How Much Does Drone Insurance Cost

The cost of drone insurance varies depending on the carrier you choose. However, the average cost for drone insurance in the U.S. is approximately $50 per month or $600 per year.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a drone pilot and a long-time drone owner/operator. Over the past decade, I have used my drones for both commercial and recreational use and have experience flying drones with and without insurance.

In this article, I will discuss the cost of drone insurance and the different types of insurance you might be interested in for your drone. I will also provide some tips for purchasing insurance for your drone.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the various types of drone insurance coverage. 
  • In order to use a drone commercially, users must purchase liability insurance in case of an accident.
  • Before deciding on drone insurance, compare rates among different companies.

How Much Does Drone Insurance Cost

Drone insurance is a great protection for your aircraft and offers peace of mind for you. The average price for insurance is about $50 per month. 

The insurance primarily covers the cost of damage and any injuries caused by your drone to people or property. The insurance also typically provides coverage for any legal action that is taken to protect others and others’ property while using your drone.

There are various types of flying insurance that cover both recreational and commercial drones. These types of policies generally cover things such as theft of your drone, damage due to a crash, and damages to the property of others by your drone.

Who Needs Drone Insurance

Recreational drone users are not required to have insurance. However, if you use your drone for commercial purposes, you are required to have insurance, including liability coverage.

Types of Drone Insurance

Here are the two main types of drone insurance and below you can find some information about each category.

Liability Insurance

The most common type of drone insurance is liability coverage. This insurance coverage has subcategories.

  • Third-party liability insurance – protects your business from possible legal action from others who may have been injured or had property damaged by your drone
  • Drone pilot insurance – protects you from any wrongful accusations against you or the use of your drone
  • Drone software indemnity insurance – protects you from any unauthorized use of your drone or any damage to your drone while it’s being operated.

Hull Insurance

Another type of drone insurance is called Hull Insurance. This type of insurance is basically a replacement coverage in the case that your drone is damaged beyond repair or stolen. It is an optional coverage offered by most insurance carriers.

Tips for Buying Insurance

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when purchasing drone insurance.

1. Make Your Own Research

Perform your due diligence before deciding on an insurance company. Read reviews, check their better business bureau rating, and google for any other information you may find about the company.

2. Identify Your Risks

Consider your potential risks by taking into consideration what you use your drone for. Research the risks associated with the type of activities you conduct with your drone.

3. Consider Buying Extra Coverage

Look into optional coverages and consider buying more coverage when it makes sense for your and your business goals.

4. Lower the Insurance Costs

Shop around and look for any applicable discounts that may be available such as a military discount or a senior discount. There may be other discounts available with additional training or certifications.


Here are a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions about drone insurance.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for a Drone?

You need liability insurance if you are using your drone for commercial purposes. You may also consider optional coverage such as Hull insurance.

Do I Need Drone Liability Insurance?

If you use your drone for commercial purposes, you are required to have liability insurance.

Does Drone Insurance Cover Lost Drones?

Yes, there are policy coverages that cover lost drones. Check with your individual carrier for details and coverage options.

Final Thoughts

Your drone is a valuable asset. If you are using your drone for commercial purposes, it is important to have good insurance. Do your homework and find the best coverage for your specific business needs.

Do you have insurance for your drone? Are you happy with your insurance coverage? Share tips and tricks from your experience that might help others choose the right insurance.

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