7 Best Rear View Mirror Cameras

This guide will look at my picks for the best rear view mirror cameras and analyze the traits that help them stand out.

I’ve been working with cameras of all types my entire life. That knowledge, combined with in-depth research on the below options, gave me the ability to properly review the best rear view models on today’s market.

I believe the KDLinks R100 to be the best overall choice because of its large screen, crisp image quality, and inherent usability.

Where some cameras are hard to operate, the R100 is a streamlined device with a simple interface and quick setup time. The HD quality is above many similar models, as are the different lenses and the automatic motion detection.

However, as great as the R100 is, it’s far from the only strong rear view mirror camera out there. I’ll look at and review similar choices below. 

Top Rear View Mirror Cameras

This section analyzes each top model and gives a detailed breakdown of the different places they fit into the market.

1. KDLinks R100

  • Best for: Overall
  • Key Features: Built-in 5-inch IPS screen. Many different viewing modes and automatic motion detection. Strong HD video. Premium night and low light vision.
  • Screen Size: 5 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Display Type: IPS

The R100 is a strong model with exceptional visuals for a rear view mirror camera. The 1296p front camera and 1080p rear camera both record at 30fps, enabling you to easily see everything that’s both in front and in back of you. The 5-inch screen further helps in that regard.

This option is on the affordable side, and can be used by anyone. Installation takes no time at all. Even if you do have questions, the customer service is quick and responsive. There’s a 1-year warranty as well. On top of that, you also get excellent night vision and a strong battery.

This small device can do it all, delivering everything you would need in a well-rounded rear view mirror camera. However, some people may not like that it uses a battery over a capacitor. There’s also no Wi-Fi, but that’s not a huge deal considering all of the camera’s specs.

2. Wolfbox 12-inch Cam

  • Best for: Resolution
  • Key Features: 2.5k front camera and rear 1080p back. QVBR encoding technology. 12-inch, high-definition display with excellent coloration. 24-hour customer service.
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Sensor: Sony Stavis 

This camera from Wolfbox is one of the brightest and best-looking rear view models on today’s market. The 2.5k front camera complements the 1080p rear one to provide you two exceptional viewing options. The back even comes with a Sony Stavis sensor for the best image quality.

Another huge bonus here is the many intelligent functions and extremely large 12-inch HD display. Everything is fully interactive and simple to use, and you also get extra traits including a G-sensor, GPS functionality, and full time-lapse video mode.

The only drawback is that the camera can be a bit difficult to operate. It takes some time to get the hang of it. Once you do, you’ll be able to set everything up in no time at all. The playback could be better, but that’s a small complaint for a strong device with such a large screen.

3. Toguard Backup Camera

  • Best for: Durability
  • Key Features: Easy installation, simple design. Reverse camera kit creates safe parking. Adjustable lens. Normal mirror mode. 7-inch touchscreen and 1080P. G sensor.
  • Screen Size: 7 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Display Type: IPS

This model from Toguard is an extremely tough camera with full waterproofing capabilities. That makes it a great choice for those who live in wet areas or locations with tough weather. On top of that, it has a 7-inch touchscreen, 1080p picture quality, and excellent parking monitor.

Another bonus is the one key switching system, which allows the driver to cycle between five different viewing modes. That adds a ton of versatility to the entire package, giving you different options similar models lack. The included screensaver mode is extremely handy as well.

The only issue this model has is that it can be a bit buggy at times. However, a simple reset fixes those quite quickly. The timeout function isn’t always reliable, but it’s still a good feature in a sea of other extremely useful characteristics. 

4. Vantrue M2

  • Best for: Low Light
  • Key Features: Dual 1440P HD camera with upgraded chip technology. Continuous recording. Enhanced night vision. Built-in G sensor system
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 2.5K
  • Sensor Type: Starvis

A good rear view camera needs functionality both during night and day. That’s where the Vantrue M2 excels. This model, equipped with a 12-inch touch screen and HD resolution, works extremely well while you’re driving in either broad daylight, dusk, or in the dead of night.

Few rear view mirror cameras give you the ability to so easily see through the night, a feature enabled by the strong night vision and 148-degree field of view. Add on the G-sensor sensing system and you have a powerful device that’s able to assist you in any environment.

The only aspect that some people may not like is that you can’t use the rear camera while driving out on the open road. The system also causes your mirror to vibrate at times when you reach high speeds, but that’s not a huge issue most of the time.

