How to Fix Gimbal Motor Overloaded for DJI Drones

A gimbal motor overload means that something is keeping the gimbal from moving properly which causes the gimbal motor to be in a strained position. A few ways that you can fix the overload error include removing the gimbal cover (if it is on), cleaning the gimbal, calibrating the drone, and removing any unnecessary accessories.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. Over the past decade or so, I have been flying my drones professionally and recreationally and have experienced the gimbal overload error on my drones in a few instances.

In this article, I will discuss some of the reasons you may get a gimbal overload error. I will also cover 7-ways that you can fix the overload error on your DJI drone.

Key Takeaways

  • Check that your gimbal cover is removed before every flight.
  • Keep your drone calibrated properly, because you can cause extended damage to your drone by operating it with any error message.
  • To ensure optimal performance of your drone, it is important to do regular preventative maintenance.

What is a Drone Gimbal

A drone gimbal is an apparatus that holds the drone’s camera and allows it to remain stable regardless of the drone’s movement while maintaining the direction of the camera shooting when the drone is in motion.

Reasons Why Your Gimbal Motor Can Get Overloaded

Here are some common reasons why your gimbal motor can experience an overload error.

Wrong Calibration

In many cases, for no apparent reason, your drone may get out of calibration, or in some instances, it is calibrated incorrectly. In either case, correcting the calibration issue may result in removing the overload error.

Heavy Accessories

Using extra accessories on your drone may result in an overload error. Devices such as an ND filter, an anti-glare hood, or others, may be too heavy for your drone’s payload and cause an error in drone overload.

Gimbal Cover

The gimbal cover is one of the ‘notorious’ problems that cause an overload error. This has happened to me many times. We can get so busy doing other things, that we simply forget to take the gimbal cover off. 

Leaving the gimbal cover on prevents the camera from moving correctly and puts the gimbal motor in a strained position thus causing the overload error.

Broken Hardware

If you have ever crashed your drone or damaged it in some way, it may cause an overload issue. A previous crash may cause hardware malfunctions or cause continual damage to your drone. 

The crash may have dislodged the gimbal ribbon or one of the brushless motors on the gimbal. It is always good practice to inspect your drone thoroughly after a crash. Even seemingly insignificant crashes may cause problems.

7 Ways to Fix Gimbal Motor Overloaded for DJI Drones

Here are some ways to fix a gimbal motor overload error on your DJI drone.

1. Prepare the Launch Area

Check your launch area before taking off. Ensure that the launch area is clean and clear of any possible debris. Doing so will help to prevent any damage to your drone or its gimbal.

2. Clean the Gimbal

Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent problems. Keep your gimbal clean at all times. After flying, clean the gimbal carefully to keep foreign objects and dirt from impairing your gimbal performance and operation.

3. Remove the Gimbal Cover

Your gimbal’s cover is to be used for securing the gimbal when carrying the drone. When the cover is on, it can keep the gimbal from moving. Always remove the gimbal cover before using your drone. 

4. Calibrate the Drone

Calibrating your drone is an important step. While many people say that you don’t need to calibrate every time you use your drone, I differ from that opinion. In my experience, calibrating your drone each time you move to a different location is the best practice. Follow your drone’s manufacturer’s steps for calibrating the drone before launching.

5. Remove Accessories or Replace Them with Lighter Ones

Accessories can be heavy, especially aftermarket or third-party accessories. The excess weight can cause overload issues. Remove any accessories that you don’t need for your flight or consider replacing your accessories with lighter-weight options.

6. Update the Firmware

DJI regularly provides updates to its firmware. Look for the latest update and ensure that you have it installed. Keeping your firmware updated, helps to ensure that your gimbal is working properly.

7. Cool Down the Gimbal Motor

If your overload errors persist, power off the drone and allow it to sit for approximately 30 minutes. Then restart the drone and see if your overload error is gone. Sometimes simply restarting the drone will fix your problem. 


Here are answers to a couple of frequently asked questions about fixing gimbal overload.

Why Is My Mavic Pro Gimbal Overloaded?

There are several reasons why your Mavic Pro gimbal might be overloaded. Some of the reasons include having the gimbal cover on, using heavy accessories, or not properly calibrating your drone. There may be other reasons as well. Inspect your drone to ensure it is fully functional.

How Do I Fix the Gimbal Error on My Mavic Mini?

You may be able to fix the gimbal error on your DJI Mavic Mini by following these common methods: restart the drone, clean the gimbal, calibrate the craft, and/or update your firmware.

Final Thoughts

Gimbal motor overload errors are important to address. Look to solve your overload error by addressing some of the common causes such as calibration issues, dirty gimbals, leaving the gimbal cover on, and other such simple things. 

Always perform preventative maintenance on your drone and ensure that your drone is fully functional before using it.

Have you ever had a gimbal overload error on your DJI drone? What was the reason for it, and how did you fix it? I’m really curious to know about your experience, so feel welcome to share your story in the comments below.

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