3 Best GoPro Selfie Sticks in 2022

Selfie sticks are handy little devices that help you take the perfect self-photo in any given situation. However, knowing the correct one to get for your GoPro is no easy task. There are a wide range of selfie sticks on the market, and they all differ in size and functionality.

The three following models are great GoPro selfie sticks. Not only do they hold the camera at the right angle, but they have numerous additional upgrades that improve the general picture-taking experience.

Quick Summary

  • It should come as no shock that GoPro’s own 3-way selfie stick works extremely well with the cameras. The lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to use and perfectly complements the unique 3-in-1 design. The model can be used as a handgrip, extended selfie stick, or stand-alone tripod. That gives it a 7.5 to 20-inch range, which covers all potential angles.
  • The Matone Bluetooth is the perfect selfie stick for people who like features. The device comes with rubber grips, rubber foot pads, a tripod stand, and Bluetooth remote. It is also easy to use, thanks to the twist handle release and rotation clamps. That gives it 360-degree flexibility, which ensures you’ll always be able to get the exact picture you want.
  • As with any good GoPro selfie stick, the Sandmarc Pole Compact is quite portable. The small device is lightweight and, at 10 inches when folded, it is easy to throw into your bag. However, despite its small size, the stick is incredibly sturdy. The sleek aluminum construction is waterproof and holds up to the elements. The non-slip rubber grip and wrist strap also prevent any accidental drops.

Who Should Get This?

Every GoPro user can appreciate a solid selfie stick. However, they are especially useful for people who take a lot of selfies or wide shots. Background photographers will enjoy them as well.

Travelers can also get a lot of use out of GoPro selfie sticks. That is because they are the perfect way to get a picture of you with an important landmark or stunning landscape in the background. Nobody likes having to ask strangers to get a picture in their favorite vacation spot. With a good selfie stick, you won’t have to.

Best GoPro Selfie Stick: What to Consider in 20202?


All selfie sticks have two lengths, depending on whether or not they are extended or compressed. That is incredibly important to note when making your decision. You want a stick that is both easy to carry around and long enough to take proper pictures.

Water Resistance

You need a selfie stick that is able to stand up to the elements. While quality materials are always important, it is key to focus on waterproof sticks. Even if you don’t ever plan on using the stick in wet environments, accidents happen. You never know when you might drop it in the pool or get caught in a rainstorm. Some sticks may even simply freeze up in colder weather. Try to choose ones made from anodized metals.


Though holding a selfie stick for a few seconds is no big deal, it doesn’t take long for your arm to get tired when you’re lugging one around all day. Always do your best to find light sticks that are easy to carry both in your hand and bag. The lighter options make travel much easier, and allow you to enjoy your shots without sore joints.

Best GoPro Selfie Stick: Our Picks for 2022

1. GoPro 3-Way

Perhaps the most versatile GoPro selfie stick, the 3-way can be used as a shorthand grip, selfie stick, or standing tripod. All three modes work well and give you a lot of options. Beyond that, the model is also waterproof and can reach up to 20-inches when fully extended.

What We Like:

  • Unique 3-in-1 design gives additional functionality
  • Strong, fully-detachable handle grip
  • Lightweight
  • Tripod inside handle
  • Waterproof
  • Wide picture range offers a variety of shots

What We Don’t Like:

  • Could be more stable

2. Matone Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Unlike most static selfie sticks, the Matone Bluetooth can be used as both a selfie stick and standing tripod. That functionality is then backed by the rubber grips and footpads, as well as the handy Bluetooth remote. It is easy to use, fully adjustable, and rotates in all directions.

What We Like:

  • Rotation clamps offer 360-degree flexibility
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Fully adjustable
  • Rubber grips and footpads
  • Bluetooth remote

What We Don’t Like:

  • No included charging cable
  • Function over appearance

3. SANDMARC Pole Compact

A fantastic selfie stick, the Sandmarc Pole Compact both looks great and is easy to use. The aluminum exterior is waterproof and incredibly sturdy, while the stick itself extends out to 25 inches. The rubber grip, lightweight design, quick-lock mechanisms, and wrist strap are all nice bonuses.

What We Like:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Wrist strap and rubber grip
  • Quick-lock mechanisms
  • Extremely durable, perfect for all environments

What We Don’t Like:

  • Parts are a bit small
  • Can be a hassle to switch out different cameras

Useful Tips and Resources

Selfie sticks may seem self-explanatory, but they are much trickier to use than they first seem. The tricks outlined here give you a better understanding on how to use them.

Also, if you enjoy the way a selfie stick enhances your GoPro experience, you should take a look at the other accessories such as light, monopad, suction cup mount, chest mount, accessory kit, etc..

Final Words

Selfie sticks are perfect ways to enhance your GoPro’s already impressive capabilities. The devices not only open up new angles, but they also give you the ability to take exciting pictures you can’t reach with your arms.

While all models seem similar, just a way to take better-angled selfies, each one has distinct features. The devices in this guide are not just selfie sticks. They are selfie sticks that take your GoPro to the next level.

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