3 Best Yongnuo Flash for Nikon

If you own a Nikon camera, you have a capable and reliable device at your fingertips. They are a trusted brand in the world of photography that has spent years making and designing quality devices.

Even though a camera is able to capture great images on its own, having access to a variety of accessories can truly improve your abilities and allow you to adapt to your working environment. A flash is one such device because it’s a must-have if you want to take your photography seriously.

In this article, we will look specifically at the best Yongnuo Flash for Nikon cameras and analyze why they’re so great.

Quick Summary

  • Yongnuo YN968N II is the best overall choice for your Nikon DSLR camera. This one is equipped with a high-powered LED light and you can adjust the brightness quite easily.
  • Yongnuo YN560 IV is an affordable option that comes with a built-in control unit as well. That gives you a large amount of control and flexibility over the flash when you’re taking photos.
  • Yongnuo YN660 is another top option that comes with many premium features. This flash supports a wireless slave function as well as a flexible trigger on top of a bunch of other custom settings.

Who Should Get This

The flashes that you will see on this list are all built to work with Nikon DSLR cameras.

If you have one of those cameras, getting a high-quality flash gives you more control and power when you’re taking photographs. There are many different accessories you can get within the world of photography but a good flash is definitely on the short list of must-haves for a serious photographer.

If you’re a professional photographer, a good flash with custom settings is essential. The options listed here will allow you to create professional-level photographs by better controlling the lighting in your shots.

If you are new to photography or just learning the basics of the craft, you might not need a special flash right away. You would be better off saving your money for a lens or maybe even a photography class to increase your skills.

Best Youngnuo Flash for Nikon: Top 3 Picks

Here is a list of my top recommendations, along with a quick review of each option so you understand its pros and cons.

1. Yongnuo YN968N II (Best Overall)

The Yongnuo YN968N II is a top option for any Nikon camera. This flash is powered by a bright and efficient LED light that can be easily adjusted for different levels of brightness.

It also features a built-in diffuser and color conversion filter. These features alone make it a pretty awesome flash, but it also has a manual control display to give you even more direct control over how it affects your photography.

The features of this flash keep on coming with a GN number of 60 to give you enough brightness to light up the night and capture quality images, the ability to support high-speed sync TTL, and full support of USB firmware upgrades to keep the flash running smoothly for years to come.

It can also support a wireless slave for additional control and has both automatic and manual controls.


  • High-quality flash compatible with Nikon cameras
  • Bright LED light with adjustability, diffusor, and color conversion filter
  • Manual and automatic control functions
  • GN60@ISO 100,200mm
  • Supports firmware upgrade
  • Supports wireless slave function


  • On the expensive side
  • LED can dim as batteries wear down

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2. Yongnuo YN560 IV (Best Budget)

A budget option from Yongnuo is the YN560 IV Wireless Flash.

It is compatible with Nikon cameras and several other brands if you’re looking for an option that can work with multiple options in your arsenal.

Beyond that, it’s a versatile option thanks to a built-in wireless controller that allows you to up to three groups of speed lights with ease. It has a very high light output for quality control over your subject matter.


  • Affordable
  • Supports wireless master function
  • High light output
  • Versatile
  • Supports wireless slave function


  • Flash can get stuck on full power

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3. Yongnuo YN660 (Premium Choice)

The Yongnuo YN660 is another great flash to use with a Nikon camera. This comes with an excellent light output thanks to a GN of 66.

It also can be used with a wireless trigger for flexible and versatile scenarios and fully supports automatic save functions on top of custom settings.

Other great features include providing six groups in Radio Master mode, a 24-199mm flash head zoom, and a lever locking foot.


  • Excellent light output
  • Supports slave function
  • Provides six groups in Radio Master mode
  • 24-199mm flash head zoom
  • Lever locking foot


  • Flash can be finicky in wireless mode

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How to Choose the Best Yongnuo Flash for Nikon

GN Value

With any camera flash, it’s important to consider the GN value when you’re looking at a specific option. That stands for Guide Number and it’s a representation of the power of the light that a flash will put out. A higher GN number is always better because it will give you the ability to create more brightness when needed.

All flashes should have the GN number listed somewhere in the technical specifications. A larger number is important because even though some flashes can be adjusted by reducing their brightness, you will never be able to increase the amount of light they are able to put out higher than the GN number.

Manual Control

A lot of photographers like to have manual control over their flash. That means you’ll be able to adjust certain parameters in regard to how much light the flash puts out when taking a picture.

When you’re able to manually control these parameters, you’re able to control the lighting to a greater degree. Automatic flash control is available if you don’t know how to adjust things on your own, but the manual will provide you with far greater control.

Bulb Life

Camera flash comes from a bulb. You want to consider that bulb’s lifespan when making your purchase and keep it in mind while you’re in the field. Many modern flashes use LED lights that have a very long life and never quite run out.

Even so, you do need to change the batteries within the flash in order to get the best performance possible. Having a flash die in the field is annoying and easily avoidable if you plan ahead.

Useful Tips & Resources

Youngnuo flashes are used by photographers all over the world due to their unique design and versatility.

However, if you’ve never used an additional flash on your camera before, it can be difficult to figure out how to set up different features like triggers and manual controls.

Here is a video showing you how to do just that. Make sure to give it a watch if you are unfamiliar with the functions of a flash.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to photography, getting all of your accessories in order is no easy task. You can easily spend a lot of your time and money getting all the bells and whistles that are available.

If you’re looking for a quality flash to pair with your Nikon camera, the options from Yongnuo you’ll see here will surely meet your needs.

Do you have any tips for how to best use a flash? Let us know in the comments below!

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