How Long Does a Canon Battery Take to Charge?

Most of the time, it takes roughly 2 hours to charge a Canon battery. However, the time can be more or less depending on things like the temperature and how far the battery is already charged.

I’m Caleb, and I’ve been a photographer for more than four years. As a user of the Rebel T7i, I’m pretty familiar with Canon’s batteries and how long they last before needing a charge.

In this article, I’ll explain how long it takes to charge a Canon battery, as well as answer some related questions you might have. 

If that’s piqued your interest, read on.

How Long Does a Canon Battery Take to Charge for The First Time?

You’ve just gotten your first camera. After opening the box, you see that everything is the way you expected. You can’t wait to start taking pictures, but there’s one problem: the battery hasn’t been charged yet.

You’ll have to charge your battery for the first time before using it, and if you want to charge it fully, it will take about 2 hours.

Batteries lose their charge over time when they’re sitting around unused, so the one that comes with your camera will be empty after spending time on the shelf or in a warehouse. 

On the bright side, you don’t have to wait the full 2 hours before the battery is charged enough to start using.

How Long Does a Canon Battery Take to Charge Normally?

If you’re charging a battery between day-to-day use, it’s harder to put a number on just how long it will take.

You can still use a couple of hours as a baseline time, but it could take much less time if the battery has a good amount of charge left.

Even the weather can impact how long it takes a battery to charge fully. If the surroundings are cold, the battery may take a longer time to charge than it would otherwise.

How Long Does a Canon Battery Last per Charge?

Once your battery is fully charged, you can expect to get a fair bit of use from it before having to charge again.

While battery life varies depending on the exact model of camera and battery, the popular Canon cameras generally last around 850 shots on a single charge.

This is true for some of Canon’s most popular models, including the EOS M50, Rebel T7i, and PowerShot G7 X.

How Often Should I Charge My Canon Battery?

If you’re only concerned with taking a few pictures at a time, you probably don’t have to worry about charging much. 

Things like quick family photoshoots aren’t going to quickly go through a charge, and you can probably afford to wait until the battery icon turns red and displays a single bar of power remaining.

However, you’ll have to be more mindful if you’re planning on taking photos all day, or taking them in large quantity. It’s usually a good idea to charge before starting such a photography session, to avoid annoying problems later.

It all depends on the type of photography you’re doing. You might also want to buy spare batteries, and charge all of them ahead of time. That way, it’s easy to swap in a charged one if the need comes up.

Why is My Canon Charger Blinking Orange?

If your charger is blinking orange, that means there’s a problem with the charger.

It doesn’t always mean that the charger is broken, however. Sometimes, the problem is just a glitch in the system that will go away if you turn it off and on again.

Unplugging the charger and then plugging it back in should be your first move if you run into this problem.

If it doesn’t go away at that point, you should carefully inspect the charger itself to see if there’s any damage.

What to Do When Canon Battery Is Not Charging

First off, if you notice that the battery is not charging, you should check the metal part of the battery that touches the metal part of the charger.

If this area is dirty, you should remove any dirt that might be in the way and then place the battery in the charger again. 

Another solution is to unplug the charger and remove the battery. Then, after a brief time, plug the charger back in and put the battery back into position.

You should also make sure the charger isn’t blinking to show that there’s a problem. 


Here’s a quick overview of some other battery related questions that Canon users have asked.

How Do I Know When My Canon Battery Is Charged?

When the battery is done charging, the light on the charger will turn green.

How Long Does it Take to Charge 10% Battery?

A battery at 10% is nearly empty, so you should expect to need most of the full 2 hour charging time to get it back to 100%.

Can You Overcharge a Canon Battery?

You can’t overcharge the battery, as the charger is designed to stop charging once the battery is full. However, leaving the battery in the charger may result in heat damage from too much exposure to the charger’s heat.


It only takes a couple of hours to fully charge a Canon battery. Is that fast? Or is it too long? The answer is subjective, and different kinds of photographers will have different answers.

How often do you charge your batteries, and have you adopted the practice of carrying multiple charged ones with you? Let us know in the comments.

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