3 Different Types of GoPro Tripod Mounts

There are several different types of GoPro tripod mounts that allow you to attach any tripod to your GoPro. These include the standard tripod mount, quick-release tripod mount, and 360-degree rotation tripod mount. 

Hi, my name is Larry. I’m a passionate GoPro fanatic who’s been using GoPro cameras for nearly a decade. Throughout the past 8 years, I’ve tested multiple different GoPro tripod mounts. Furthermore, I’ve used dozens of different GoPro tripods.

Today’s guide will explain everything I’ve learned about GoPro tripod mounts and the best 3 tripod mounts you should use.

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What is a GoPro Tripod Mount?

GoPro tripod mounts connect your GoPro to your tripod. Therefore, it’s essential to find the most sturdy tripod mount for the type of content you shoot. This way, you can guarantee stable and smooth footage.

Although you can purchase exclusive GoPro tripods that include a GoPro-style mount adapter, you’re not limited to using only GoPro-specific tripods. This is because you can use any type of tripod once you attach the proper tripod mount.

As such, let’s discuss the best way to mount your GoPro to a tripod.

What Type of Mount Does GoPro Use?

The standard thread on most tripods is the 1/4-20 UNC thread. This is the thread you’ll find on the bottom of most cameras and tripod heads. 

However, there’s another type of threaded stud used on large tripods known as ⅜-16 UNC. This type of thread isn’t relevant to GoPros as it’s primarily used for large professional cameras that require sturdier mounts. 

Nonetheless, let’s discuss the different types of GoPro tripod mounts and when to use them.

1. Standard GoPro Tripod Mount

The standard GoPro tripod mount is compatible with the GoPro HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black, and HERO 8 Black without additional housing. This is because these cameras come with a built-in mounting mechanism that allows you to attach a tripod mount. 

If you have an older GoPro, you’ll need to use the housing case to attach the standard GoPro tripod mount.

To use the standard GoPro tripod mount on your GoPro, simply insert the mount into the flaps on the bottom of your GoPro or housing case. Then, screw in the bolt to secure the mount to your camera.

The standard GoPro tripod mount has a 1/4-20 screw hole at the bottom that attaches to most tripods. Once you attach your mount to your GoPro, you can use any tripod that uses a 1/4-20 screw. 

This tripod mount is easy to use and ideal for most scenarios. It offers great stability for stationary shots. However, it might be suboptimal in situations where there’s a lot of movement or vibration. 

Because this mount uses a simple screw-on approach, vibrations can cause the screw to loosen, which degrades the reliability of the mount.

If you opt for the standard GoPro tripod mount, I recommend getting one made with durable aluminum. 

2. Quick-Release GoPro Tripod Mount

The quick-release GoPro tripod mount lets you quickly change between different tripods and other GoPro accessories.

Rather than using screws like on the standard GoPro tripod mount, the quick-release mount uses strong magnets to remove your GoPro in less than a second. This way, you can easily change between tripods, chest mounts, and free-hand usage. 

Therefore, if you frequently switch between GoPro mounts and are annoyed by having to unscrew and re-screw your GoPro mount each time, the quick-release mount is the perfect solution.

You can simply turn and pull the mount to release it. Then you can attach it to another mount by turning it and locking it into place. First, however, you’ll need to attach the quick-release adapter to all of your other mounts before you can attach your GoPro to them.

For this reason, you may need to purchase multiple release buckle clips to accommodate all of your GoPro accessories.

3. 360-Degree Rotation GoPro Tripod Mount

Another type of GoPro tripod mount is the 360-degree rotation GoPro tripod mount. This mount allows you to freely rotate your camera to your desired angle when it’s attached to the tripod. 

The two other tripod mounts featured on this list leave your GoPro in a fixed position when attached to the tripod. Therefore, you’ll need to manually move the tripod if you want to adjust the viewing angle if you don’t use a 360-degree rotation mount.

This mount uses the standard 1/4-20 UNC thread seen on most tripods. Therefore, you’ll need a compatible tripod to use this mount with your GoPro. 

Even though you can rotate this mount 360 degrees, it locks into place when you’re done rotating it. This way, you don’t have to worry about the mount rotating on its own as you’re filming shaky content.

Furthermore, the mount is made out of high-quality aluminum allow that’s durable but also lightweight.


If you have additional questions about GoPro tripod mounts, here are a few common ones I receive. 

Does GoPro mount to any tripod?

You can mount your GoPro to most tripods, as long as you use a compatible tripod mount. Most tripods use either a 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 screw size, depending on what type of camera they’re meant to support. Since GoPros are incredibly lightweight, I recommend using a tripod with a 1/4-20 UNC screw because most GoPro mounts use the same thread.

Are all GoPro mounts the same?

There are different types of GoPro mounts. Therefore, GoPro mounts are not all the same. Some GoPro mounts feature a fixed position and lock your camera into place. Other GoPro mounts have a quick-release feature that lets you quickly attach your GoPro to another accessory. Even other GoPro mounts have a 360-degree rotation that lets you rotate your GoPro.

How do you use GoPro tripod mounts?

You can use a GoPro tripod mount by attaching a mounting buckle to your GoPro. If you have a GoPro HERO8 Black or newer, your camera comes with a built-in buckle. However, older GoPro models need to use a housing case in order to attach a GoPro tripod.

Closing Thoughts

GoPro tripod mounts allow you to secure your favorite tripods to your GoPro. This way, you can easily record amazing handheld or stationary footage with your GoPro.

I hope this guide was helpful in teaching you about the different types of GoPro tripod mounts and when to use them.

But now I want to hear from you. Which GoPro tripod mount are you interested in using? Do you have any additional questions about GoPro tripod mounts?

Either way, let me hear your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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