4 Cheaper Alternatives to a GoPro

The Asako V50 Pro, Asako EK7000, and Campark ACT74 are the best cheaper alternatives to a GoPro camera. These GoPro alternatives cost around $100 or less and offer 4K video resolution, LCD touch screens, and high-quality photos.

Hi, it’s awesome to meet you! My name is Larry, and I’m an action sports enthusiast who’s been using action cameras for almost a decade. Although I mainly use GoPros as my recording device, I’ve tested dozens of GoPro alternatives.

In today’s in-depth guide, I’ll share the best cheap GoPro alternatives perfect for budget-conscious individuals.

Let’s dive right in!

What Makes GoPro Different from Its Competitors?

You can think of GoPro as the iPhone of action cameras. While GoPro is the most expensive action camera, it offers the best features, technology, support, and reliability.

Because of this, it commands a premium price tag. Furthermore, GoPro was the company that popularized action cameras with its early social media campaigns and marketing efforts. 

However, with a price tag of $350 for the GoPro HERO10 Black, not everyone interested in action cameras can afford one. 

Luckily, I have a complete list of the 4 best GoPro alternatives that are very affordable.

What are the Best Cheap GoPro Alternatives?

Although GoPro is the most popular action camera available, many competitors have entered the market, offering similar cameras at much more affordable prices.

Here are the best cheaper GoPro alternatives you can purchase for a fraction of the price of the latest GoPro HERO10 Black.

1. Asako V50 Pro

The Asako V50 Pro is undoubtedly the best GoPro alternative if you’re looking for an affordable option. This fully-fledged action camera offers 4K video resolution at 30 FPS, 20 MP photos, and a highly responsive LCD touchscreen.

It also features external mic support if you’d like to improve your audio quality. Furthermore, the Asako V50 Pro has electronic image stabilization (EIS) to produce smooth videos as you’re shooting shaky content. 

If you purchase the bundle from Amazon, the camera comes with two batteries, a charger, a remote control wristband, and multiple different mounts and accessories. This camera is also waterproof up to 30 meters and includes a diving mode for red light filtering. 

Furthermore, Asako has a mobile app where you can wirelessly transfer videos from your camera to your phone and easily share them with your friends.

The Asako V50 Pro features:

  • 4K/30 FPS recording capabilities
  • 20 MP camera lens
  • 170-degree adjustable lens
  • 2-inch LCD touchscreen
  • MicroSD card support up the 64 GB
  • Voice remote and built-in Wi-Fi
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • External mic support

With a price that’s less than half of the latest GoPro models, the Asako V50 Pro offers unbelievably good value. Even though it doesn’t feature the 5.3K and 5K recording capabilities in the GoPro HERO10 Black, the 4K resolution is still exceedingly high on a budget-friendly action camera.

2. Asako EK7000 Pro

The Asako EK7000 Pro is exceptionally similar to the Asako V50 Pro but is even cheaper. However, it includes fewer features than the Asako V50 Pro because it lacks advanced features.

Nonetheless, the Asako EK7000 Pro is more than capable as an incredible action camera for first-time users. This camera offers 4K video recording at 25 FPS, 16 MP photos, and an adjustable viewing angle. 

Furthermore, the Asako EK7000 Pro comes equipped with a waterproof case that lets you bring your camera up to 40 meters underwater. In addition, the 2-inch LCD touchscreen shows everything clearly and allows you to change video settings, switch shooting modes, and preview and playback footage.

It also includes the electronic image stabilization seen on the Asako V50 Pro. Therefore, this is a terrific GoPro alternative for people who want to film shaky content such as snowboarding, biking, skating, and surfing.

The Amazon bundle is equipped with two batteries, a charger, a remote control, and 19 different mounts and accessories.

The Asako EK7000 Pro features:

  • 2-inch LCD touchscreen with IPS display
  • 4K/25 FPS
  • Superb image stabilization
  • Asako mobile app compatibility
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

3. Campark ACT74

The Campark ACT74 is another excellent GoPro alternative for skiing, surfing, cycling, or any other type of action sports activity. 

With a price tag of $70, this is one of the most affordable action cameras that offers 4K video recording at 30 FPS. Furthermore, you can take incredible pictures using the Campark ACT74’s 20 MP camera. The GoPro HERO10 Black is only slightly better at taking pictures with a 23 MP camera sensor.

At nearly a quarter of the price of the GoPro HERO10 Black, the Campark ACT74 is an amazing GoPro alternative that’s affordable.

The Campark ACT74 features:

  • Waterproof case that provides up to 40 meters of underwater depth
  • Time Lapse, Burst Photo, and Slow Motion modes
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and mobile app compatibility
  • Remote control
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • 170-degree wide-angle lens

4. Dragon Touch Vision 3

The Dragon Touch Vision 3 offers 4K recording capabilities at 30 FPS and 16 MP photo resolution. This action camera is unique because it features a zoom range from 1.0x to 4.0x. 

With the included waterproof case, you can take this camera up to 30 meters underwater. Furthermore, the camera comes with two rechargeable batteries, a charger, and a bundle of accessories and mounts.

In total, the Dragon Touch Vision 3 features:

  • 2-inch LCD screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and mobile app compatibility
  • Remote control

However, the downside of this camera is that it doesn’t have the image stabilization feature seen in other cameras on this list.


Here is a list of common questions I frequently get asked about cheaper GoPro alternatives.

What can you use instead of a GoPro?

There are dozens of alternative action cameras you can use instead of a GoPro. Reliable and affordable action camera brands include Asako, Campark, and Dragon Touch. More expensive GoPro alternatives are made by brands like Insta360, DJI, and Oclu.

Are GoPros the best?

GoPros are the best action cameras in terms of features, mobile app support, customer support, and popularity. However, GoPro competitors have been quickly advancing and now produce cameras that are on the same level as GoPro cameras. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to purchase a GoPro if you’re interested in getting an action camera.

Which GoPro is best and cheap?

If you don’t want to dish out $350 for the latest GoPro HERO10 Black, you can shop for a used GoPro HERO7 Black or GoPro HERO8 Black on eBay. This is the best way to purchase an affordable GoPro since retail prices for new GoPros are still relatively high. 

Closing Thoughts

I hope you got the information you need from my guide on the 4 cheaper alternatives to a GoPro. The cameras included in this list are all highly affordable and offer fantastic video recording capabilities.

But now it’s your turn to speak. Which cheap GoPro alternative caught your eye the most? Are there any GoPro alternatives I forgot to mention? Do you have any more questions about the cameras on this list?

Let me know by writing a quick comment down below!

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