What is D-cinelike, D-log, and Normal Color Profile in DJI?

D-cinelike is an advanced color grading feature on some of the higher-end DJI drones. The proprietary color profile helps with advanced coloring techniques within the drone’s camera. 

D-log is a muted color profile feature that allows the camera to capture flatter colors and prevent shadows. The normal color profile is the natural color profile captured by the drone’s camera and requires little to no editing.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a long-time drone pilot and drone enthusiast. For the past 10 years, I have been flying my drones both professionally and recreationally and the DJI drones have been my preference. As such, I have learned quite a bit about DJI technology.

In this article, I will explain that D-cinelike, D-log, and normal color profiles are in the DJI setting and discuss which DJI drones support D-cinelike. I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about this topic.

Key Takeaways

  • DJI drones offer some excellent color grading features that can capture perfect footage no matter the lighting conditions.
  • Choose your color profile option based on your intended outcome.
  • Many amateur drone photographers start with the Normal Color profile feature.

What Is D-cinelike in DJI

D-cinelike is an advanced color profile that allows the camera on DJI drones to capture vivid colors while keeping things such as shadows, highlights, and mid-tones. It requires more post-editing work but is great for photographers and editors who want to capture and keep unique aspects of a shoot.

DJI Drones That Support D-cinelike

Here is a list of the DJI drones that support D-cinelike.

  • DJI Mini 3 Pro
  • DJI Phantom 4 Series
  • DJI Mavic Air
  • DJI Mavic Air 2
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Inspire series

What Is D-log in DJI

D-log is a color profile that mutes colors and allows the camera to capture a wider range of contrast while keeping details of the captured image. It prevents shadows and helps highlights from being washed out and too bright.

DJI Drones That Support D-log

Here is a list of DJI drones that support the D-log feature.

  • Mavic 3
  • DJI Phantom 4 Series
  • DJI Mavic Air
  • DJI Mavic Air 2
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Inspire series

What is the Normal Color Profile in DJI?

The normal color profile is the basic color of the image as originally captured. In other words, what the camera sees is what is captured, without edits or compensation for things like shadows or highlights. 

D-cinelike vs D-log vs Normal Color Profile in DJI

The initial footage captured by D-cinelike and D-log is very similar. The primary difference is that D-cinelike captures a broader range of colors than D-log. D-log’s advantage is that the feature captures more detail in an image. 

The normal color profile has its advantages also. Primarily, the normal color profile preserves the natural qualities of the image. The original brightness and saturation are present in the normal color profile and it requires less post-editing. 

Ultimately, it comes down to user preference. Depending on what your intention is for the image, you may choose either feature with any image. 

If you want to spend less time editing, then the normal color profile is your best option. If you want to capture as much detail as possible in the image, then D-log is the best choice. And if you want to have professional quality contrast, shadows that convey a certain tone, and things that a professional photographer looks for, then D-cinelike is for you.


Here are some answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about this topic.

What is DJI D Cinelike?

In a nutshell, D-cinelike is a color profile that is used by professional photographers who want to conduct post-editing strategies that highlight certain aspects of an image.

What Is the Difference Between D Cinelike and D log?

The difference between D-cinelike and D-log is primarily the range of colors captured by each feature. D-cinelike captures a wider range of colors while D-log captures more details of an image.

When to Use D Log?

You should use D-log when you want to preserve image details and create an image in post-production that accentuates the details and removes shadows and highlights.

Final Thoughts

D-cinelike, D-log, and Normal color profiles are all good features to work with when taking photographs with a DJI drone. Each feature has its benefits and particular uses. Depending on what your ultimate goal is, you can determine which feature is best for you. 

Many novice drone photographers opt to use the normal color profile. As your editing skills improve and your photography eye expands, you may choose to use one or both of the other features and create a more unique photo through post-editing.

What color profile do you use? Are you happy with the quality of your footage? Feel welcome to share your experience with these features in the comments below.

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