Is Potensic a Good Drone Brand?

Yes, Potensic is a good drone brand. It is one of the best-known brand names and they produce a high-quality drone with a good durability rating.

Hello folks! My name is Lavelle and I am a drone pilot and long-time drone enthusiast. Over the past decade, I have flown many types and brands of drones. This particular brand was one of the purchases I made and I found the brand to be a great first choice.

In this article, I will provide some information about the company’s history, drone qualities, and give an overview of some of its best-rated models.

Key Takeaways

  • Potensic drones are 100% original designs that provide innovative features not often seen in other drones.
  • Their customer service is one of the best in the industry.
  • Potensic’s high-end drones can be used by professionals for a range of tasks such as aerial photography and filming.

About Potensic

Potensic is a Chinese company that was founded in 2014 and manufactures drones and software. The company has grown exponentially since its inception. Their drones are now available in more than 40 countries and they have more than 5 million users worldwide.

Reviews of their various models come in above average for their class and category. The models are also quite affordable and often outperform the competition. 

Known for their durability, Potensic offers some great options for affordability and for beginning and intermediate users. One of the most notable things about this brand is that every model they sell is their original production. Unlike many others, they only offer 100% original designs.

Potensic Pros and Cons

One of the things that set Potensic apart from its competition is its customer service. The company is very responsive and takes great pride in satisfying each customer. Another advantage held by Potensic is the value received for the price point of each of their drones.

As with any company, Potensic has a few things they improve upon. Most notable is the FPV functionality. If the drone loses connectivity with the controller, the FPV is also lost, often causing concern for the operator. Another point of improvement is the ability of the controller to hold larger cellular phones

Top 5 Potensic Drones

Here is a table listing my Top 5 Potensic drones, along with some high points about each model and what level of operator each drone is best suited for.

ModelDescriptionLevelEstimate Price
Potensic Dreamer Drone4K Camera; 31 mins of flight timeIntermediate$160.00
Potensic T25 GPS DroneWide-angle HD; 1080P camera; 3D VR function; GPS return home; Live videoIntermediate$140.00
Potensic D58 FPV DroneFPV drone; 1080P camera; 5G Wi-Fi; HD live videoIntermediate$190.00
Potensic D88 Foldable DroneUltrasonic altitude setting; Optical flow positioning; Four 1350 KV brushless motors with a case; 2K Full HD 5G Wi-Fi cameraIntermediate$270
Potensic A20W Mini DroneReal-time FPV; 6-Axis altitude hold; Route setting; one key takeoffBeginner$45.00


Here are some answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about the Potensic drones.

Does Potensic Make Good Drones?

Yes, Potensic is one of the best-value drones on the market. The drones have excellent durability and good features that are of high quality.

How Far Will a Potensic Drone Fly?

Depending on the specific model, Potensic drones can fly between 600-800 meters from the controller.

Where Are Potensic Drones Manufactured?

Potensic drones are manufactured in China.

Final Thoughts

Dollar for dollar, Potensic is one of the best values in the drone market. The company produces some excellent quality drones with above-average features. Their customer service is second to none and the drones are extremely durable. 

Own a Potensic drone yourself? Or perhaps you’ve flown one before? Feel free to comment on this brand and share your experiences below.

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