Quick Tip: How to Format a GoPro Memory Card

Ready to start over on a new GoPro project? Once you’ve saved all your videos and still shots from your GoPro to your computer, erasing the entire contents will free up all the space on the memory card once again.

Formatting the micro SD card with your GoPro is simple, but since most models don’t come with a screen, it’s sometimes hard to figure out on your own. Here’s how to format a GoPro memory card.

Psst, if you only want to delete a single file, follow the steps in our tutorial on how to delete GoPro videos – this method will delete all your files.

Warning: Don’t follow these steps until you’re sure the files you want are located on your computer. Once you erase the memory card, you can’t get them back.

Step 1: Head into the GoPro menu. How? To access the menu, press the front mode button until the gear shows up on the front screen, then press the top button.

GoPro Hero4 setup menu
GoPro Hero4 setup menu

Step 2: Access the format option by pressing the front button until the trash can icon appears on the front screen. Tap the top button again to select.

GoPro Hero4 trash icon
GoPro Hero4 setting trash

Step 3: Select “ALL / FORMAT” to erase the GoPro SD card. To select all option, use the front button to move down and the top button to choose the highlighted option.

GoPro Hero4 menu delete options
GoPro Hero4 menu delete options

Step 4: Confirm you want to delete by using the front button to navigate down to “yes” and then hitting the top button again to confirm.

Also, feel free to check out this video from STK’s Adventure Channel for how:

Deleting your GoPro’s memory clears the slate so you can save more files to a memory card. Just use the front button to select the settings mode, then that same button to navigate down through the options and the top button to select the options you’d like.

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