What Camera Does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie uses a variety of cameras in making his YouTube videos. His main vlogging camera is the Canon XA11, but he also uses the more portable Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II and the mirrorless Sony A7R II.

My name is Caleb, and I have more than four years of experience working with cameras and photography. In this article, I’ll show you what I found when I dug into Pewdiepie’s camera setup and the rest of the gear he uses in making videos. 

Read on, and we’ll get right into it.

What Vlogging Camera does Pewdiepie Use?

Unsurprisingly for a YouTuber of his status, Pewdiepie uses the high-end Canon XA11 camcorder as his primary vlogging camera.

The camera captures footage in 1080p and is suitable for a range of uses from vlogging to shooting documentary footage.

As 4K becomes more common these days, though, the upper limit of 1080p is a con when comparing this model to others.

It does have some other features to compensate, however, such as 20x HD zoom and the ability to match the framerate of a traditional film camera.

What Secondary Camera does Pewdiepie Use?

Carrying around a full-sized camcorder isn’t always a convenient way to record vlog content. As a secondary option that offers a smaller size, Pewdiepie uses the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II.

The compact size and the ease of use come to mind as major draws for this camera. As it has a built-in lens, there’s no need to pack one separately when taking it traveling.

This also makes it more straightforward for new photographers, as there’s no need to hunt for the perfect lens to use with it.

Pewdiepie has notably used this camera to record his travels. It’s also used by a lot of full-time travel vloggers.

What Mirrorless Camera does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie also uses a mirrorless camera, the Sony A7R II. Unlike his primary camera, this one is capable of shooting in 4K.

The specs aren’t as great as the more modern entries in the A7R line, but they’re still good enough to meet the needs of an average user. 

The A7R II is a 42 megapixel system that came out in 2015. Sony has come out with higher-end options since then, but the A7R II’s specs are still perfectly fine for many users in 2022. 

One advantage of the A7R II is that it’s also cheaper than these higher-end models.

This camera is also one of the most expensive gears in Pewdiepie’s collection. Because of its 4K capability, however, the higher cost is somewhat understandable.

What Camera did Pewdiepie Use in 2020?

You might be wondering what camera Pewdiepie used back in 2020. From the looks of things, however, his camera setup has been mostly unchanged over the past couple of years. 

He was still using the Canon XA11, Canon PowerShot G7X, and Sony A7RII back then.

It’s clear that Pewdiepie has found a working formula, and he isn’t willing to risk throwing that off by changing his equipment often.

What Camera did Pewdiepie Start With?

We don’t know what camera Pewdiepie started with. Like many YouTubers, Pewdiepie began with modest equipment and never shared his original recording setup online. 

Despite the lower production value, this gave his older content an “authentic” feel that wasn’t uncommon for the older era of YouTube.

It just goes to show that, while having great gear certainly helps speed up the process, it is possible to become a star YouTuber with only a basic camera.

What Webcam does Pewdiepie Use?

It’s not a built-in webcam that Pewdiepie uses to record his face-cam reactions during gaming videos. Instead, he makes use of the Logitech Pro 9000

While this is an older model that was originally designed for systems running Windows XP, it still does the job well enough and the resolution is HD. 

What Lighting does Pewdiepie Use? 

Lights aren’t talked about often, but they can be important in getting the perfect look in a video. For Pewdiepie, the light of choice is the Elgato Key Light.

It’s a light specifically designed with content creators in mind, with a compact design that is meant to fit easily on desks. 

The light is also compatible with Stream Deck, and the “temperature” of the lighting color can be adjusted on a spectrum of blue to orange.

If you’re getting deeper into content creation and looking for ways to improve your production value, this is a product that you might want to consider.

What Microphone does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie’s microphone of choice is the AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS. While this one isn’t the most expensive microphone out there, it’s still priced highly enough to make it a more advanced option for content creators.

The microphone was designed with multiple uses in mind, as you can use it for recording voices or musical instruments. It also comes with nine polar patterns, which allows for recording in a variety of settings without quality loss.

What Microphone did Pewdiepie Use Before?

If you’re curious about something cheaper than Pewdiepie’s current microphone, you might be interested in the Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone.

This is the model that Pewdiepie used before making the switch to his current one.

That’s not to say that it’s a bad microphone or that the quality is in any way “cheap.” A quick search of reviews will find plenty of five-star ratings and praise for both the sound and build quality.

What Recording Software does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie uses Bandicam as his recording software on PC. This is, of course, a less common software for modern YouTubers. 

While many content creators have moved on from Bandicam, Pewdiepie still uses it and was roasted by fellow YouTuber KSI for it as recently as last year. 

He doesn’t seem like a fan of changing things when the current option is still working great.


Here are a few other things that you might want to know about Pewdiepie’s gears.

What PC does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie uses a custom model from Origin PC, which bears the design of his personal brand. Sadly, they haven’t posted the specs of that custom model online for us to break down.

What VR does Pewdiepie Use?

Pewdiepie uses the HTC VIVE headset for his VR gaming content.

What Graphics Card does Pewdiepie Use?

It looks like the most recent graphics card used by Pewdiepie is one of Nvidia’s flagship models, the GTX 1080 Ti.

Final Words

It’s clear from Pewdiepie’s success that you can become a major content creator with any level of equipment.

What do you think of Pewdiepie’s choices? Do you have experience with any of the cameras and equipment listed above? Be sure to let us know in the comment section.

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