6 Best Drones Under $300

Finding a drone at a low cost may appear difficult. Many consumers want a good drone for a good price, but not a cheap drone. The drones that are priced below $300 may not have some advanced features, such as obstacle avoidance or a return-to-home feature. But there are still some great options that can be found in this price range.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a licensed drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. For the past 10 years, I have been flying my drones for both recreational and commercial purposes. I have also found some great deals for under $300.

In this article, I will cover some of the things you should look for in a good, quality drone and share with you my list of the best drones for under $300.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for a drone that gives you the longest flight time and the best transmission range. These two qualities will enhance your drone experience.
  • Having a good, quality camera helps you to enjoy your flying experience more and lets you capture high-quality images from the air. Look for cameras with at least a 1080p ultra HD resolution or higher.
  • Consider a drone with a good live feed option so that you can share your flying experience with others in real-time.
Are drones for under $300 made of good quality?

Yes, there are many great, quality options for drones under $300. Consider the design of the drone and the reputation of the manufacturer when looking at drones in this range.

Absolutely! The drones in this price range are geared more toward beginner-level users and are easy to use. 

If your drone weighs less than 250 grams it does not need to be registered with the FAA. Additionally, as long as you are not using your drone for commercial purposes, you do not need to obtain a license to fly it. However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you will need to get a Part 107 license from the FAA.

What to Consider for Drones Under $300

When looking for a good, quality drone in a budget range, you should look for some main features.

  • Flight Time: Let’s face it, we all want to enjoy as much airtime as we can. Finding a good drone with the longest flight time in your budget range is important.
  • Camera Quality: Capturing the moments you see while flying is another important aspect of the drone experience. When you’re flying your drone and you see that perfect shot from the air, you want your drone to capture that moment clearly and in detail. A camera with a high-resolution quality and perhaps a wide-angle lens gives you the best opportunity to get a high-quality image.
  • Live Video Feed: We live in an age of social media influence. Being able to go live with your drone takes your experience to a whole other level. The live feed function does just that. It gives you the opportunity to let others see what you’re seeing and experiencing right at that moment.
  • Transmission Range: One of the worst feelings of a drone owner is losing contact with your drone while it’s in the air. Transmission range is an important element to give you some peace of mind when flying. I suggest combining the flight time with the transmission range because these two elements work hand in hand. Having these two specs working in concert with each other gives you the opportunity to stay in the air longer and to worry less about losing the connection to your drone.

All of the characteristics mentioned above help to create the best flying experience that you can have as a drone owner. Different people may prioritize these things differently, however, I’ve found that my ranking is a good standard to follow.

The 6 Best Drones for Under $300

Without further delay, let’s get to the fun part! Here is my list of the best drones for under $300!

1. DJI Mini SE (Best Overall)

  • Flight Time: 30-minutes
  • Transmission Range: 2.4 miles
  • Live Feed: Yes, through the DJI app
  • Camera Quality: 12 MP/2.7k resolution

When it comes to overall quality, the DJI Mini SE is the standard bearer in this category. For just under $300, this is the most comprehensive drone that you will find.

The flight time is on par with all the others on this list at 30 minutes. It has a remarkable 2.4 miles of transmission range and the camera quality is excellent at 12 megapixels of resolution. The drone also has a live feed option when using the DJI Fly App.

The intelligent features of this drone are impressive also. It comes with a Return to Home feature and Quick Shots. It also can withstand up to level 5 winds which are notable for a mini drone.

My biggest concerns with this drone are the lack of the Active Track (Follow Me) mode and the fact that the camera doesn’t give you the option to capture RAW images. 

My Verdict: This is the best overall purchase in this category. The DJI brand is incomparable and the reputation of this mini drone is the best in class. It offers all the main features of the other drones in this category and has an excellent resale value.

2. Holy Stone HS360 (Best Beginner Level)

  • Flight Time: 46-minutes (two batteries)
  • Transmission Range: .55 miles
  • Live Feed: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 4k resolution

The Holy Stone HS360 is my second choice. It is a high-quality, durable drone that offers an excellent 46 minutes of flight time. The camera quality is also very good with a 4k resolution. Users have reported this drone to be very easy to use and take only minutes to prepare for takeoff.

This drone, like the others on this list, offers some nice extra features including image tracking, voice control, and gesture selfie modes.

The HS360 has some nice intelligent features including Way Point, Points of Interest, and Follow Me modes. Additionally, the 2-axis EIS system provides nice stability for the drone and its camera system.

My biggest concern with this drone is the relatively short transmission range of just over ½ mile. I am also a bit concerned that the 46 minutes of flight time is with the use of the two onboard batteries. In reality, you get 23 minutes of flight time from each battery.

