How to Connect Drone Camera to Phone

You can connect a drone camera to your phone through a wifi connection. Most drones allow the drone to be controlled by either a phone, tablet, or controller. In either case, the drone’s camera connects through a wifi connection.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. Over the past decade or so, I have been flying my drones professionally and recreationally and have used a cellular phone to control my drones in many instances.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps to connect your drone to your phone. I will also go over a few of the reasons that your connection may fail and answer some of the frequently asked questions about this subject.

Key Takeaways

  • It is important to ensure a reliable and strong wifi connection when connecting the drone camera to a phone.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the appropriate application before connecting the drone camera and phone.
  • Controllers offer longer control distance than just using a phone.

How to Connect Drone Camera to Phone: Step-by-Step

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for connecting a drone’s camera to your phone.

Step 1. Download an App

The first thing you need to do is download the applicable application from your phone’s application store (Apple store or Google Play Store). You need to find out which application is used to control your drone. For instance, many DJI drones use the DJI Go Fly application. Other manufacturers use other applications.

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

The next step is to turn on your Bluetooth or wifi setting on your phone. Most phones have a Bluetooth button in the Setting Section of the phone. Likewise, there is typically a wifi setting on each phone as well. Toggle or turn the feature on and then move to the next step.

Step 3. Turn on Drone

Now that you have downloaded the appropriate application and turned on your Bluetooth or wifi setting, it is time to power up the drone. Your drone should have a power button that you will press and hold for a few seconds, to turn the drone on. Your propellers may adjust slightly when the drone is turned on and you may also hear a beep indicating the power is on.

Step 4. Connect Your Phone to the Drone

Next, you will connect your phone to the drone by either using a remote controller or without it, where your phone will actually serve as the controller.

Using Remote

If you are using a remote controller, you may need to connect it to your phone with either a USB connection or through the Bluetooth feature. Most remotes have a phone holder to hold your phone horizontally along with the remote controller.

Without a Remote

If your drone does not have a remote controller, you need to identify your drone from the phone’s wifi setting and ensure that the phone is connected to the drone. Keep in mind that using a phone to control your drone may limit the distance in which you can control it since most wifi connections have a shorter connection radius.

Step 5. Establish the Connection

Now that the other steps are complete, you can ensure that your connection to the drone is established. You may check the number of bars on your phone, which indicates the signal strength of the connection.

Applications You Will Need

Here is a list of applications that are used for many of the popular drone models along with a link to download the application from either the Apple store or the Google Play store.

Application NameAppleAndroid
DJI MimoDJI MimoDJI Mimo
DJI RoninDJI RoninDJI Ronin
DJI PilotDJI PilotDJIPilot
Tello AppTELLO
Drone VRDroneVR DroneVR
LitchiLitchi for DJI DronesLitchi for DJI Drones
Skydio 2Skydio onSkydio 
DJI Virtual FlightDJI Virtual Flight DJI Virtual Flight

Why Won’t My Drone Camera Connect to My Phone?

If you have problems with your drone camera connecting to your phone, you may follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

1. Check the Drone’s Wi-Fi Connection

Look at your wifi connection and ensure that you have a solid amount of signal strength. Usually, at least two full bars are enough to have a stable connection.

2. Reinstall the App

In some instances, you may have to delete the application from your phone and reinstall it to get a better connection.

3. Restart Phone and Reset Drone

Lastly, you can try restarting your phone and resetting your drone by powering it off, waiting a few seconds, and then powering it back on. In the meantime, your phone should go through its normal power cycle and restart as well.


Here are a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions about connecting your drone’s camera to your phone.

Do Drones Connect via Bluetooth?

Drones can connect using your phone’s Bluetooth in many instances. When a remote controller is not available or the drone does not come with one, a Bluetooth connection is typically the option.

What App Do I Use for My Drone Camera?

The application that you will use for a drone camera depends on the type of drone and phone model that you have. Some applications are for iOS only, while many drones are capable of connecting to your phone using either Apple or Android applications.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your drone’s camera to your phone is one of the important parts of enjoying your flying experience. Ensure that you have a good, stable wifi connection before flying. You may also consider having a mobile hotspot connection, which may provide a stronger connection than your phone’s wifi connection.

How was your experience connecting your drone camera to a phone for the first time? Did it work out well, or were there some issues you needed to deal with? Please leave your experience in the comments below.

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