7 Best Holy Stone Drones

Holy Stone is rapidly becoming a reputable brand in the drone industry, and they offer a nice variety of drones for users of all levels. But whether you are looking for a hobby drone or a professional drone, there are so many drone options, that it can be challenging to know which model is good for you and which isn’t.

Hello folks! My name is Lavelle and I am a licensed drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. For the past decade, I’ve spent a lot of time using and reviewing drones. I’ve flown drones all across the United States and Holy Stone is a brand that has caught my attention.

In this article, I will go over some of the features of the Holy Stone line of drones and share with you my list of the best Holy Stone drones. Additionally, I will also cover the pros and cons of various Holy Stone drone models.

Key Takeaways

  • Holy Stone is a good brand, especially for beginner-level drone users.
  • The Holy Stone drones offer similar features and vary only slightly by model.
  • The camera quality on most Holy Stone brands is good.
  • Be careful to choose wisely if using Holy Stone for photography/videography.
How much does a Holy Stone drone cost?

The Holy Stone drones range between $50 on the lower end to approximately $300 on their higher-end drones, which are comparable to mid-level drones from other manufacturers.

Yes, Holy Stone has a line of mini drones that include the HS190, the HS210, and the HS340. You can find more information about their mini drones on their website.

Holy Stone offers a 30-day whole-unit warranty and a 90-day accessories warranty. They do not offer any other kind of insurance. For more information, see their warranty page.

What Features to Look For in a Holy Stone Drone?

Primarily there are four categories of drones: hobby/toy drones, photography/videography drones, commercial/industrial drones, and racing drones. Each of the categories offers specific features that are relevant to their primary use, while some of them may be used for multiple categories.

The following are some of the main features you want to look for in Holy Stone drones.

  • Flight Time: One of the main features to consider in a drone is the flight time. Everyone wants to keep their aircraft in the air as long as possible and enjoy their flying experience. The average consumer-quality drone stays in the air for about 20-25 minutes. This is a good standard to consider in a drone.
  • Transmission Range: Depending on what you are using your drone for, the importance of this feature may increase or be less important. However, a good transmission range allows you to stay connected to your drone for longer flights. The average transmission range for consumer drones is approximately 1.5 miles.
  • Camera Quality: If you want to capture breathtaking images from the air, then camera quality is vital to your efforts. The camera resolution quality is where I usually start. You will find drones with qualities that range from 720p to 5K resolution.
  • Video Quality: Nothing irritates us more than poor video quality. To ensure that the drone offers good video quality, you want to consider the stability of the drone in the air, the gimbal on the drone, and the resolution of the video production system.
  • Intelligent Features: When we talk about intelligent features, we mean things like Return to Home mode, Auto-pilot mode, Follow Me mode, Selfie mode, Obstacle Avoidance, Multi-directional sensors, and things of this nature.
  • Battery Recharge Time: When your battery becomes low and needs to be recharged, you want to recharge it as quickly as possible. Some batteries can take 8 – 10 hours to recharge while others can fully recharge in 4-5 hours. It may seem insignificant but if you use your drone for professional or commercial purposes, a faster recharge time increases your efficiency. 

The 7 Best Holy Stone Drones

Okay, we have gone over some features to look for in a drone. Now let’s look at how these features check out on my list of the best Holy Stone drones.

1. Holy Stone HS720G (Best Overall)

  • Flight Time: 26-minutes
  • Intelligent Features: Tap Fly, Follow Me, Point of Interest, Return to Home
  • Video: 4K image resolution
  • Modes: 2 flight modes

When it comes to the Holy Stone brand, the HS720G is the best it has to offer. The 26 minutes of flight time is tops in its class. The Intelligent Features are remarkable and the camera quality is exceptional. The 2-axis gimbal provides a nice, smooth flight and allows good video production.

What you will also find is that many of the Holy Stone models have similar qualities and features, however, the HS720G stands atop the list because of its overall value. At just under $300, it is difficult to find a better value for this price point.