5. JOMISE G810 Mirror Dash Cam

  • Best for: Versatility
  • Key Features: 11-inch touchscreen. Wide angle dual lens. Waterproof rear view camera. Parking mode car cam. Automatic reverse assistance.
  • Screen Size: 11 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Display Type: LCD

This rear view mirror camera from Crosstour is a great model that uses a range of specs to create a unique overall design. It has an adjustable wide angle dual lens (170-degree front and 150-degree back) as well as super night vision and an incredibly detailed 11-inch touch screen.

That impressive list of traits allows this camera to give you a lot of extra options. It works as a great parking assistant due to the g-sensor and integrated parking mode, but also gives you reverse assistance through the full screen rear view mode. Everything is HD and easy to see.

As great as this is, however, it’s not perfect. The model is a bit buggy at times. Luckily, any issues can be quickly resolved through Crosstour’s customer service. The touchscreen, while functional, is a bit slow to respond as well. You just have to be a bit patient when using it.

6. NikoMaku Mirror Dash Cam

  • Best for: Full Mirror
  • Key Features: Sleek design and HDR rear camera. Included parking assist function. Anti-glare film helps cut down on distortion. Wide compatibility.
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Viewing Angle: 170 degrees 

This rear view camera is unique in that it completely replaces your normal mirror rather than serving as a small window. That design alone, while impressive, isn’t enough to make the list. It gets on due to the anti-glare film, parking mode, and super HDR technology.

Another plus of this model is how easy it is to install. There are many rear view cameras that, while useful, take a long time to put up. The NikoMaku model gets around those headaches by delivering you a mounting system that anybody can operate. A few minutes and you’re done.

Just know this isn’t the strongest or toughest model around. Though operation is easy, you want to be careful when putting it together and adjusting it in the future. As long as you follow that rule, it’s a solid camera that will give you a full mirror view of everything you want to see.

7. Pyle Dash Cam

  • Best for: Affordability
  • Key Features: Compact. Dual system camera. 1080p quality. Built-in G sensor. Seamless loop video and full DVR recording. 4.3-inch screen. 
  • Screen Size: 4.3 inches
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Display Type: TFT

There are many solid rear view mirror cameras on the market, but if you want quality and something affordable the Pyle Dash Cam should be your pick. This incredibly affordable camera has a range of staple specs and excellent functionality. It also shoots in 1080p.

The 4.3-inch TFT wide viewing angle display is quite impressive. On top of that, the rear camera is completely waterproof and the G-sensor helps you avoid any accidents. You also get DVR recording as well as a slew of different cables to increase the general usability.

If this cheaper model has one drawback it’s that it’s not the easiest to install and operate. You’ll be able to get the hang of it eventually, but don’t expect everything to get going right away. It’s also not incredibly tough, but that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with a budget device.

How to Choose a Rear View Mirror Camera

Each of the following aspects is critical to keep in mind when it comes to picking out a rearview mirror camera.

Image Quality

A good rear view mirror camera needs to be able to let you see. Part of that is navigating different light conditions and part of that is clear resolution. Ensure your model delivers excellent images in high quality or full HD resolution.

It’s important to ensure your image stays sharp regardless of things like bad lighting or rough weather. Look for strong contrast, exceptional detail, and strong color accuracy. Those three will complement a high resolution to deliver incredibly clear images time and time again.


As a lot of driving happens at night, it always helps to get a camera that lets you properly see in both low light and dark environments. Always check your camera’s minimum Lux rating, which shows how much light you need for a good picture, and keep stock of any infrared or LED lights.

Night vision can also be extremely important in rear view mirror cameras. A true sight system helps you navigate no matter how dark it gets without the help of extra lights. Which one you choose to go with comes down to personal preference.

Ease of Use and Installation

Rear view mirrors can be a bit tricky. To make sure everything goes smoothly, pick one that anyone can set up regardless of their technical knowledge. A quick installation goes a long way by cutting down annoying setup times and getting everything up to speed.

On that note, you should also make sure your camera is easy to operate. Specs and features are fun, but they can become overwhelming. When getting a rear view camera you want a simple device with premium traits. Never get something that’s too busy.

Viewing Angle

You want a rear view mirror camera with a wide field of view, as that will enable you to see as much as possible. Look for something with at least 120 degrees, but don’t be afraid to go higher. Something around 170 is ideal for bigger cars or ones that need to track more open space.

My Verdict

The KDLinks R100 gets my pick for the best rear view mirror camera. It’s a well-built device that offers a lot of versatility through its incredibly powerful specs. You get a 1296p front camera, 1080p back camera, as well as 30fps. The 5-inch screen and wide viewing angle are great too. 

If you’re in the market for something that sits at a reasonable price and is simply to put together, the R100 fits the bill. Few models are able to give you its reliability and results in such a sleek package.

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