How to Make GoPro Battery Last Longer

The most effective way to make your GoPro battery last longer is to turn off certain features such as Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, voice control, and the LCD screen’s brightness when you’re not using them.

Hi, my name is Larry. I’m your neighborhood GoPro expert and have used GoPro cameras since 2014. It’s no secret that GoPro’s don’t have the longest battery life, and I understand the frustration a dead battery can bring.

In today’s guide, I’ll show you my favorite techniques to make the most out of a single charge on your GoPro’s battery. 

Let’s dive in!

Why Does My GoPro Run Out of Battery So Fast?

There are three primary reasons why your GoPro runs out of battery so fast.

1. Your recording resolution: Your battery will drain significantly faster when you record at a higher resolution. You can check out my guide on How Long Does a GoPro Battery Last to see how long the battery lasts for your specific GoPro camera model and recording resolution.

For example, recording at 5.3K/60FPS on my GoPro HERO10 Black gives me 47 minutes of battery life, while 2.7K/60FPS gives me 74 minutes of battery life.  

2. Extreme temperatures: Extremely hot or cold temperatures also causes a GoPro’s battery to deplete faster. Batteries use a chemical reaction to produce power. Unfortunately, the chemical reactions slow down in cold weather, which means a battery can’t generate as much power. 

The opposite is true for significantly high temperatures. Heat causes increased chemical reactions within batteries, leading to overperformance and a quickly drained battery.

3. Enabling too many features: Features such as GPS and Wi-Fi drain a GoPro’s battery faster. For example, leaving the Wi-Fi enabled will gradually drain your battery as your GoPro regularly searches for a signal.

How Do I Extend My GoPro Battery?

Now that you understand why GoPro batteries drain so quickly, let’s discuss how to extend your GoPro camera’s battery life.

Here are my 7 most impactful techniques to make your GoPro battery last longer:

1. Turn Off Unused Settings and Features

When you’re not using certain features on your GoPro, it’s important to ensure they are turned off.

These settings include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • BlueTooth
  • GPS
  • Voice Control
  • Protune

Although each of these settings will slowly deplete your battery if left on, Wi-Fi drains a GoPro battery the most. So I highly recommend manually turning off your GoPro’s Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. If you’re facing constant battery issues, I also recommend turning off all of the other features manually as well.

Even if you think these features are already disabled, it’s essential to double-check that they’re draining your GoPro’s battery in the background.

2. Upgrade Your GoPro’s Firmware

Updating your GoPro’s firmware to the latest version can also help make your GoPro battery last longer. GoPro is well aware of its battery issues and is constantly providing assistance in the form of firmware updates.

For example, the GoPro HERO10 Black had significant overheating issues in 2021. Because of this, GoPro shortly released a firmware update that offered three new performance settings: Maximum Video Performance, Extended Battery, and Tripod/Stationary Video.

The firmware update solved the majority of HERO10 Black heating issues. But even if you don’t have a HERO10 Black, a firmware update can solve the issues your GoPro currently faces. 

3. Lower Your LCD Screen’s Brightness

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to lower the brightness of your LCD screen to 10%. Having your LCD screen at 100% brightness drains your GoPro’s battery life quickly. Although it may be harder to view the LCD screen, the battery extension is worth it.

4. Protect Battery in Extreme Weather

As I mentioned earlier, your GoPro’s battery will die much faster when it’s exposed to extreme weather. If you’re filming in cold weather, keep the battery and camera warm inside your pocket until you’re ready to film.

If you’re filming in extremely hot weather, make sure your camera receives ample airflow by moving the camera around and leaving the bottom airhole uncovered. 

5. Reduce Your Recording Resolution and Frame Rate

Although it will affect the quality of your video, you should consider lowering your recording resolution and frame rate. Higher resolution settings cause your battery to drain faster since your camera requires more processing power to film.

I recommend testing each video resolution and choosing a lower resolution that you’re happy recording in.

6. Enable the Auto Power Off Feature

There have been dozens of times when I forget to turn my GoPro camera off after shooting. However, I’m always saved by my GoPro’s Auto Power Off feature. Once you enable the Auto Power Off feature, your GoPro automatically turns off after a chosen time period. For example, I choose to have my GoPro turn off automatically after it hasn’t been used for 15 minutes.

7. Upgrade Your GoPro Equipment

The most efficient way to make your GoPro battery last longer is to purchase additional batteries. GoPro batteries are relatively affordable, and having a few extra on-hand as you’re out filming can be a lifesaver. 

When I go out to film, I’m usually out of my home for the entire day. This means I don’t have a chance to go back home and charge my GoPro once it dies. Keeping a few spare batteries in your GoPro case allows you to film continuously to your heart’s content.


Here are a few key questions I get asked about how to save GoPro battery life.

Why are GoPro batteries so bad?

GoPros are action cameras that are meant to film short clips of content. They’re not designed to continuously record for a long period of time. Furthermore, GoPro cameras are extremely small. This means that a GoPro battery is also small. Smaller batteries have less power than larger ones and deplete power faster.

How long should GoPro battery last?

The battery of life of a GoPro typically lasts for 1 to 2 hours, depending on what resolution you record in and what features are enabled. High resolutions like 5K/60FPS have shorter battery lives than lower resolutions such as 1080P/60FPS.

How do I know if my GoPro battery is bad?

If your battery lasts for less than 15 minutes on a single charge, you likely need to purchase a new battery. Whether it’s a faulty battery or too old, your GoPro battery should be able to hold a charge for more than 15 minutes.

Closing Thoughts

There’s nothing more frustrating than when my GoPro battery dies as I’m filming an awesome video. However, through my 8 years as a GoPro user, I’ve learned some clever tricks to make my GoPro battery last longer.

I hope you find these tips useful and are able to get the most out of your GoPro battery. But now I’d like to hear from you. Are there any additional tips that have helped you extend your GoPro battery life? What type of content do you film with your GoPro?

Let me know by dropping a quick comment right below!

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