What is a Drone Crashing System?

A drone crashing system, also known as an anti-crash system, is a technology that uses sensors to help the drone avoid obstacles that could cause a crash.

Hello, fellow drone enthusiasts! My name is Lavelle and I am a drone pilot and a long-time drone enthusiast. Over the past decade, I have used my drones for professional and recreational projects and I have found the anti-crash system to be valuable.

In this article, I will explain what a drone crashing system is and how it works. I will also discuss the various types of crashing systems that are available. Additionally, I will give you my picks for drones with the best crashing system.

Key Takeaways

  • No crashing system is 100% crashproof.
  • Operators should be aware of their surroundings and all the potential hazards before flying.
  • Obstacle avoidance in drones is a useful tool, but not a guarantee.

What Is a Drone Crashing System

A drone crashing system is a technology that allows drone sensors to avoid obstacles and keep from experiencing a crash landing. The sensors are set to identify and detect obstacles and either cause the drone to hover in place to avoid the obstacles or will steer it away from the object.

How Does a Drone Crashing System Work

The primary system is obstacle avoidance technology. Many drone manufacturers employ various variations of the technology but in a nutshell, they all do the same thing: help drones avoid crashes. Some obstacle avoidance sensors detect objects from a farther distance than others.

The data received from the sensor is fused together with the drone’s mapping technology to assist in obstacle avoidance. Programmers have developed several algorithms that work together with the sensors and GPS to enable the crash system technology.

Drone Crashing System Pros

The main benefit of having a drone crashing system is that it helps to keep your drone damage free. The system also helps you from damaging others or property. It’s a great safety feature to have on your drone.

What Types of Drone Crashing Systems Exist

With infrared sensors, stereo vision sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and GPS technology, the drone is steered away from objects when the sensor detects the object or obstacle.

Infrared (IR) sensors allow the drone to detect IR radiation that emits from an obstacle or object that is within its range and then avoid it. Stereo vision sensors, also sometimes referred to as machine vision, give a full field of view in a 3D format using two or more camera views from the drone. 

Ultrasonic sensor is a technology that measures distance using ultrasonic waves. Finally, GPS or global positioning system technology is one that uses satellite data to allow the drone to navigate.

Drones with the Best Crashing System

Here is a list of my picks for drones with the best crashing system onboard.

ModelDescriptionCharacteristicsExperience Level
DJI Mavic Air 2Foldable droneVision Sensors and ToF Sensors, along with APAS 3.0Intermediate/Professional
DJI Phantom IV ProQuadcopter drone5-directional obstacle avoidance, stereo sensorsProfessional
Skydio 2A follow-me droneVision sensors and GPSIntermediate/Professional
Yuneec Typhoon H / H PHexacopter droneVision sensors and GPS Professional
Autel Evo Nano SeriesMini droneThree-way binocular vision sensors and GPSIntermediate/Professional
DJI Inspire 2Quadcopter droneStereo vision sensor, infrared sensor and a combination of a stereo vision and ultrasonic sensors at the bottom.Professional


Here are a few answers to some of the frequently asked questions about drone crashing systems.

How to Avoid Crashing Your Drone?

It is always a good practice to first assess your flying area and map out an exit strategy. You should also avoid flying too fast which may cause a loss of control. Monitor your battery levels at all times and understand how wind conditions may impact your flight.

What Causes Drones to Crash?

There are many things that can cause a drone to crash. A loss of signal to the controller, a dead battery, a heavy wind gust, and losing line of sight with the drone are some of the main things that may cause a crash.

Is There a CrashProof Drone?

There is technically no such thing as a crash-proof drone. Some drones have high-quality technology to help avoid crashes, however, it is still ultimately the operator’s control of the craft that is the best asset to aid in avoiding crashes.

Final Thoughts

Drone crashing systems or obstacle avoidance technology is an amazing tool to have. Drones use various types of sensors to avoid obstacles and objects, possibly preventing crashes. Drone operators should know all possible threats and understand how their drone’s technology works.

Do you agree that drone crashing technology is a must for drone pilots? Do you have an experience with drone crashing technology that you’d like to share? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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