3 Best Drones Under $200 in 2022

In the last decade or so, drones have grown significantly in the consumer market. More and more people are purchasing for all kinds of things. Some use them professionally to shoot photos, videos or perform photogrammetry, while others simply get excitement from flying them through the sky.

Whatever you use them for, drones can be a great purchase and investment. They come in various different price ranges and today, we’re going to look at some of the best drones under $200. This guide will take you through a few good options, and mention why they are a great choice in the range.

Quick Summary

  • The EACHINE GPS Drones with 1080P Camera is a great all-around drone with good battery life, a solid camera and many different modes to choose from. It features intuitive and very sensitive controls to make sure the drone will do exactly what you want.
  • If you want a drone with a long control distance and a great camera, the Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 could be for you. It is easy to fly, is built well and comes with many extra parts and accessories.
  • The Potensic T25 GPS Drone is a great drone for both new and existing drone enthusiasts. It offers stable flight and easy controls, combined with more advanced features like the ability to create your very own flight path.

Who Should Get This?

As you could imagine, the people that should get these types of drones under $200 are those who want a drone capable of taking great photos, capturing awesome videos and having other quality features. Drones in this range are a step up from beginner drones, and will often have many benefits over lower-priced drones. No matter what your goals are with your drones, the drones we mention in this guide should help you meet them.

While any drone can be someone’s “first drone”, there are much cheaper options out there that might be better options if you’re just starting out. Also, if you already have a reliable and high-quality drone, or have no interest in drones altogether, you may not need to get any of the drones we mention here.

Best Drones Under $200: What to Consider in 2022

Quality of Photos and Videos

Many people who use drones take photos or videos with them. As a result, you want to ensure your drone has a high-quality camera. If you don’t take the camera of the drone into consideration, you could end up with something that captures lackluster content. The exact specs you should look for will depend on what you plan to use the drone for.

Durability and Size

Of course, you should also be sure to consider the durability and size of your drone. Crashes are inevitable, so you want a drone that is durable enough to withstand the crashes and still operate as normal. If a drone is very frail and weak, it likely won’t last you very long.

In addition to the durability of the drone, you should also look at the size. The drone should be large enough to use outdoors in the wind if need be, but also compact enough to transport and travel with easily. Be sure you know the size of a drone before ordering or purchasing it.

The Modes It Includes

While many people will want to control their drones most of the time, it is a good idea to consider the other modes offered by the drones. These can not only help potentially make flying easier, but can also allow you to capture content you likely wouldn’t be able to manually.

Some modes will let you design a flight plan and some can have the drone follow you around. These are only a few of the many modes available for some drones.

Best Drones Under $200: Our Picks for 2022

1. EACHINE GPS Drones with 1080P Camera

If you’re looking for a high quality drone with a 1080P camera and an impressive FOV, this might be an option for you. The drone is quite simple to take off and land with, and has a fairly impressive battery life of 16 minutes.

This drone also comes complete with a variety of different modes from headless mode, to orbit mode and even a “follow me” mode. It features multiple different speed options and the camera on the drone is also adjustable.


  • Many modes to experiment with
  • Adjustable camera with a wide-angle FOV
  • Great for beginners and experts alike


  • The app for the drone and its live feed could use some work
  • Takes a while to fully charge

2. Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

Whether you want to fly the drone manually, or have it follow you or a subject around, you should consider this drone. The camera is not only 1080P with a 120-degree FOV, but it also has a 90-degree adjustable angle for the best content possible. The drone also has a max transmission distance of 500m, which gives you a full and extensive flying experience.

Other great things about this drone include a durable and aesthetic design, solid battery life and altitude hold, to allow for simplified flying. The drone also comes with other accessories like extra propellers and guards.


  • A very large control distance
  • It is well-built and intelligently designed
  • Powerful and steady enough to maintain control even in the wind


  • Size makes it not quite as portable as other drones
  • Isn’t the easiest to change the battery

3. Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Whether you want to design your own custom flight path or control a drone on your own, this is one worth your consideration. It offers you a safe and stable flight, and a high-quality optimized camera. The 9-axis gyro provides a smooth flight, and it includes features that make it easy to fly and use.

If you are concerned about keeping your drone safe, you’re in luck. This drone comes with a durable and spacious aluminum carrying case. Also, because the drone comes with an additional battery, you can easily switch batteries to get longer flight time.


  • Comes with a sturdy and sizable carrying case
  • Allows you to create your own flight path
  • Offers a safe and stable flight experience


  • The battery life isn’t the best according to some
  • The instructions can be difficult to understand

Useful Tips and Resources

Of course, before ever flying your drone, you want to be sure that you know how. While they are often simple to fly once you know what you’re doing, starting off can be tough. If you try to fly without any prior knowledge or experience, it could end badly.

If you want to learn to fly your drone better, this is a great article and resource to check out.

Drones in this price range aren’t exactly cheap, so it is also a good idea to take care of them, as well. When not in use, be sure to store them in a safe place and keep them protected when transporting them. This also means being sure to care for your drone and keep it clean. There are many cleaning kits for drones, and even simply wiping it down after use can go a long way.

Final Words

Whether you want to use one professionally, or just fly them for fun, a drone can be a great purchase. They have many applications and if treated right, can last a very long time. Hopefully this guide has helped you identify some of the best drones to purchase under $200.

If you have or know about a drone under $200 that you feel deserved to be mentioned here, feel free to let us know about it in a comment.

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