How to Recover Deleted GoPro Videos

You can potentially recover deleted GoPro videos by scanning your SD card with video recovery software. This is the only way to recover deleted GoPro videos, and you’ll need a computer and a compatible USB cable.

Hi, it’s great to meet you! My name is Larry, and I’ve been a passionate GoPro user for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately, just like you, I’ve accidentally deleted many videos on my GoPro. Sometimes, I’ve been able to recover them, and other times, the videos were lost forever.

Either way, I’m excited to teach you the only method of recovering deleted GoPro videos.

Keep reading to learn more!

How to Recover Deleted Videos From GoPro?

GoPros capture some amazing moments – but sometimes, the unthinkable happens.

Maybe you accidentally wiped the entire card when you only meant to delete one video.

Maybe your GoPro took a big tumble, and the files suddenly aren’t there anymore. Whatever the reason, you’ve deleted your videos and need to recover the lost footage.

While you may not be able to see the files on your computer or even directly from your GoPro, there may be a way to recover them.

GoPros save information in a few different parts, and deleted files may leave fragments and information that’s possible to put back together. If you need to recover deleted GoPro files, here’s how.

Note: This GoPro file recovery method works for both videos and photos and with any version of the camera, as long as the files were stored on a microSD card. You’ll need your SD card, a computer (Windows or Mac), and photo recovery software.

Step 1: Stop Using the MicroSD Card

Immediately stop using the SD card with the deleted files. If you continue using the SD card, you may overwrite the data you’re attempting to recover. Overwriting the data will make video recovery virtually impossible.

Step 2: Connect the SD Card to Your Computer

There are two ways to connect your SD card to your computer. The first method involves removing the SD card from your GoPro and inserting it into an SD card adapter. Then, you can plug the SD card adapter into your computer.

If you don’t have an SD card adapter, you can use the USB cable that came with your GoPro. Leave the SD card inside your GoPro and connect your GoPro to your computer with the USB cable.

Before you move on to the next step, open your SD card folder. Then, check one last time to see if the videos you’re looking for are there.

If not, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Install Video Recovery Software

When you delete videos from an SD card, there may be bits and pieces of your video still hidden inside your SD card. Although you can’t see deleted files by yourself, video recovery software may be able to locate your deleted GoPro videos.

There’s a handful of programs that can recover deleted GoPro videos – my favorite is Stellar Photo Recovery, which is easy to use and can recover deleted photos, videos, and audio files.

This program is available for both Windows and Mac. It also offers a free trial that lets you scan your SD card and preview the deleted files it finds. 

So, install Stellar Photo Recovery on your computer and move on to step number 4.

Step 4: Scan Your SD Card for Deleted GoPro Videos

At this point, your SD card should be connected to your computer. Furthermore, Stellar Photo Recover should be fully installed and ready to go.

Open Stellar Photo Recovery. Then, click the checkbox next to your SD card and press Scan.

Stellar Photo Recovery will begin scanning your SD card for any deleted videos it can find. 

Once the scan is complete, you’ll see a list of files Stellar Photo Recovery was able to recover. You can click each file to see a preview. Next, see if you can find the deleted GoPro videos you’re searching for. 

If you’re able to find your deleted GoPro videos, check the box next to them and click Recover. The deleted videos will be saved onto your computer.

What if I Still Can’t Recover My Deleted GoPro Videos?

If Stellar Photo Recovery can’t find your deleted GoPro videos, I hate to say it, but your videos are probably gone forever. 

The best thing you can do is to practice safe GoPro and SD card usage in the future. Although your GoPro is relatively durable compared to other cameras, it isn’t indestructible. So treat your GoPro with care, and make sure to handle your SD card properly. 

Furthermore, don’t format your SD card without saving your videos first. When deleting individual videos, ensure you are deleting the right video.


Let’s discuss a few common questions I get asked about how to recover deleted GoPro videos.

What if I can’t see my SD card on my computer?

If the computer can’t connect to your SD card, the software won’t be able to detect the card either.

If you have the GoPro plugged into a USB port, try plugging the microSD card directly into the computer (you may need a card reader if your computer doesn’t have a card slot).

If you are still having trouble, make sure debris isn’t affecting the card by cleaning the metal contacts with a toothbrush or cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

If you still can’t get your computer to read the card, the only other option is to ship the card to a data recovery service.

What if my GoPro video files are corrupted?

If the files are corrupted instead of deleted, there’s still a possibility of recovering them through video repair software.

If you can’t open the file on your PC or Mac, try putting the microSD card back into your GoPro and power it up.

Because GoPro has a built-in failsafe to auto-correct corrupted files, a bicycle or bandaid icon will appear on the small screen if the device detects any indexing issues. You can then press any button to let GoPro fix the file.

How can I prevent data loss from happening in the first place?

Losing photos and videos is both scary and common. While you can’t prevent all file losses, you can take a few steps to prevent them.

First, don’t wait to upload your videos. When you do upload to your computer, save your videos in more than one place.

Ideally, use an external hard drive and a cloud storage solution for your most important files. If you are worried about losing a file while out shooting, you can also double up by sending the video to your smartphone using the GoPro Quik mobile app.

Chances are, your GoPro files are more than just electronic data. While not all data can be recovered, in many cases, you can recover deleted GoPro files with the right software.

Why did my GoPro delete videos?

There are several potential reasons why your GoPro deleted your videos. These include system errors, SD card errors, improper formatting, and unsafe camera handling. Luckily, you may be able to recover your deleted GoPro videos following the guidelines above.

This involves installing video recovery software and scanning your SD card for deleted files. 

What’s the best GoPro recovery software?

The best GoPro recovery software is Stellar Photo Recovery. This video recovery tool scans your SD card for deleted photos and videos. It comes with a free trial where you can see previews of the deleted files it recovers.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to recover your deleted GoPro videos. Accidentally deleting a one-in-a-million shot is heartbreaking. I’ve deleted dozens of these videos on accident but was, fortunately, able to recover them with a third-party recovery software.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Were you able to recover your deleted GoPro videos? Do you have any additional questions about GoPros?

Either way, let me know in the comments down below, and I’ll get back to you soon!

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