What Are GoPro LRV Files?

LRV is an acronym that stands for low-resolution video. LRV files are auto-generated by your GoPro and are used to playback video clips on your GoPro LCD screen or inside the GoPro Quik mobile app.

Hello, my name is Larry. I’ve been using GoPro cameras for over eight years, and I’ll be your advisor today as I teach you all about the LRV files on your GoPro.

In today’s guide, I’ll discuss why your GoPro automatically creates LRV files, what they’re used for, and if you need to keep them or not.

Keep reading to find out!

What is GoPro LRV File

You may have noticed that your GoPro creates additional versions of your video clips. For example, when you look through your GoPro’s memory card files, you may see “GOPRO56.mp4” and “GOPRO56.lrv”. 

They have the same filename but a different extension. As such, It can be confusing to see two versions of the same video clip.

But what exactly are LRV files?

As I mentioned in the introduction, LRV files are low-resolution video files. These files are used for video playback on your camera or the GoPro Quik app. Instead of playing a massive MP4 file, your GoPro will play the LRV version of the same video clip.

This way, the playback is dramatically faster. Playing a huge MP4 file on your GoPro or in the mobile app can take a long time to load.

The LRV file size is about 5% of the original MP4 file. For example, if the original MP4 file is 500 MB, the LRV file would be roughly 25 MB. Loading a 25 MB video clip is significantly faster and easier than a 500 MB file.

Furthermore, the video resolution of an LRV file is 240p at 29.97 FPS (frames per second). So no matter what resolution you used to record the MP4 file, the LRV resolution stays the same. 

In summary, LRV files are the video files used when you stream a video from your GoPro onto your phone. Transferring a massive MP4 file from your GoPro to your phone can take a long time, especially with slow Wi-Fi. LRV files are also used when you playback a video on the GoPro’s LCD screen itself. 

Can I Delete GoPro LRV Files?

Yes, you can safely delete GoPro LRV files without any drawbacks. If you accidentally delete an LRV file that you need, your GoPro can automatically generate a new one.

However, it’s extremely important that you don’t accidentally delete the MP4 version of your video file. You should sort your files by “file type” so that all the LRV files are grouped together. 

How Do I Play an LRV File?

You can play an LRV file by renaming it to an MP4 file with a new name and then opening it with your video player. It’s essential to use a new name for the MP4 file because using the same name may overwrite the original MP4 file. 

However, there aren’t any reasons why you would want to play an LRV file. The resolution is extremely low and only suited for small devices like your phone or GoPro. 


Now that you know what LRV files are, let’s discuss a few more questions that might have come up.

Can I disable the creation of LRV files?

Unfortunately, your GoPro always creates LRV files automatically. You can’t turn off the automatic creation of LRV files. Since LRV files are much smaller than MP4 files, they won’t take up too much space on your microSD card

Do I need to keep GoPro LRV files?

LRV files are temporary utility files that you don’t need to keep. They don’t contain any useful information that the original MP4 file doesn’t already have. As such, you have complete freedom to delete the LRV files on your GoPro. However, if you consistently use the GoPro Quik app, you might want to keep the LRV files. 

What is a GoPro MP4 file?

Your GoPro’s MP4 files are the usable video footage. MP4 files are high-quality video files that can be edited, uploaded, and shared with friends. Unlike LRV files which are only used for playback on your phone or GoPro, MP4 files are extremely important to keep safe. 

Closing Thoughts

I understand how confusing it can be to see multiple different file formats for the same video clip. This guide aims to solve your question of what are GoPro LRV files. 

In short, GoPro LRV files are used to playback the video clip on your GoPro screen or GoPro Quik app. Since the LRV files sizes are exponentially smaller than MP4 files, it’s easier for your GoPro or phone to play and handle them.

But now I’d love to hear from you: What type of content do you film with your GoPro? Do you have any other questions about your GoPro camera?

Either way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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  • Sharon

    Thank you Larry, that’s very helpful info! Glad I can get rid of all those LRV’s!

    Would you know how to convert the GoPro MP4 files so I can use them on iMovie on my old Mac?