What Camera Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Popular streamer Dr. Disrespect uses the Logitech BRIO webcam rather than a traditional camera for his streams.

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In this article, I’ll go over the streaming equipment used by Dr. Disrespect, from his webcam to his keyboard and mouse. 

If you’re curious about what gear is behind Dr. Disrespect’s streams, keep reading for the complete overview.

What Camera Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Dr. Disrespect uses the Logitech BRIO as his stream camera. The BRIO is notable for having a 4K resolution with 5x zoom, which places it above most built-in webcams and many off-the-shelf ones.

This model also has a higher framerate compared to most of its competitors. Specifically, it streams or records at up to 90 frames per second.

On top of that, it provides noise-canceling and multiple field-of-view settings to let you control how much of the background is shown.

Altogether, these features make the BRIO a more attractive option than the average webcam for users with higher quality requirements, like Twitch streamers.

What Microphone Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Dr. Disrespect’s choice of microphone is the Shure SM7B, a professional quality studio microphone that fits various fields. Podcasters, YouTubers, streamers, and others use it. 

The manufacturer emphasizes vocals as a strength of the SM7B, so naturally, it’s a good fit for talking on stream.

However, it is worth noting that, as the SM7B is a more professional microphone, you’ll need an audio interface to use it. Unlike cheaper plug-and-play microphones, this one doesn’t connect directly to a computer or similar device.

What Headphones Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Dr. Disrespect uses the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 headset, which Microsoft licenses for use with Xbox. However, the model is still perfectly compatible with PC and all other major platforms.

An additional variant of the Gen 2 exists, called the Gen 2 MAX. This version has an increased battery life of 40 hours and better multiplatform capability.

Both versions, however, share the low latency and ergonomic design. Notably, the headset was designed to be glassed-friendly.

What Keyboard Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Dr. Disrespect’s keyboard is the ROCCAT Vulcan 121 AIMO mechanical gaming keyboard. The ‘gaming keyboard’ title isn’t just for show here, as the Vulcan 121 features media control buttons and anti-ghosting features that are likely useful to gamers.

The palm rest is also detachable, placing more control over the ergonomics into the hands of the user. Like other similar gaming keyboards, this model also includes customizable RGB backlighting.

Along with this keyboard, Dr. Disrespect also uses the ROCCAT Sense AIMO mousepad, which also features illumination.

What Mouse Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Another ROCCAT product in Dr. Disrespect’s collection is the ROCCAT Burst Pro gaming mouse. 

Like the rest of ROCCAT’s products, this one is designed for performance and standing up to gaming use. The company promises the mouse will last 100 million clicks, and it weighs in at a lightweight 68g.

The mainline Burst Pro variant is a wired mouse, but there’s also another version, the Burst Pro Air, which is wireless and features Bluetooth connectivity.

What Mixer Does Dr. Disrespect Use?

Dr. Disrespect uses the Steinberg UR28M audio interface for mixing. 

The audio interface is versatile and can be used for music production or alternative purposes like streaming or podcasting. Unlike some larger audio interfaces, it has a compact design that can easily fit on a streamer’s desk.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about Dr. Disrespect.

How Much Does Dr. Disrespect Make A Month?

As a highly successful Twitch streamer, some sources believe Dr. Disrespect makes around $30,000 to $35,000 per month from Twitch subscribers. And that doesn’t include additional sources of income, like sponsorships.

Does Dr. Disrespect Wear A Wig?

Dr. Disrespect’s mullet is indeed a wig, as he’s revealed by changing hairstyles between streams. 


Unlike many other streamers who use professional cameras, Dr. Disrespect chooses to use a Logitech BRIO webcam to do the video for his streams.

What are your standards for a webcam? Are you okay with your computer’s built-in one, or do you prefer an external model? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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