The GPS positioning on this drone is notable. While the drone doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, its GPS positioning system helps to maintain the drone on a clear flight path. The other intelligent features such as the Point of Interest, Tap Fly, and Follow Me features are all impressive as well.

My biggest concern here is the drone’s housing. It feels rather flimsy and I’m concerned that it may not handle rough landings too well.

My Verdict: It is the best that Holy Stone has to offer in terms of an all-around drone. It can meet the needs of the hobby user and the photography user and rivals some of the higher-end drones in its class.

2. Holy Stone HS720 (Best Video)

  • Flight Time: 26-minutes
  • Intelligent Features: Follow Me, Optical Flow, Way Point, Tap Fly
  • Camera/Video: 4K FHD camera and video resolution
  • Modes: 2 flight modes

Second on my list and closely following behind the #1 place is the HS720. It is very similar to the HS720G, but with just a few fewer bells and whistles. The 26-minutes of flight time is equal to the HS720G, however, the HS720 does not come with a camera gimbal.

The 4K FHD camera does produce quality images. The one drawback is that the drone does not have a gimbal on it, so you must make camera adjustments before flying the drone.

The excellent video quality of this drone is supported by its shock absorption which is constructed to keep the drone from experiencing vibration while it is in the air. The first-person view (FPV) function is also a standout quality of this drone.

My point of concern here is that the battery takes an exceptionally long time to recharge. Also, the camera can only be tilted to a 90-degree angle which limits the maneuverability of the camera.

My Verdict: It is slightly less expensive than the HS720G and only falls short due to it not having a gimbal. Otherwise, this drone is a good option for beginner-level drone users.

3. Holy Stone HS710 (Best Camera)

  • Flight Time: 23-minutes
  • Intelligent Features: Follow Me, Tap Fly, Way Point
  • Camera/Video: 4K UHD camera with 120° wide angle FOV
  • Modes: 3 flight modes

The number three position on my list belongs to the HS710. It has a slightly less flight time of 23 minutes but does offer the same Intelligent Features as the first two models on the list. Of particular interest is the 4K UHD camera that comes with a 120-degree wide-angle field of vision (FOV). 

This drone has a lighter weight and is known to not handle gusty winds too well. The Intelligent Features are comparable to its counterparts in the Holy Stone family and the 4K UHD camera with the wide angle lens is a nice addition to the model.

Much like the others on this list, the HS710 has comparable intelligent features. The Follow Me, Tap Fly, and Way Point features are all impressive. The additional Headless Mode creates another notable feature on the drone.

My biggest concern with this drone is the video distortion that some users have complained about. The lack of a stabilization system does cause some concern when recording videos and taking pictures.

My Verdict: The lightweight design is a concern for me since environmental conditions change rapidly outside. It is a good drone for beginner-level use and indoor use as well. It is also a more budget-friendly option as it retails for less than $200.

4. Holy Stone HS720E (Best Range)

  • Flight Time: 23-minutes
  • Intelligent Features: Altitude Hold, Follow Me, Way Point, Auto Return to Home
  • Camera/Video: 4K Ultra HD camera and video resolution
  • Modes: 3 flight modes

The HS720E is another comparable drone in the Holy Stone line of drones. Much like the previous three drones on this list, it offers the standard Intelligent Features, has the same 4K UHD camera but does come with 3 flight modes, and has the same 23 minutes of flight time as the HS710.

This drone is a good choice for photography use. The 4K ultra HD camera system provides some excellent image quality. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) is a good alternative to the 3-axis gimbal.

The biggest concern with this drone is its design. It has been known to have feature defects at times. Holy Stone has been responsive to the concerns but I’d be careful with this model nonetheless. 

The camera quality is solid but the video quality may suffer a little because of the lack of a gimbal.

My Verdict: This is a good purchase for younger drone users and can be a lot of fun to fly. It’s not the most stable drone but it does get the job done. It has good camera image quality, which is probably its best attribute.

5. Holy Stone HS175D (Best Budget)

  • Flight Time: 23-minutes
  • Intelligent Features: Circle Fly, Follow Me, Auto Return to Home
  • Camera/Video: 4K camera with 110° wide angle FOV
  • Modes: 2 flight modes

As we move down the list, we have come to the HS175D. This model is another decent drone with 23 minutes of flight time and the standard Intelligent Features found on my Holy Stone drones. It does have 2-speed modes which are nice for flying a little faster at times.

