How to Delete Videos on GoPro (3 Tricks to Clear GoPro SD Card)

If your GoPro videos live on your SD card, you’ll quickly run out of space. So, once you’ve saved your videos, how do you delete files from your GoPro?

Or, perhaps the shot you just took was less than perfect, and you want to delete it and try again — what then?

There are a few different methods to delete photos and videos — they’re all pretty simple, but can sometimes be hard to find on your own, especially when using a GoPro without a screen.

Here are three different techniques you can use, no matter what GoPro model you own, and all you need is your GoPro and (possibly) a computer and a USB cord or smartphone with the GoPro app.

Method 1: Delete GoPro files directly from the camera

You can clear up space with just your GoPro — if you’re out shooting and fill up your memory card but still have more videos to record, this method can free up enough space to get you shooting again.

Step 1. Access the settings menu by pressing the front mode button until you see the gear or tool icon — this is the settings mode. Select the settings mode by pressing the top button.

Step 2. Navigate down through the options by hitting the front mode button again until you see the trash can. Tap the top button to select this option.

Step 3. Next, you’ll see the options cancel, last and all. Use the front button to navigate down to the option you’d like and the top button to select. The “last” option will delete only the last photo or video that you took while the “all” will clear the entire SD card and delete all of your files. Hit cancel if you would like to go back without deleting anything.

Step 4. Finally, confirm that you’d like to delete (this helps prevent accidentally deleting your files) by using the front button to navigate down to Yes and the top button to confirm.

Method 2: Delete videos from GoPro using the app

But what if you want to delete a single video, but it’s not the last shot that you took? You can use the GoPro app to select a specific photo or video to delete.

Step 1. Inside the GoPro app, select the GoPro Media (the icon that looks like a grid).

Step 2. Tap the “edit” option and select the file(s) you would like to erase, then tap delete.

Method 3: Delete GoPro files with a Computer

You can also delete files using your computer instead of the app or the GoPro directly.

Version 1:

  1. Plug your GoPro into your computer using the USB cord.
  2. Then, follow the steps in our tutorial to set up automatic uploads with the GoPro Studio software.
  3. As you set up the automatic uploads, check the box to automatically delete the files from the card once they’ve been uploaded — then you won’t have to worry about files taking up space on your SD card, once it’s on your computer, it’s off the card.

Version 2:

  1. Plug the microSD card into a card reader connected to your computer. Open up the SD card in a browser.
  2. After dragging any files you’d like to keep over to a folder on your hard drive, simply drag and drop to the trashcan to delete files.
  3. If you’d like to delete all files, hit Control + A on a Windows computer or Command + A on an Apple Mac to select all files, then drag and drop to the trash.

Deleting photos from your GoPro is relatively simple, but there’s more than one way to do it. Using the GoPro is the most convenient method to use when out recording, or the GoPro app gives you the same mobility with the flexibility to choose single files instead of just all files or the last file only.

Or, if you’re connecting the GoPro to your computer anyways, dragging and dropping the files in the trashcan is another quick method for deleting files.

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