5 Best Drones for Teenagers

Finding excellent drone options that will capture and hold the attention of teenagers can be challenging because not all drones are made with teens in mind. The best drones for teens might focus on attractive features that capture their attention while pushing them to engage in the functions of the drone.

Hello everyone! My name is Lavelle and I am a licensed drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. I am also a father of adult children and have five grandchildren, so I know a little something about teenagers.

In this article, I will go over some of the things you should look for in a drone that teenagers will love. I will also share with you my list of the best drones for teens and answer a few frequently asked questions.

Key Takeaways

  • Teenagers are drawn to fun drones, that have plenty of intelligent features and allow them to share their experiences in real time.
  • Look for drones with good safety features since teenagers are usually less experienced drone pilots.
  • Consider drones that have at least a 720p camera resolution and have an onboard wifi option or an app to go live easily.
How old do you have to be to fly a drone?

Children age 4 and up can fly drones under supervision. However, parents should use their best discretion when allowing young children to operate drones. Typically, children 14 and up can fly drones without supervision. Keep in mind that drones weighing more than 250 grams must be registered with the FAA.

No, teenagers or any drone operator do not need a license to fly a drone if the drone weighs less than 250 grams and is not being used for commercial uses. Any drone that is used for commercial purposes must be flown by a licensed, Part 107 pilot.

What Makes the Best Drone for Teenagers

  • Intelligent Features: Teens get bored very easily, therefore, drones with intelligent features often capture and keep their attention. Some of these features include 3D flips, Follow Me mode, Circle Fly mode, Panoramic mode, and other artificial intelligence modes.
  • GPS Lock: A GPS lock feature is a good safety measure to have in place for teens since they are most likely novice flyers. The GPS lock keeps the drone in place in the air and protects it from adverse conditions.
  • Return to Home Feature: Another important feature for teens operating a drone is the Return to Home function. This mode allows the drone to return to its launch position if it loses the signal between the controller and the drone.
  • High-quality Camera: Teens typically enjoy seeing things from the drone’s bird’s eye view. A high-quality camera system keeps their attention and draws them in to engage in the functions of the drone. This way they can share their video and pics with anyone that they choose.
  • Live Feed Option: Just about every teen loves to “go live” and share their experiences in real-time with their friends and family. Having a drone with a live feed option is one of the most engaging aspects of operating a drone for teens. It is important to note that the live feed option may distract the teen from piloting the drone, therefore, drones with automatic piloting functions are worth consideration.

The Best Drones for Teenagers Reviewed

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Here is my list of the top 5 best drones for teenagers.

1. DJI Mavic Mini SE (Best Overall)

  • Intelligent Flight Modes: One tap tape fly, Return to home, Quickshots
  • GPS Lock: No, but has hovered in place function
  • Camera System: 4k camera/2.7k video
  • Live Feed: Yes, with DJI Fly App

My number one choice for the best overall drone for teenagers is the DJI Mavic Mini SE. This remarkable mini drone is very sturdy and has a level 5 wind resistance rating. It is lightweight and easy to travel with and has some nice intelligent features.

The camera system on this drone is very impressive. With 4k, high-definition camera resolution and 2.7k video resolution, it produces exceptional image quality. The air stability also helps it to produce clear and stable video.

Another thing that I like about this drone is that it provides teenagers with a good mixture of options. This is certainly not a toy drone and teenagers will feel like they are truly learning to pilot a real drone the intelligent features give them excellent choices for engaging the drone’s functions.

Unfortunately, the flight time is only about 20 minutes. This is less than the DJI Mavic mini, which has a 30-minute session. Typically teens enjoy longer flight times.

My Verdict: This is an exceptional drone that teenagers will enjoy immensely. It has several advanced features that are impressive and the camera system is something teens will love. 

2. Ryze Tech Tello Mini (Best Beginner)

  • Intelligent Flight Modes: EZ Shots, Circle Fly, 360-degree capability
  • GPS Lock: No
  • Camera System: 5 MP camera/HD 720p video
  • Live Feed: Yes, with DJI Fly App

The second drone on my list is the Ryze Tech Tello Mini. This exceptional model is powered by the industry-leading DJI software platform and offers some excellent advanced features that teen operators are sure to enjoy.

The camera system produces fairly good quality images and good video resolution. This drone is easy to fly and can go live quickly using a smartphone or device. It has two antennas that produce exceptional video transmission quality.

