3 Best Microphones for GoPro in 2022

Every experienced GoPro user knows that, while the devices come with built-in microphones, they are not the best at capturing sound quality. For that, there are special external GoPro microphones.

Microphones made for GoPros greatly enhance the cameras’ general sound quality. You don’t just want a device that gives slightly better audio, you want a multi-faceted machine that greatly improves each and every aspect of your GoPro. That is what the microphones in this guide achieve.

Quick Summary

  • The predecessor to the original VideoMic Rode, the Rode VideoMic Go is a great microphone that brings an extra level of sound quality to all GoPros. The device does a great job of mixing high sound quality with tight, compact design. The anti-vibration technology also limits interference, no matter if you’re stationary or on the move.
  • While certain microphones only work with a few GoPro models, the Purple Panda Lavalier is able to handle them all. This device is quite small, but still manages to deliver exceptional audio quality without weighing you down. The lightweight microphone also comes with many useful items, such as a mini USB adapter and windscreen. The extra-long extension cord and handy pouch both further the functionality.
  • The Saramonic GoMic (G-Mic) is a great microphone addition to any GoPro. Like the other options, it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. That not only makes it great for shooting in unique locations, but you can throw it into your luggage without any worry. The steam-proof windshield provides ample protection in a range of different environments, while the USB port plug-in means there are no adapters or additional energy sources needed.

Who Should Get This?

Anyone who is serious about GoPro recording should invest in a solid microphone. They are perfect for beginners looking to take their videos up to the next level, and they are also perfect for more advanced users who care about the specific details.

Microphones are also extremely helpful for users who shoot in windy or tumultuous environments. Ambient sound can greatly decrease the quality of a video. A microphone with proper protection fights through such issues.

Best Microphones for GoPro: What to Consider in 2022?

Recording Quality

Of course, the most important thing when analyzing a microphone is how well it captures sound. GoPros are only as good as their videos, and sound quality is a big part of that. Always look for microphones that get all of the noises you want to capture and filter out the ones you don’t. It is not an easy balance to achieve, but it is an important one when picking out your GoPro microphone.

Power Supply

Many of the best GoPro microphones don’t utilize external battery options. Be aware of this, and understand how the model you’re looking at gets its power. Some need to charge, some have batteries, and some simply run power off the device. Though that last option is nice to have in terms of portability and set-up, it can also drain your GoPro’s battery at a fast rate. That is not necessarily the end of the world, but it is something you should always be aware of when finding a microphone.

Omnidirectional Recording

Good GoPro microphones tend to be omnidirectional, meaning they work in all different directions. Certain devices only get sound from one way, which then limits the audio they can pick up or record. The best microphones are able to pull in noise from all different parts of the environment. That not only gives you better audio quality, it also adds another layer to your recordings and makes them pop off the screen.

Best Microphones for GoPro: Our Picks for 2022

1. Rode Video Mic Go

Light and easy to carry, the Rode Video Mic Go is a fantastic microphone on multiple levels. Not only does it have some of the best quality on the market, but it also comes with both anti-vibration and wind protection to ensure you get the best sound with every shot.

What We Like:

  • Anti-vibration technology works like a charm
  • Battery not required
  • Compact and light
  • Integrated wind protection

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can be too basic for more advanced users

2. Purple Panda Lavalier

The Purple Panda is a microphone for GoPro users who want something unintrusive. The tiny device is one of the smallest on the market, but still delivers excellent quality. It has a long cord, which increases functionality, as well as a mini USB adapter, trs adapter, windscreen, and pouch. There is no software to download either.

What We Like:

  • A wide range of adapters add extra versatility
  • Omnidirectional mic provides clear audio
  • Thin, nonintrusive plug
  • Long cord
  • Incredibly small for its quality level

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can buzz in certain conditions
  • Lacks durability of similar mics

3. Saramonic G-Mic

Another great lightweight microphone, the Saramonic GoMic is a fantastic device that allows you to easily record perfect sound. It is compact, perfect for long trips, and connects to the GoPro through the USB port. It is protected by a steam-proof windshield as well.

What We Like:

  • Simple USB plugin
  • Steam-proof windshield protects from the elements
  • Lightweight, easy to take on trips
  • Offers great recording sound

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can pop from time to time

Useful Tips and Resources

Microphones greatly enhance audio, but there are a few ways to improve quality within the GoPro itself. The company lists such options in this article.

If you’re looking to further increase your quality, these tips are also nice to know.

Final Words

GoPro audio is one of the most overlooked aspects of the camera, but it’s hard to beat good sound. Not only does it make your videos that much better, but it also creates a more well-rounded filming experience.

There are many GoPro microphones on the market, but few of them can match what the above models offer. If you’re looking for a lightweight device that cuts down on annoying ambient sound, there are truly no better options.

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