How to Fix It When GoPro Says No SD Card

You can fix your GoPro No SD Card error by formatting your SD card. I also recommend removing the SD card, cleaning off any debris or residue, and inserting it into your GoPro correctly.

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Hi, I’m Larry. I’ve been shooting action videos with GoPros for 10 years and have faced every GoPro error imaginable. However, a No SD Card error is typically a quick fix you can solve in a few minutes.

In today’s in-depth guide, I will show you the best solutions for when your GoPro cannot read your SD card. 

Let’s get right into it!

How Do I Recover My GoPro SD Card Error?

Without an SD card, you can’t record photos or videos from your GoPro. But, when you already put a card in, and the GoPro says “No SD,” what then?

When your GoPro is not reading the SD card, it’s usually from one of a few causes: the card is improperly formatted, the wrong type, or incorrectly inserted.

Here’s how you can fix each of those issues.

Note: If the screen says SD ERR instead of No SD, check out our GoPro SD Error tutorial instead.

What You’ll Need

Besides your GoPro and the memory card, you may need:

Solution 1: Reinsert Your SD Card

Double-check that you inserted the SD card correctly – give it an extra push. If the card doesn’t push in, try turning it the other way; it should slide in quite easily with a gentle push. You can try turning the GoPro off and inserting the card with the camera off.

Sometimes, dirt and grime can prevent an SD card from being inserted correctly. Give it a good cleaning by following the steps in our SD ERR post.

Solution 2: Format Your SD Card

If you still have the SD card error, the next step is to format your GoPro SD card

Formatting your GoPro is usually an effective fix because your card may have an incorrect format which is causing the No SD Card error. These errors often happen if you used the same SD card in a different camera. Sometimes, the error can even pop up on new cards or cards you haven’t used in a while.

Since your GoPro says No SD, you can’t reformat your SD with your camera. Instead, plug the microSD into a card reader (don’t have one, see below) on your computer to reformat the card.

You may need to use the card adapter that came with your card, or if you don’t have a slot on your computer, a USB card adapter. The exact steps vary a bit based on what computer you use.

Note: Formatting your SD card deletes all your saved files. In other words, your SD card will be completely cleared. Therefore, make sure to save your GoPro files on your computer before formatting your SD card.

For Windows

Step 1: Insert the SD card into your computer using a microSD adapter.

Step 2: Click on My Computer and locate your SD card folder. It will be located under Devices and drives.

Step 3: Right-click on your SD card and choose Format.

Step 4: In the Format window, ensure the File system is set to FAT32 for 32GB SD cards or EXFAT for 64GB SD cards. 

Step 5: Select Quick Format and then press Start.

At this point, your GoPro SD card is fully formatted. Next, try inserting it into your camera again to see if the error still appears. If the error still pops up, move on to solution 3. 

For Mac

Step 1: Insert your SD card into your computer using your microSD adapter.

Step 2: Open Disk Utility on your Mac. In the Finder, choose Go and then Utilities. Next, double-click the Disk Utility icon.

Step 3: Locate the SD card and click it. Next, press the Erase tab in the middle of the window.

Step 4: Click on the Format dropdown menu. Select MS-DOS (FAT) if the card is 32GB or smaller. Choose ExFAT if the SD card is 64GB or bigger.

Step 5: A message will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to erase the partition?”, choose Erase.

Congratulations! You have successfully formatted your GoPro SD card on your Mac. Now, your GoPro shouldn’t display a No SD Card error when you insert it into your GoPro. 

Solution 3: Check Your SD Card Compatibility

GoPro cameras tend to be pretty picky about what cards they’ll work with. So check and make sure your SD card is on the list of suggested cards. Check out the GoPro official site for a list of considerations here.

If not, your best bet is to get a new SD card that’s on the list. Unfortunately, even if the card worked before, some SD cards have inconsistent performance inside a GoPro.

Hopefully, you were able to fix your GoPro not reading SD card error. If not, some of the solutions for this kind of error also work for the NO SD error message, like cleaning the card contacts. Try these solutions in my SD ERR tutorial.

Solution 4: Purchase New SD Card

If your GoPro still can’t recognize your SD card, the best solution is to purchase a new one. Although it’s inconvenient, GoPro SD cards are affordable, and you can never have enough extra SD cards lying around.

Check out GoPro’s official SD card list and find an SD card that’s compatible with your specific GoPro model. 


Below are a few common questions I receive about GoPro No SD Card errors.

What format does an SD card need to be for GoPro?

It’s essential to choose the correct format for your GoPro SD card. FAT32 is the correct format for 32 GB or smaller SD cards. If you’re using an SD card 64 GB or larger, exFAT is the correct format.

Why does my GoPro say no media?

If your GoPro says no media, your SD card is corrupted, and your GoPro can’t read any files. In this case, you must format your SD card following the guidelines above. Your computer may be able to read your SD card, so save your files onto your computer before you format your SD card.

How do you fix a corrupted SD card on a GoPro?

The best way to fix a corrupted SD card is to format it. However, you can attempt to recover your files first by following my GoPro File Recovery guide. Since formatting your SD card deletes all your files, video recovery software allows you to retrieve your files before formatting.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you were able to fix your GoPro No SD Card error. There’s nothing more frustrating than a tech error ruining an action-packed day of filming. For this reason, I always keep a few spare SD cards on my body just in case anything happens when I’m out filming.

But now I want to hear from you. Which solution from today’s guide solved your GoPro not reading SD card error? Do you need any more GoPro help?

Either way, let me know by leaving a short and sweet comment down below!

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  • T. Berry

    What does invaild card mean?

    • Larry Li

      An ‘invalid card’ indicates that your GoPro is unable to read the SD card that’s inside. If you have this error, I recommend following the steps outlined in this guide. Let me know if you still have SD card issues afterward.

  • Danielle Meacham

    What if I need to reformat but have stuff on the card I don’t want to lose?

    • Larry Li

      Hey Danielle! Thanks for dropping a question.

      If you need to reformat your card but have files you don’t want to lose, I recommend uploading the files to your computer before formatting your card. You should also import your videos onto a cloud platform like Google Drive or Dropbox in case something happens to your computer. Once your files are on your computer and in the cloud, you can safely format your SD card.