3 Best Mini FPV Drone in 2022

FPV drones have been growing in popularity lately, and it’s no surprise as to why. The unique style gives you an amazing experience thanks to the first-person view that makes it almost seem like you are actually in flight rather than simply stuck on the ground with the controls in your hands.

As time goes on, FPV drones seem to get smaller and smaller. In fact, there are now many mini options on the market. If you want to know what the best mini FPV options are, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with several solid drones and explain why they excel in areas like quality performance, durability, and flight.

Quick Summary

  • The SIMREX X300C Mini Drone is a great overall mini FPV drone. It features a quadcopter design for easy and stable flight alongside a quality FPV camera. It fits in the palm of your hand as well.
  • Another option well worth checking out is the Snaptain A10 Mini Foldable Drone. This one comes from a quality company, is equipped with a 720 HD camera, and features a foldable design.
  • If you want to take full advantage of FPV capabilities and want a mini drone with FPV goggles included, the Makerfire Micro FPV Racing Drone is for you. This is a ton of fun to fly with or without the included goggles.

Who Should Get This?

FPV drones are largely considered to be the ultimate way to experience drone flight. The front-facing cameras make you truly feel like you’re a part of the flight and they offer a lot of fun and excitement for just about anyone. Using FPV goggles can take your user experience to the next level, but even if you utilize a smartphone or other device as a controller, you’ll still have a great time.

A mini FPV drone allows you to take advantage of all of the fun that FPV provides, but in a much smaller package. That makes them easy to travel with and also creates a good option for kids or first-time drone pilots. Mini drones are typically much more affordable, which is an added benefit as well. If you don’t have a desire to use a camera on a drone, you don’t need an FPV style option.

Best Mini FPV Drone: What to Consider

Camera Quality

All FPV style drones are going to be equipped with a front-facing camera to give you that coveted first-person view, but that doesn’t mean they all come with cameras of equal quality. If you want the best experience possible, you’ll want higher camera quality. That will give you better detail of every image that the camera captures when in flight.

I would recommend an HD camera of at least 720P. If you have the option to get better resolution than that, certainly go for it, but going for much less will make you feel like you aren’t truly getting an HD experience.

FPV Goggles

Another consideration with an FPV drone is the goggles you plan to pair with it. A strong pair can give you a truly unique drone flying experience that will provide countless hours of fun. They look similar to VR goggles and give you the feeling that you’re flying with the drone as it zips around. Just know that not all drones listed here come with these goggles. You may have to purchase them separately.

Battery Life

Drones, in general, don’t have great battery life. You’re not going to get hours of uninterrupted flight with any model, but due to their smaller size, mini drones have even less flight time on a single charge. Even so, battery life is still an important consideration and you always want to get a drone that gives you the longest amount of flight time on a single charge.

Best Mini FPV Drone: Our Picks

1. SIMREX X300C Mini Drone

A solid option for an FPV mini drone is the SIMREX X300C Mini Drone. This is a high-quality mini drone that gives you the benefit of FPV flight. It’s quite affordable as well. The small size makes it a great option for those who want to take a drone with them while they travel and the foldable design is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand. It’s also easily controlled by any iOS or Android-powered smartphone..

The X300C is really fun to fly and can perform a variety of trick and stunt maneuvers with ease. It also features both an altitude hold to keep the drone stable with your hands off of the controls and headless mode to help you to control the device no matter what direction it faces. Those features combine with a 10-minute flight time and 45-meter range to make this the best all-around mini FPV option on the market.


  • Foldable design
  • Wide-angle FPV camera with excellent resolution
  • One key return
  • Headless mode
  • Fun to fly, capable of stunt maneuvers
  • Decent battery life


  • Not the most durable option

2. Snaptain A10 Mini Foldable Drone

The Snaptain A10 Mini Foldable Drone is another great option. This model also features a foldable, quadcopter design that gives you stability and reliable flight in one compact package. It comes equipped with a 720 HD camera so you can enjoy all of the benefits of FPV flight. It also has gesture and voice controls that make it easy to fly for the whole family. Durable and easy to fly, this is another reliable choice.


  • Foldable design
  • 720 HD camera
  • Gesture and voice controllable
  • Three speed modes
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Seven-minute battery life
  • Can be affected by wind

3. Makerfire Micro FPV Racing Drone

If you want to take full advantage of FPV flight, you need to get FPV goggles to pair with your drone. The Makerfire Micro FPV Racing Drone is a great option in that regard because it comes with these goggles included. This mini drone is fun to fly and despite its small size, can tackle wind and other elements outdoors while zipping around under your full control. The front-facing 1000TVL camera enables full FPV capabilities too.


  • Comes with FPV goggles
  • Quality camera
  • Durable
  • Handles wind and other elements well
  • Easy to fly
  • Altitude hold and headless modes


  • 3-minute flight time

Useful Tips & Resources

If you’re new to drone flying, and FPV flight in particular, you’re in for a welcome surprise. It’s not all that difficult to get started, but it always helps to have a little guidance along the way. You don’t want to crash and burn your drone on its maiden voyage. Here is a good video explaining some of the basics of FPV drone flight.

Final Words

FPV drones offer a unique and exciting way to enjoy flight. It’s more of a virtual experience and I’d highly recommend exploring it if you are curious at all. The drones outlined above are some of the best mini FPV drones you’ll find anywhere, and each one brings something unique to the table.

Do you use goggles when you fly an FPV drone? Have you ever raced your drone before? Let us know in the comments below!

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