mount. However, finding the right dog harness mount isn’t as easy as it looks since dozens of options are available.

Hey, my name is Larry. I’m a GoPro and action sports addict who’s also a passionate dog owner. I’ve tested dozens of different GoPro dog harness mounts on my Golden Retriever, and I’m excited to share the top picks with you today.

In this in-depth guide, I’ll answer a few common questions, explain what makes the best GoPro mount for your dog, and tell you about the top 5 best GoPro dog harness mounts. 

Let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Capturing your pet’s point of view is not only fun, but it creates some fascinating footage.
  • Size and durability are two of the most important factors when choosing a GoPro dog harness mount.
  • When looking for a reliable GoPro dog harness, it’s best to get one straight from the source. The GoPro Fetch is the best option for users who want a reliable product.
  • If you’re a pet owner looking for an affordable-but-reliable option, check out the SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount.

You can mount your GoPro to a dog with a GoPro dog harness mount. These harnesses go over your dog’s body and include a mounting area where you can attach your GoPro camera easily. First, however, you need to find a dog harness mount that fits your dog appropriately.

You can attach a GoPro to a small dog with the GoPro Fetch or READY Action Dog Harness. These GoPro dog harness mounts fit dogs that weigh 15 pounds, which should be accommodating for your small dog. If your dog is even smaller, you may have to modify the harness to ensure it’s locked in place on your dog.

You can put your GoPro on a cat with any of the dog harness mounts below. However, make sure to find a harness that fits your cat. Since cats are typically smaller than dogs, the harnesses I list below may be too large to fit your cat. If this is the case, you can look for an even smaller GoPro harness mount.

As long as your dog isn’t agitated by wearing the GoPro Fetch, you can capture some amazing and unique footage.

The GoPro Fetch dog harness mount is the best option since it’s made by GoPro and designed to fit your dog comfortably. In addition, this mount lets your record your dog’s point of view in the easiest way possible.

What Makes the Best GoPro Dog Harness Mount?

Before we dive into my list of recommended items, it’s important to discuss what makes the best mount. This way, you can fully understand what factors to consider when choosing your next GoPro dog harness mount. So, here they are:

Dog Size

Pay attention to your dog’s size and weight when getting a harness. Every pup is different, and you don’t want to get something too small or too big. Instead, get a harness that sits snugly on your dog but does so in a way that’s not too tight or uncomfortable. Also, pay attention to adjustable models that enable you to tweak the size. That helps ensure you’ll get the proper fit.


No matter how calm your dog is, they’re still going to run around from time to time. The cuddly animals love to sprint, jump, and lunge both in and outdoors. That’s why your GoPro dog harness needs to be able to take a beating. 

Always do your best to get a tough model that can stand up to any falls, bumps, or scrapes that come from being on the back of a dog. It also helps to get something flexible that can stretch or bend with ease.


You will also need a harness that’s easy to clean. While some people only have indoor dogs, many GoPro users record their dogs as they sprint through the backyard, up a mountain trail, or across the local dog park. 

That leads to some great shots, but it also means your harness will get quite dirty. So go out of your way to get a water-proof model, as well as one that’s entirely machine washable.

Top 5 Best GoPro Dog Harness Mounts

Below is a list of my recommended mounts, along with a quick review of each item so you get to know its pros and cons.

1. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness (Best Overall)

  • Dog Size Compatibility: Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • Comfort: Padded at all adjustment points
  • Washability: Machine washable with water-friendly material

The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness lets you record the world from your lovely dog’s point of view. This dog harness mount features two mounting locations, on the back or chest. This offers a variety of perspectives and viewing angles.

Best of all, the quick release base makes mounting and detaching the camera easy. In addition, you can swap mounting positions in seconds, which lets you spend more time playing with your dog than fiddling around with the mounting system.

Furthermore, the GoPro Fetch is incredibly adjustable. It fits dogs from 15 to 120 pounds or 7 to 54 kilograms if you prefer the metric scale. This mount is also machine washable and made with water-friendly materials. Therefore, you can use this mount in the swimming pool, in mud, and in other harsh conditions.

The GoPro fetch includes a camera tether to secure your GoPro camera further. This way, you don’t have to worry about your GoPro falling off the mount even when your dog is jumping, running, and playing around.

However, even though this mount fits small dogs that weigh 15 pounds, it isn’t the best option for small dogs. I used this mount on my friend’s border collie, and the harness could not stay in one place because of her long coat of fur. Therefore, I recommend checking out the options below if you need a GoPro dog harness mount for a small dog. 

My Verdict: The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is the best overall GoPro dog mount because it offers everything you need. It features two viewing angles, comfortable premium materials, and excellent durability. It’s also machine washable and waterproof. 

2. SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount (Best Budget)

  • Dog Size Compatibility: Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 24 to 88 pounds
  • Weight: 8.78 ounces
  • Comfort: Breathable air mesh material
  • Washability: Weatherproof and machine washable

The SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount features a camera mount on the back of the harness. This lets you capture the world from your dog’s perspective, making for some incredibly unique and exciting GoPro videos.

This GoPro dog mount harness is designed for dogs that weigh 24 to 88 pounds or 11 to 40 kilograms. The neck strap is adjustable from 15.55 to 22.2 inches. Furthermore, the chest strap is adjustable from 22 to 35 inches. This way, you can give your dog room to grow while still using this dog harness mount.

In terms of build quality, it’s constructed with nylon, denim, and breathable air mesh. The vest itself is soft, water-resistant, and comfortable for your dog. The mount also features 3M super reflecting material so you can easily spot your dog at night time. Furthermore, this mount is pull and choke-free, enabling maximum comfort for your furry best friend. 

The SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount includes a dog harness strap, a long thumbscrew, and a wrench. Simply slip the dog harness over your dog’s head and connect the quick release buckle. Then, set the four adjustment points, and your dog is good to go!

However, if you have a smaller dog, the camera mount may center on your dog’s shoulder blades, causing shakier footage depending on your dog’s movements. Therefore, this isn’t the best GoPro dog harness mount for smaller dogs. Instead, the SHANSHUIART listed in the next section is the better option for smaller dogs. 

My Verdict: The SmilePowo Dog Harness Mount is best for budget-conscious GoPro users since it’s affordable but still offers an excellent product. It’s made with comfortable materials and won’t bother or agitate your dog after extended recording sessions. 

3. SHANSHUIART GoPro Dog Harness Mount (Best Adjustability)

  • Dog Size Compatibility: Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds
  • Weight: 7.05 ounces
  • Comfort: Padded adjustment points
  • Washability: Machine washable hydrophilic material

The SHANSHUIART GoPro Dog Harness Mount, similar to the GoPro Fetch, features mounting positions on the dog’s chest or back. It’s also designed for dogs weighing 15 to 120 pounds. If you have a smaller dog, the chest straps can be removed to fit your dog more comfortably and securely. 

Best of all, all of this mount’s adjustment points are padded. This way, you won’t agitate your dog while pulling on the leash or when taking him or her for a walk. It also features a quick release base, making installing and removing your GoPro camera a breeze.

This mount is constructed with a washable hydrophilic material. Therefore, you can let your dog swim and play in the water without needing to worry about damaging the mount. The mount is also built with soft, padded material for maximum comfort and support. 

This is the best GoPro dog harness mount if you have multiple dogs of varying sizes. Since most GoPro dog harnesses aren’t designed for small dogs, this is the best choice if you have a small dog weighing 20 pounds or less.

However, my only criticism of this mount is that it’s made by a third-party manufacturer I’m unfamiliar with. Although this is an excellent GoPro dog harness mount, I plan to test their other products too to see if this GoPro mount company is up to par. 

My Verdict: The SHANSHUIART GoPro Dog Harness Mount is the best for adjustability because it offers two fixed GoPro mounting positions on your dog’s chest or back. Therefore, you can film unique viewing angles to capture the best footage possible. 

4. READYACTION Dog Harness (Best Waterproof)

  • Dog Size Compatibility: Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 15 to 150 pounds
  • Weight: 13.5 ounces
  • Comfort: Comfortable nylon and padded materials 
  • Washability: Hand washable and water friendly

The READYACTION Dog Harness is designed for dogs weighing between 15 and 150 pounds. Similar to other options on today’s list, this mount features a quick release base for easy GoPro camera mounting and removal. Another unique feature of this mount is that it comes with a phone clamp. Therefore, you can attach your smartphone as well as a GoPro camera.

In total, this mount includes one adjustable harness, one universal smartphone holder, one adjustable hinge, and a GoPro clip and adapter. Made in America, this mount is built with high-quality and easily adjustable heavy-duty clips and straps. Therefore, the READYACTION dog harness is incredibly durable and tough.

Furthermore, this mount is hand washable and waterproof. So your dog can use this in the swimming pool without any problems whatsoever. For small dogs, you can use the small side mount. On the other hand, large dogs can use the larger back mount. 

Although the manufacturer recommends hand washing only, I accidentally threw this mount into the machine and put it in a cycle. However, machine washing my mount didn’t damage the product or affect future uses. So even though I don’t recommend copying what I did, you shouldn’t have any problems cleaning this mount.

My Verdict: The READYACTION Dog Harness is the best waterproof GoPro dog mount because it’s made with weatherproof materials. You can safely bring this GoPro dog mount into the swimming pool or ocean.

5. STOBOK Dog Harness (Best for Medium and Large Dogs)

  • Dog Size Compatibility: Fully adjustable to fit dogs from 20 to 90 pounds
  • Weight: 5.75 ounces
  • Comfort: Made with premium and breathable material
  • Washability: Machine washable

The STOBOK Dog Harness has one fixed mounting position on your dog’s back. This mount is constructed with padded tectonic material to let your dog wear it for hours on end without any discomfort or agitation. Furthermore, the collar is made with premium and breathable material, while the vest is soft and weather-resistant.

It’s also incredibly easy to put on your dog. This dog harness has a simple design and uses quick snap buckles to attach to your dog securely. Therefore, you can easily put the mount on and take it off without rubbing or chaffing your dog. 

The STOBOK Dog Harness includes a camera hanging belt, which can further ensure the safety and security of your GoPro camera. This way, your camera stays in place and won’t fall off even if your dog is running and jumping around. 

However, since this dog harness comes in two sizes, large or medium, it isn’t a practical solution if you have a smaller dog. If you want the best GoPro dog harness mount for a small dog, I recommend picking up the SHANSHUIART GoPro Dog Harness. That mount is better suited for cute miniature furballs like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire Terriers. 

My Verdict: The STOBOK Dog Harness is the best GoPro mount for medium and large dogs because it features two sizing variants, medium or large. This way, you can find the perfect fit for your dog to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.

Final Thoughts

Picking out a GoPro dog harness is not as easy as it first may seem. However, while there are limited models out there, they all come with exciting features. The above models do a little bit of everything, and they will all help you see your puppy in a brand new light.

If you’re someone who loves GoPro and their dog, this is the way to go. Just understand the subtleties between each model and do what you can to ensure that you’re getting something both you and your pet will enjoy.

Which GoPro dog harness mount are you leaning towards from today’s guide? What type of dog do you have? Do you have any further questions about GoPro dog harness mounts? Let me know in the comments below.

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