What Camera Does Connor Franta Use?

Connor Franta uses an older camera, the Canon Rebel T3i. This model, also known as the EOS 600D or the EOS Kiss X5, was released in 2011.

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In this article, I’ll go over Connor Franta’s choice in camera and whether the Rebel T3i is still a viable option.

If you want to know about the camera behind Connor’s videos, keep reading for the complete overview.

What Camera Does Connor Franta Use?

Connor Franta’s camera is the Canon Rebel T3i. This is one of the older models in the Canon Rebel series, which is generally considered a beginner to the intermediate line.

The T3i originally came out in 2011, and the later additions to the T3i series are obviously more capable. 

Does that mean the T3i is hopelessly outdated, or it’s impossible to get good results with it today? Not exactly.

Canon Rebel T3i Specs

Despite its age, the T3i’s specs should still at least meet the bare minimum for content creation. It has an 18-megapixel resolution; more importantly, for YouTube, it can record up to 1080p resolution.

The 1080p recording is limited to up to 30 frames per second, which isn’t ideal. But the Rebel T3i is pretty cheap, and if you don’t have the budget for a better camera, the 30fps offered by this one is still better than nothing.

The T3i’s ISO range is expandable to 12,800, which is pretty low compared to modern cameras. For comparison, the later Rebel T6i model has an ISO range expandable to 25,600. This obviously hurts the T3i’s performance when shooting at night.

It has only nine autofocus points, compared to 19 in 2015’s T6i and many more in newer high-end cameras.

Of course, these drawbacks are just part of using a cheap, older camera. The T3i is significantly more affordable than many of its newer competitors, and that’s the main draw for prospective buyers.

If you’re planning to record videos, I recommend using a newer camera. The T3i can at least cover your minimum needs if you’re on a budget.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about Connor Franta and his camera setup.

How Much Is Connor Franta Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Connor Franta is worth $3M; his money comes from his YouTube channel, a clothing line, a lifestyle brand, and other ventures.

Is The Canon Rebel T3i Good For Beginners?

The T3i has decent enough specs and a good enough price to work as a beginner camera. However, newer models are largely better for that purpose as they have more quality-of-life features to make things easier for new users.


Connor Franta’s camera is an older one, the Canon Rebel T3i. Because newer cameras provide better performance, the main advantage of this model is its low price.

What’s the oldest camera that you still use? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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