The 4K camera gives good image quality and the 110-degree wide-angle lens is nice, although it has a slightly smaller field of view than the HS710.

This mini-version drone is ultra-lightweight at 215 grams and has remarkable 5G connectivity. It is very easy to fly and is great for beginner-level drone operators. 

This drone also comes with an anti-shake feature, however, consumer reports are indicating that the feature does not work that well in all instances. Reports of blurry video production have come as a result of using this drone.

My Verdict: It’s a slightly more expensive drone than the HS710 but does not appear to be a much better drone. I’m not impressed with the consumer reports and I’m not a fan of the no gimbal issue on this drone. However, the intelligent features of this drone as very good and the camera quality is notable.

6. Holy Stone HS440 (Best Mini)

  • Flight Time: 20-minute flight time
  • Intelligent Features: Gesture Mode, Auto Takeoff, Way Point
  • Camera/Video: 1080p HD camera with 112° FOV
  • Modes: 2 flight modes

The #6 place on my list belongs to the HS440. This drone drops on the list because of the short flight time of approximately 20 minutes. Aside from that feature, the other features are comparable to all the other drones above it on the list.

If you are looking to get your feet wet with an inexpensive drone, then this might be your best choice from the Holy Stone brand. It is designed for kids or brand-new drone operators. It does have some nice Intelligent Features which can be fun for kids learning how to use a drone.

This drone is very durable, especially given its compact size. It is easy to fly and unlike other drones in this category, it has an SD card slot, which is very convenient and allows more storage capability.

The one big drawback here is the 1080p HD camera. While it is a suitable camera, it does not produce the same image quality as the cameras in the one through five places on my list.

My Verdict: This is a toy drone and is a low-cost investment to get started in the drone hobby interest. I wouldn’t get this drone if you want to be a serious drone enthusiast but it is a good starting point.

7. Holy Stone HS430 (Best Flight Time)

  • Flight Time: 39-minutes
  • Intelligent Features: Altitude Hold, Circle Fly, 3D Flip, VR Mode
  • Camera/Video: 1080p camera resolution; high definition video
  • Modes: 10 flight modes

The last drone on my list may surprise some of you. The HS430 sports a very nice 39 minutes of flight time and you may wonder why it falls so low on the list. Well, this drone is quite nice actually. It has some nice features and can stay airborne for a longer time than most drones.

It also has 10 flight modes, which is impressive. And let’s face it, of all the drones that Holy Stone makes, this one comes in at the 7th spot, so it’s commendable.

The 1080p camera is solid. It’s not fancy and doesn’t give you 4K resolution but it is good quality. It does not have a gimbal, so you already know how I feel about that.

Now, to my explanation. The 39 minutes of flight time that is listed is somewhat deceptive. You can get 39 minutes of flight time with the use of the 3 batteries that comes with the drone. So technically, you only get about 13 minutes of flight time on each battery.

Ten flight modes…that sounds impressive, right? Well, it is, however, the reality is that the 10 flight modes are just intelligent features included on all the other drones but advertised as flight modes on this drone. Shame on Holy Stone for this marketing ploy! Nonetheless, the “flight modes” are valid and usable.

My Verdict: It’s a well-deserved number 7 on the list. It’s a good drone that is super affordable at a price point of approximately $50. It’s a nice drone for kids and for those just getting started with flying drones.

Final Thoughts

Holy Stone is a good brand. It is rapidly becoming a reputable force in the drone industry and they offer some nice drone options. They are constantly improving their quality and their customer service is well respected. 

Whatever your drone needs are, consider drones that have some of the features we’ve discussed today. Holy Stone is an excellent brand to get started with and I’m sure there is one that meets your needs.

Have you tried a Holy Stone drone? What are your thoughts on the brand? Leave your comments or questions here and I will be sure to respond to you as soon as I can.

Until next time, enjoy flying high!

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