Is Ruko a Good Drone Brand?

Yes, Ruko is a good drone brand. The company offers a good line of drones at affordable prices. Their drones seem small and light in weight but are actually very stable when flying. 

Hello everyone! My name is Lavelle and I am a drone pilot I love all things drone-related. Over the past decade, I’ve spent countless hours learning about, reviewing, and flying drones all over the US.

In this article, I will discuss the Ruko brand and some of the qualities of its models. I will also give an overview of some of their top models.

Key Takeaways

  • Ruko drones have great flying times and can stay in the air for up to 60 minutes.
  • The control range is above average.
  • There is no obstacle avoidance feature on their models and as a result, these drones may not be suitable for all uses.

About Ruko

Ruko is a Chinese company that makes advanced, intermediate, and beginner drones. They also make remote-controlled cars and robots. The company’s drones range from beginner-level to professional and vary in price from $100 to $600

The company puts a lot of stock into the intelligent features of its drones. They offer things like long-range control and EIS stabilization. One of their most appealing features is the long flight time, with one model being able to fly for up to 60 minutes.

The company also has a robust Refresh Program (much like the DJI Refresh program) which allows users to have something similar to insurance on their drones.

Ruko Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve found with the brand’s overall lineup of drones.


  • Excellent intelligent features. The Ruko models offer features such as return to home function, auto takeoff and landing, and the following mode.
  • Great 4k quality cameras. These models offer 4k camera technology and either 4k or 2.9k video quality. The cameras provide good quality pictures from a decent range.
  • Long flight times. One of the best attributes of these drones is the long flying time. They can stay in the air for up to 60 minutes, depending on the model, which is far above the industry average for similar drones.
  • Extended video transmission range (up to 9000 feet). With a range of up to 9000 feet from the controller, Ruko’s drones offer an above-average transmission range. 


  • Users have complained about the color reproduction from the cameras. While pictures can be taken from a longer-than-average range or height, the cameras have been known to lose color from long distances. The pixelation seems to lessen as the range increases.
  • No gimbal stabilizer. With no gimbal stabilizer, pictures and videos are not at the highest quality possible. In heavy winds or at high speeds, pictures and videos may appear blurry.
  • No obstacle avoidance feature. The no obstacle avoidance feature is problematic since there are times when the naked eye may not clearly see an obstacle. Also, when using the return to home feature, the drone may not recognize an obstacle along its path.

Top 5 Ruko Drones

Below is a table listing my Top 5 Ruko drones along with a description of some of their highlights and the level each drone is best suited for.

ModelDescriptionLevelEstimated Price
Ruko F11GIM24K Camera Drone With 2 Axis-Gimbal; long control range; 56-mins flight timeIntermediate/Advanced$580
Bwine F7 Drone4k Photos & Videos; 50-mins flight time; 9800 feet transmission and control distanceAdvanced$530
Ruko F11Pro4k Photos; 2.9k Videos; 60-mins flight time; return to home featureIntermediate$390
Ruko U11PRODouble altitude hold technology; 52-mins flight time; up to 1640 feet 5G video transmission and FPVIntermediate/Beginner$330
Ruko F11 Mini Drone4k UHD camera; 60-mins flight time; level 4 wind resistance; simplified controlsBeginner$310


Here are some answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about Ruko drones.

Which is Better Holy Stone or Ruko?

It really depends on your preference. Ruko drones offer longer flying times while Holy Stone drones offer a slightly better camera. The other features depend on specific model capabilities.

Is Ruko Drone Chinese?

Yes, Ruko drones are made in China. The company holds a good reputation and responds well to customer inquiries.

Do Ruko Drones Have Obstacle Avoidance?

I haven’t found a Ruko drone model with obstacle avoidance. This seems to be one of the major drawbacks of this brand.

Final Thoughts

Ruko is a good drone brand that appeals to users of all experience levels. Their models are technologically advanced and the flying time of all models is exceptional. The brand delivers good quality both on the production side and on the technical side of design. 

Have you ever owned a Ruko drone? Or maybe you’ve taken a flight before? Feel free to discuss this brand and your personal experiences in the comments section below.

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