My Verdict: This is a good, durable drone and it offers some nice additional features. The Holy Stone brand has a good reputation in the industry and the drone is reported to be very durable.

3. Ruko U11 Pro (Best Wind Resistance)

  • Flight Time: 52-minutes (two batteries)
  • Transmission Range: .31 miles
  • Live Feed: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 4k resolution

The next drone on my list is the Ruko U11 Pro. The 52 minutes of flight time with the two batteries is impressive as is the 4k resolution camera. The live feed option is nice and is reported to work very well.

This drone offers some nice intelligent features that include the Return to Home, Points of Interest, Way Points, and Follow Me modes. 

It also has a Double Altitude Technology which locks in the hovering mode without having to touch the remote controller. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this drone is the level 5 wind rating.

My biggest concern with this drone is the short transmission range of only .31 miles. At this range, I’d be very concerned about losing connectivity with the drone when operating.

My Verdict: This is a good number three choice for this list. It’s an affordable option with good features. It is reported as being a durable drone that is user-friendly and backed by the reputable Ruko brand.

4. Vivitar Phoenix (Best Flight Time)

  • Flight Time: 32-minutes
  • Transmission Range: 2.1 miles
  • Live Feed: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 1080p high definition

The number four position on my list is the Vivitar Phoenix. This is a solid choice for a drone in this category. The 32 minutes of flight time on one battery charge is the most impressive feature of this drone. Additionally, the whopping 2.1-mile transmission range is equally impressive.

The drone has a live feed option and a decent camera with 1080p high-definition resolution. Another nice feature of this drone is that it has 3 speeds to choose from low, medium and high-speed options.

The most impressive feature of this drone is its flight time of 32 minutes on a single battery charge. Coupled with the good camera quality and decent features, this drone’s flight time gives it a solid placement on my list.

The biggest drawback with this drone is the camera quality. While it is an HD camera, the quality is not as good as the other drones on this list.

My Verdict: This is another good drone with nice features. It is rather basic but gets the job done. The Vivitar brand is not as well known in the drone industry as the others on this list, therefore, I am somewhat hesitant but it is still a good-quality drone.

5. Ruko F11 Mini (Best Flight Modes)

  • Flight Time: 60-minutes (two batteries)
  • Transmission Range: .31 miles
  • Live Feed: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 4k resolution

As we continue to move down my list, we come to the Ruko F11 mini drone. We are starting to split hairs so to speak when deciding on the number 4 through 6 choices on my list. 

This drone is comparable to both the number three Vivitar drone and the number six Bwine drone. It has a 30-minute flight time per battery, giving it a total of 60 minutes of flight time. It has a relatively low .31-mile transmission range which is also comparable to the previously mentioned drones.

The live feed option and the camera quality are both good and are also comparable to the others. The standout features of this drone include the flight modes. This drone offers Auto Return to Home, Follow Me, Way Point, Points of Interest, and Optical Flow Positioning.

The biggest concern I have with this drone is its transmission range. Some customers have reported losing connection with the drone. As I have mentioned previously, this is concerning since losing connection with your drone can result in a crash.

My Verdict: This is another good drone. It has nice features and some excellent flight modes. The camera quality is good as is the flight time. I’d be very cautious about flying it too far from the home base.

6. Bwine F7 Mini (Best Durability)

  • Flight Time: 60-minutes (two batteries)
  • Transmission Range: .31 miles
  • Live Feed: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 4k resolution; 2.7k live feed resolution

My last choice on my list is the Bwine F7 mini drone. Even though it is last on my list, it is still a good purchase option for under $300. What we are finding is that most of these drones have comparable features. 

This drone has a respectable 60-minutes (30 minutes per battery) flight time. Like the others, it has a relatively low transmission range of only .31 miles. The live feed option is good and has good quality at 2.7k resolution. The camera resolution is also good at 4k.

The best thing about this drone is the high customer satisfaction with its durability. For a mini drone, this F7 has exceptional durability. The built-in optical flow and air pressure technology systems provide great in-air stability. The drone also houses a shock absorption ball for added stability.

My biggest concern about this drone is its lack of familiarity with the drone industry. The jury is still out on how this brand will fare against the other, more well-known brands.

My Verdict: The Bwine brand is not as familiar to most consumers as the others on my list, however, this drone has some nice customer reviews. The features are comparable to the others on this list and it appears to be a good value at this price point.

Final Thoughts

Finding a drone for under $300 takes some research and patience. You want to look for the best features possible in this budget range. I suggest that you understand your needs and what you intend to use the drone for. I also suggest that you read customer reviews closely and consider brand reputation when looking for a good drone. 

I hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how to choose the best drone in this price range and helped you find some great drone models.

Would you like to share your experience with any drone in this price range? Do you have any questions? If so, leave your comment or question below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Until next time, happy flying and stay safe!

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