3 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras in 2022

Fishing can be an incredibly fun and relaxing pastime to partake in. There are dozens of different accessories, tools and technology that can assist you in catching more fish and having a better experience.

One of the most recent types of technological tools used to help fishermen is an underwater fishing camera. They help you see what’s going on in the water around you, to help you track and see the fish in the area.

Read on to learn about some of the best underwater fishing cameras and why they will make a great addition to your fishing gear arsenal.

Quick Summary

  • If you’re looking for a compact and portable option, the Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera might be for you. The small monitor offers high resolution, a sun visor and the lights make even the dark waters come to life.
  • If you want something with a little larger screen, the Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Video Camera could be a good choice. The cables are incredibly durable and cold-resistant and the camera itself is quite strong and captures very clear images.
  • The Anysun Underwater Fish Finder is a high-quality fishing camera with a solid battery life. It works great in both dark and bright water, features 700 TVL and 15m cables.

Who Should Get This?

An underwater fishing camera is great for anyone who wants to improve their fishing experience. It will help you see what is around you under the water, and this can help you decide the best location for your fishing.

Seeing the fish around you in real-time can certainly give you the upper hand and help see not only how many fish are near you, but what kind of fish they are. Also, if there are people on the boat not fishing, it can help them feel more involved or entertained.

If you don’t fish very much, or like to fish the old-fashioned way without any technology to help, these fishing cameras may not be something you need. However, these cameras can also be used simply to see what’s happening underwater, even if you don’t fish.

Best Underwater Fishing Camera: What to Consider in 2022?

Screen Quality

In order to best see what is below you, you want to ensure that the underwater fishing camera you go with offers great resolution. It should be able to give you a clear and colorful visual of the fish activity taking place below you. Also, in order for things to be clear and bright on the screen, consider a camera with a light, as this will help if it’s dark at all.

Battery Life

Another important thing to consider when choosing which underwater fishing camera to buy is the battery life. How long the battery on your camera lasts can have a direct impact on your experience while using it. If the battery life of a camera is subpar, it simply won’t be able to keep up with those longer fishing trips.

Depth of View

Of course, you also need to consider how deep the view of the camera will be. If it barely gets below the surface, you simply won’t be able to see many fish that are below you. The depth of view will largely depend on how long the cable is. So the deeper you want to see, the longer the cable should be. Different cameras will have different cable lengths and depth.

Best Underwater Fishing Camera in 2022: Our Picks

1. Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera

This camera is one of the most portable and compact on the market. In addition to that, the camera and monitor alike offer high-quality visuals. It is great for any kind of fishing whether from a boat or even off the dock.

The cable is quite long and allows you to see deeper into the water where you are fishing. Don’t worry about visibility, however, as the camera comes with LED lights to ensure everything can be seen.


  • Compact, light and easy to travel with
  • Cables are well-built, sturdy and won’t corrode
  • The camera angle and lights can help you see in any situation


  • Display is smaller than many other cameras and can be tough to see

2. Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Video Camera

This underwater fishing camera is as durable as it is effective. It features a large 7-inch monitor so you can always see what’s happening in the water. A camera with HD 1000TV lines ensures every fish you see on the screen will be high-quality and in color. 12 lights surrounding the camera also make it suitable for viewing dark water.

The cables are resistant to the cold and also incredibly strong, and capable of holding up to 30 kg. The camera also features a strong and durable aluminum case to ensure the camera is always protected during transport.


  • A durable and protective case
  • A large and high-quality screen
  • Very strong pull-resistant cables


  • The included instructions are quite unsatisfactory for most

3. Anysun Underwater Fish Finder – Professional Fishing Video Camera

A strong battery life and good image quality in both light or dark situations are just some of the many great features of this camera. It also includes night vision, pull-resistant cables, clear imaging and more. The cable is a long 15 meters, which makes it easy to see even in deep waters.

Durability and build of the device isn’t a concern and will ensure your camera will continue working for many a fishing trip. The included carrying case includes everything you need to get started fishing with this underwater camera.


  • 9-12 hour battery life
  • Works in both cold and warm weather with ease
  • The casing of the camera is very durable


  • Finding a replacement battery for this camera isn’t very easy

Useful Tips and Resources

While these cameras are quite simple to set up and operate, it is important to understand how to best use the camera before taking it out. If you know how to use it well, an underwater fishing camera can be a great addition to your toolbelt when it comes to catching more fish or having more fun. This article does a great job at explaining why.

Before heading out on a fishing adventure, be sure that your camera has a full battery. Most batteries don’t last all day and you don’t want to show up on the boat with a camera that is almost out of juice. Also, if you plan on using the camera for ice fishing, make sure it is durable and able to stand up to cold temperature.

Final Words

A fishing camera can be a great tool to not only help you catch more fish, but also add some excitement and fun to the activity. Hopefully the information in this guide has been able to help you identify and choose the best underwater fishing camera for your needs.

Do you know a great underwater fishing camera that we didn’t include in this guide? If so, feel free to let us know about it in a comment!

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