Ryze Tech Tello Mini also has some great advanced features including the EZ Shots mode, the Circle Fly function, and the 360-degree capability. With EZ Shots, users can record pro-level videos and quickly share them via social media from their smartphone or device.

My biggest concern is the 5 MP image quality. While the images produced on this drone are usable, they aren’t the highest quality you will find in this category for teens. The video quality is good and somewhat makes up for the lackluster image quality.

My Verdict: This is a great, low-cost model from the DJI family of drones. The intelligent features are very good and the overall quality of the drone is impressive.

3. Holy Stone HS100 (Best Intelligent Features)

  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Return to Home, Follow Me, Altitude Hold
  • GPS Lock: Yes
  • Camera System: 2k camera and video
  • Live Feed: Yes

The third choice on my list is the Holy Stone HS100. This remarkable drone could easily jump into the number two position were it not for one concern. Nonetheless, this drone offers some of the best features that you will find attractive for teens.

This drone sports a 2k camera and a 2k video transmission system. The image and video quality are very good. With onboard wifi and a wide-angle camera lens, teens will love the camera capabilities on this drone.

The thing that stands out about this drone is its advanced features. The return-to-home function works very well and allows the drone to return to its launch location with the touch of one button.

The follow-me mode is an attractive feature that allows the drone to automatically follow its subject which is great fun for teens. The altitude hold feature allows the drone to lock in place at a certain altitude.

The main drawback is the low flight time of 18 minutes. Teenagers cannot enjoy a lengthy time in the air with this drone. This is primarily due to its plethora of advanced features which draw a good bit of battery power.

My Verdict: This is a great option for teenagers because of the advanced features offered by this drone. Teens can share their experiences in real-time while allowing the drone to automatically follow and capture their movements.

4. Potensic T25 (Best FPV)

  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Return to Home, Altitude Hold, Follow Me
  • GPS Lock: Yes
  • Camera System: 2k camera/1080p video
  • Live Feed: Yes

The next choice on my list is the Potensic T25. This drone offers some comparable intelligent features, has a great GPS, and a very good camera system. It is a durable drone with good wind resistance and is easy to operate for users of all levels.

The 2k camera resolution produces nice, clear images. The 1080p video resolution also produces quality videos. The drone has a good transmission range and is priced reasonably. Teenagers are drawn to this drone because of its design and features.

The thing that I like most about this drone is the two-battery combination. The availability of two batteries on the drone at once doubles the flight time and gives users a nice, long flight time of up to 36 minutes between both batteries.

My biggest concern is the drone has to be recalibrated way too often. For some reason, the calibration doesn’t last long on this drone causing it to drift off easily even in low wind conditions. It is quite annoying to have to stop and recalibrate it every time it loses its position.

My Verdict: Aside from the calibration issue, this drone is fun to operate and offers teens a lot of intelligent features to enjoy. The lengthy flight time is also another drawing card for teenagers as they can go live from the drone and do so for a good amount of time.

5. DeerC D50 (Best Budget)

  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Altitude Hold, Gesture Mode, Headless Mode
  • GPS Lock: No
  • Camera System: 2k camera/2k video
  • Live Feed: Yes

The last drone on my list is the Deerc D50. This low-cost drone offers some excellent features and comes at a remarkable price point. The intelligent modes are comparable to more expensive drones on this list and the drone is very durable.

The drone’s camera system is excellent. The camera produces some high-quality images and video at a resolution of 2K for both the camera and the video. The live feed function works well and is easy to use.

The thing that stands out about this drone is the value you get for the price. Marked as the least expensive drone on my list, you still get most of the same intelligent features on the more expensive options here. Additionally, the overall quality of the drone is very good as well.

The charging time is approximately 90 minutes, which is quite long. Also, this is not a foldable model drone, so it is not quite as easy to carry when traveling and takes up more space.

My Verdict: If you’re looking to give your teenager a good drone experience at a budget price, this is a great choice for you. Teens will love the intelligent features and the ease of flying this drone.

Final Thoughts

Finding a good, quality drone that teenagers will enjoy more than just once is a challenge. However, the drones on this list all have some attractive features that teens are sure to take note of. Intelligent features seem to be the main attraction for teens and each drone on this list offers some nice features to choose from.

A few other honorable mention drones for teenagers include the DJI Mavic Mini, the Holy Stone HS170 Mini, and the Potensic D80. Each of these drones also offers nice features, good quality, and fair pricing.

Have you ever had experience buying a drone for a teenager? If so, which one works best? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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