Is the Novum Drone Any Good?

Yes, the Novum drone is a good quality drone for an affordable price. Novum drones are listed as the number 1 item on many drone rating review sites.

Hello folks! My name is Lavelle and for the past decade, I’ve been flying drones professionally and recreationally. I’ve flown many types and models of drones and have enjoyed flying experiences across the US.

In this article, I will discuss my findings on the Novum line of drones. I will give some information about the brand, the price range of their drones, drone performance, and other important specifications.

Key Takeaways

  • The Novum drone is affordable, making it a perfect choice for those who are on a budget.
  • It is quite fast and capable of reaching speeds of up to 30 mph.
  • Unfortunately, the brand offers only one model to choose from.

Is the Novum Drone Any Good

The Novum drone brand is listed as one of the best-in-class products. The company has excellent reviews and its models are touted as being some of the best-quality drones in the market. 

Users and reviewers rave about the excellent control and management features of drones. They also speak highly of the unique, sleek design and the extended flying times. The Novum brand drones are also reported to be the fastest in class, reaching speeds up to 30 mph.

The Novum drones are reported to be made in the US, with headquarters in Sarasota, FL. Their products are only available online and you can’t find them in any retail locations. They do only have one model and it costs approximately $100 unless you buy multiple drones at once, which gives you a discount.

Novum Drone Specifications

The Novum drone has a foldable design with HD photos and video and a gravity sensor. The camera is a 1080p specification and the drone has a 500 mAh battery. I’d suggest purchasing additional batteries since the battery rating is not exceptional. However, the listed flight times do seem far above the industry average

The design also has an HD slow-motion feature and comes with built-in wifi. It is lightweight, weighing only 1.5 lbs. The drone is easy to control and comes with a phone holder mechanism to serve as the controller.

Novum Drone Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve found from the reviews of this drone.


  • Speed (it can fly up to 30 mph). This model is one of the fastest in its category. While it is not considered a racing drone, it does provide a thrilling experience.
  • Good transmission range (up to 2 kilometers). For a drone of its size, it has a good transmission range of up to nearly 1 mile. 
  • Flight stability. As a mini drone, it is fairly stable when flying. The picture and video quality do not seem to be compromised by its small stature.
  • Long battery life. With up to 60 minutes of battery life per charge cycle, this drone is able to stay in the air much longer than its counterparts.
  • Gravity sensor (helps with obstacle avoidance). This feature enables the drone to sense when it is losing altitude and also works much like the obstacle avoidance feature on other drones. It uses the force of gravity to keep the drone in the air.


  • Limited model options (only one). With only one option to purchase, consumers are limited in choices. 
  • Can only be purchased online from the company. There are no other retailers or resellers to purchase this drone from. It can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

Surprisingly enough, the Novum brand drone is a remarkable product with a great design and great features. I’m thinking of purchasing one to try it out for myself and to provide a hands-on review of the product. The drone offers most of the intelligent features that make the flying experience enjoyable. Overall, this drone appears to be one to look out for.

Have you experienced flying Novum? Do you have comments about this drone? I’d like to know what you think of this company. Leave a comment below sharing your experience.

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