How to Add Music in GoPro Studio

You can add music in GoPro studio by importing the music file and then dragging it into the video timeline. Afterward, you can adjust when you want to music to start playing, edit its length, and change the audio levels.

Hello there! My name is Larry, and I’ve been using GoPro cameras since 2014. As an experienced GoPro user, I’ve edited my fair share of videos in GoPro Studio. Fortunately, adding your favorite music to GoPro Studio is quick and easy.

In today’s guide, I’ll show you how you can enhance your GoPro videos by adding music.

Keep reading to learn how!

How Do I Add My Own Music to GoPro Studio?

Step 1: Open GoPro Studio on your computer. 

Step 2: Click on MEDIA on the top-left corner of GoPro Studio and choose the music file you want to add.

Step 3: Once you find the music file, click on Open.

Step 4: The music file will appear on the left-hand section of GoPro Studio.

Step 5: Drag the music file from the left-hand section of GoPro Studio into the middle timeline section next to the ‘Microphone’ icon. 

Step 6: The song you uploaded will now be added to your video once you export the file.

You can upload as many songs as you want to GoPro Studio. Furthermore, you can use multiple songs in a single video.

However, adding your music to GoPro studio might not be enough. You may want to edit the audio levels, change the song’s length, or begin playing the song at a later point in the video.

So, let’s discuss how to edit your song clip inside of GoPro Studio.

How to Edit Music in GoPro Studio?

The first step is to choose how long you want the song to play and when you want the song to start playing in the video. 

Since the song file appears as a bar in GoPro studio, you can simply drag the song left or right. This changes when the song begins playing in your video.

If you want to shorten the song’s length, you can adjust its length by dragging the edge of the bar. This ensures that your song and video clips are the same lengths. 

You can also adjust the audio levels of any song or video clip by selecting the correct bar in the timeline and using the ‘Audio’ menu on the right-hand side of GoPro studio.

Is GoPro Studio the Same as Quik?

GoPro Studio is exclusively a computer video editing software, while GoPro Quik can be used on phones and computers. As such, these software programs are not the same.

GoPro Quik is a lite video editor that includes some simple features such as clip trimming, song adding, and rotating. GoPro Studio offers more advanced editing tools, such as the ability to split and merge video clips, add titles, and much more.

However, it’s important to note that both GoPro Studio and GoPro Quik for desktop are discontinued (Quik for mobile devices is still available). Although you can still use these programs to edit your GoPro videos, GoPro doesn’t update them or add any new features.


Now that you’re able to add your favorite music in GoPro Studio, let’s discuss a few additional questions you may have.

Is GoPro Studio discontinued?

As of August 2019, GoPro Studio has been discontinued. However, you can still download GoPro Studio from alternative locations. GoPro discontinued GoPro Studio because of the launch of Quik for desktop. However, Quik for desktop has also been discontinued as GoPro is prioritizing its editing features on Quik for mobile.

Is GoPro music copyrighted?

If you use copyrighted music in your GoPro videos, GoPro is not responsible for any infringements that take place. Therefore, unless you have copyright authorization from the owner of the song, you’re constantly at risk of your videos being taken down. However, GoPro does offer copyright-free music in the GoPro Quik mobile app.

How do I edit GoPro videos on my computer?

There are dozens of great video editors you can use to edit GoPro videos on your computer. If you’re a beginner editor, I recommend using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. If you want to learn how to use the best free editing software, I recommend downloading DaVinci Resolve. The best paid video editors are Adobe Premiere Pro and CyberLink PowerDirector 365.

Closing Thoughts

Adding your favorite music to your GoPro videos can drastically change the final outcome of your edit. The right song can build a lot of hype and emphasis during your action montages and clips.

For this reason, I hope you were able to use my guide to add music in GoPro Studio easily. But now I’d love to hear from you: What’s the first song you’re going to add to GoPro Studio? What type of music do you enjoy listening to? Do you have any other questions about GoPros you’d like me to answer?

Let me know by dropping a short and sweet comment right below!

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