3 Best GoPro Tripods in 2022

A GoPro is one of the best cameras for when you’re on the move. It captures all forms of dynamic action, be it swimming, running, biking, or driving. However, sometimes you want a static picture. That is where a good tripod comes in.

There are many excellent GoPro tripods that give you stable shots at many different angles. While the models were not reliable when first released, the following options give great results each and every time.

Quick Summary

  • When looking at the JOBY GorillaPod it is easy to notice the long flexible legs. They enable the device to wrap around objects and get angles that other tripods cannot. In addition, the device has quick-release mounts and rubber footpads. It is also able to tilt up to 90 degrees and pan a full 360 degrees for the perfect videos.
  • The GoPro Shorty combines three handy products into one, a feature that gives it a high amount of versatility similar tripods lack. It has a standard handgrip for close up shots, a wide-angle extension arm, as well as a three-legged tripod. Those are then backed by industrial-strength plastic that can easily withstand the elements. As an added bonus, the tripod is also compact and easy to carry no matter where your adventure takes you.
  • Perhaps the most interesting looking tripod out there, the Fotopro UFO2 is a complete device capable of wrapping around any object for the perfect shot. The durable legs easily hang from a backpack, branch, fence, gate, or vehicle with no issues. It is also waterproof, shockproof, and is small enough to carry around without adding any extra weight to your gear.

Who Should Get This?

All GoPro owners can appreciate a good tripod. Still shots, while not the norm for the devices, come up quite often. Being able to set your camera down in one spot gives you a unique picture you’re not able to get while shooting with your hand.

The devices are also great choices for users who care about specific angles. Shooting on the move, while fun, makes it hard to nail down a specific picture or video. A good tripod allows you to tweak the camera to a certain spot so that everything comes out perfect.

Best GoPro Tripod: What to Consider in 2022?


GoPros are sturdy cameras made for extreme videos, and their tripods should meet that standard. It is easy to get the first tripod you see, but that may end up costing you down the line. Always look for shock or waterproof tripods that can stand up to a range of different outdoor hazards. Hardy materials, such as strong rubber or metal, also help ensure your tripod won’t quit after a few months of use. A good base goes a long way as well.


Tripods are great accessories for your GoPro, but they can be a bit bulky. Nobody wants extra gear in their pack weighing them down, nor do they want to maneuver an unruly device over and over. Small tripods avoid both of those issues. Look for lightweight options, or ones you can easily throw into a bag with little worry.


Tripod flexibility is extremely easy to overlook. However, it is vital when choosing a good device. The point of a tripod is to achieve perfect shots you wouldn’t be able to get while on the move. A device that bends helps you reach that goal. Wrappable legs give you the ability to aim your camera in many ways more static options don’t allow, as do special mounts with extra maneuverability.

Best GoPro Tripod: Our Picks for 2022

1. JOBY GorillaPod

The JOBY GorillaPod is a great tripod. Not only it is lightweight (6.27 ounces) but it also has flexible legs, rubber foot pads, and quick-release clips. All of those create a device that is able to get unique angles and excellent shots.

What we like:

  • Rubber foot pads
  • Quick release clips
  • 360 degree pan
  • Compatible with many cameras

What We Don’t Like:

  • Could be more durable

2. GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole Tripod

Few tripods have as many uses as the GoPro Shorty. This mini extension pole has three different modes (handgrip, extension arm, and tripod) in addition to its premium construction and a durable exterior. It is also quite small, which makes it easy to move and operate.

What we like:

  • Three handy modes
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Premium materials offer superior durability

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not waterproof, sinks in water

3. Fotopro UFO2

The Fotopro UFO2 is a strange-looking tripod with a lot of exciting features. The sturdy octopus-like legs can wrap around just about any object, while the waterproof, shockproof material keeps it safe in all environments. It is also easy to transport and comes with a unique Bluetooth control.

What we like:

  • Wrappable legs
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Small and compact
  • Water and shockproof materials

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have the best lifespan

Useful Tips and Resources

GoPro tripods are some of the most useful accessories for your camera. However, they are far from the only additions out on the market. If you want to further your device, this video provides some excellent ideas.

It also helps to understand the best way to use a GoPro tripod before making your purchase. That is where this guide comes in.

Final Words

Sometimes, you want to take photos or videos without moving. Tripods help give you the perfect stationary shot, and ones made for the GoPro expand on that with a range of other useful features.

The three tripods in this guide give you everything you would ever need when shooting from one area. While they are different and come with their own upgrades, each of them will leave you satisfied. It is best to pick the one that you think will best suit your lifestyle.

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