5 Best Indoor Drones with Cameras

Finding the best indoor drone with a camera may not be as easy as you think. Even though any drone could technically be flown indoors, not every drone is designed for it. It is important to keep in mind that indoor drones should have great obstacle avoidance and a compact design.

Hello folks! My name is Lavelle and I am a licensed drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. For more than ten years I have been flying my drones across the United States and abroad for commercial and recreational uses. During this time, I’ve come across some excellent indoor drones with cameras.

In this article, I’ll go over indoor uses for drones and share with you my list of the best indoor drones that have onboard cameras. I will also answer a few frequently asked questions and share some helpful tips for flying indoors.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for drones with good safety features such as obstacle avoidance and gravity sensors to fly safely indoors.
  • A good camera system for an indoor drone should have a minimum resolution of 720p. Anything less than this will produce poor image and video quality indoors.
  • It is important to consider the size of the drone when using it indoors, so it is easy to maneuver.
Why fly a drone indoors?

There are several good reasons to fly a drone indoors. Firstly, you can learn to fly and enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home without running the risk of losing your drone. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about bad weather conditions while practicing. Additionally, flying indoors can be a good start for beginners.

No, indoor drones do not have the Follow Me feature. Usually, the space indoors is too confined for the drone to follow an object safely.

Yes, as long as you’re flying a drone that is the right size and has the right features to keep it from flying into walls and objects. You should practice safe flying habits at all times, especially when flying indoors.

What Makes the Best Drone for Indoor Flying

Safety Features

When considering which drone to fly indoors, look for a model with some good safety features. Look for propeller guards, obstacle avoidance, gravity sensors, and features of this nature. These properties enhance the flying experience and help to keep you and others safe.

Drone Size

If you’re flying indoors, you want to use a small, compact-sized drone that is designed for indoor use. The smaller your drone is, the more space it has to fly around. Larger drones take more space to fly and hover and may not maneuver as easily inside as smaller drones.

With all the advanced features on mini/micro drones, you want to enjoy as much of the flying experience as possible, and having a drone that is the appropriate size matters.

Battery Life

Since most indoor-use drones are smaller, they will inherently have a short flight time. Therefore, I would recommend choosing a drone with a maximum flight time that gives you the most airtime possible.


Being able to use the FPV option on a drone indoors is essential to maximizing your flight experience. So you also want to look for a drone that has good camera quality so that you can have the best chance of enjoying your time in the air and capturing any important moments.

The Best Indoor Drones with Cameras Reviewed

Here is my list of the best indoor drones with cameras. 

1. DJI Mini 2 (Best Overall)

  • Flight Time: 31-minutes
  • Range: 10 kilometers
  • Camera Quality: 4k resolution

If you’re looking for high quality, exceptional reputation, durability, and great features, look no further than the DJI Mini 2 drone. While it is not exclusively used indoors, it is small and lightweight enough to be used indoors with ease. It is more of a mid-level user drone but is still relatively easy to operate.

There are so many things to love about this drone. For starters, it has a remarkable 31 minutes of flight time. This is by far the best in its class. It also has a 4k camera system with a 3-axis gimbal that makes it exceptionally stable. The OcySync 2.0 Video system is exceptional as well and produces great video footage.

The feature that stands out most to me about this drone is the stabilization factor. The Mini 2 is designed with stability in mind and it handles adverse conditions extremely well. The drone is also very easy to use and users of all levels can pilot the drone.

The one drawback here is that it is the most expensive drone on my list. It is worth the money but may not be the best first choice if you’re not sure you want to embark on the drone flying journey.

My Verdict: If you want excellent quality, exquisite design, and exceptional specifications, this is the best choice for you. This mini drone is backed by the industry-leading DJI company and offers users a great flying experience.

2. DJI Tello (Best Safety Measures)

  • Flight Time: 13-minutes
  • Range: 100 meters
  • Camera Quality: 720p high definition

The second choice on my list is also from the DJI family of drones. The DJI Tello is DJI’s version of an educational drone and it is the best on this list for exclusive indoor use. This drone is perfectly designed for young users and beginner-level operators.

With a 13-minute flight time, you get a substantial amount of time in the air and the 720p high-definition camera system allows you to capture some high-quality images. The drone is compatible with a virtual reality (VR) headset and gives users a nice virtual flying experience.

The onboard collision sensor system of this drone is what makes it unique. I also like the propeller guards that come with this drone.

Unfortunately, this model can only be controlled from a phone or device unless you purchase an aftermarket controller. This limits the full user experience that you often get from other drones.

My Verdict: If you’re looking to fly exclusively indoors and you want a high-quality drone with nice features, then this is a great choice. Backed by the DJI technology and reputation, the Tello is great for users of all levels.

3. Holy Stone HS280 (Best Budget)

  • Flight Time: 10-minutes
  • Range: 1 mile
  • Camera Quality: 1080p high definition

Next on my list is the Holy Stone HS280. This is a great, low-cost drone that you can use both indoors and outdoors. It has a very good camera system and a decent flight time of approximately 10 minutes.

Some of the impressive features of this drone include the gesture mode, voice control mode, tap fly feature, and gravity sensor mode. These advanced characteristics give users a unique flying experience. It is very lightweight and maneuvers exceptionally well in tight places.

The thing I like about this drone is the 2-axis gimbal that can tilt upward and downward using the remote control. For a 2-axis gimbal, the design is well thought out and helps to reduce quality issues.

The biggest concern is the connection between the controller and the drone can be spotty, often resulting in choppy video footage when flying indoors.

My Verdict: This is a good option for those who want to purchase an indoor drone without spending the kind of money that is needed for the DJI brand. You get good camera quality and it is a durable drone with nice advanced features.

4. Potensic P4 (Best for Beginners)

  • Flight Time: 20-minutes
  • Range: 4 kilometers
  • Camera Quality: 1080p high definition

When it comes to user-friendliness and basic controls, the Potensic P4 is the best choice for new drone operators. It has a remarkable flight time of approximately 20 minutes and a very good range of about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). 

Some intelligent features come along with this drone as well. Some of them include Altitude Hold, Trajectory Flight, Headless Mode, and Gravity Control. Additionally, the P4 has 3 adjustable speeds and an emergency stop function.

The advanced features of this drone are excellent. As listed above, I like that this model offers the user several advanced options to enhance the flying experience.

My concern with this drone is its stability. It feels lighter than it is and the image quality is not as good as other 1080p cameras primarily because of the lack of stabilization when flying. 

My Verdict: This drone is great for beginner-level users. The price point of this drone is very reasonable and the flight time makes it attractive to use. The advanced features are also notable on this drone.

5. Tomzon A23W Mini (Best FPV)

  • Flight Time: 8-minutes
  • Range: 100 meters
  • Camera Quality: 1080p high definition

The last drone on my list is the Tomzon A23W Mini. This model, despite its compact size, is quite durable and offers an excellent FPV experience with its high-definition camera system. This is a great entry-level drone with some nice features to use.

Some of the characteristics of this drone include the one key calibration, high-speed self-rotation, circle fly, and 3-speed options.

It also has some good safety features including the emergency stop function and sturdy blade covers. It makes it more attractive for young users and indoor use.

The only drawback is the novelty feel of the drone. It’s more like a toy and doesn’t give the user the same feeling that you get from other drones. In plain terms, it just feels flimsy. However, given its price point and because it is geared toward young users, it is a viable option for indoor use.

My Verdict: This drone makes for a nice gift to children and offers the user some nice features. It is fairly well-built and has some great safety features. It is a good value for what you get from the purchase.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons for using a drone indoors, including things like learning how to fly in the comfort of your own home and not having to be concerned with weather conditions outdoors. The most important thing is that you can enjoy the drone flying experience indoors without having to be concerned about crashing the drone or damaging your property.

All of the drones listed here are great choices for indoor flying. A few other honorable mention drones are Holy Stone HS340 Mini, the Syma Small RC Drone, and the Cheerwing U61S. These drones are comparable to the ones on this list and provide a good indoor flying experience.

What is your experience with flying a drone indoors? Leave your comments and questions below and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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