What is GoPro Subscription & Is It Really Worth It?

With over 1.34 million subscribers, GoPro subscriptions are growing in popularity. A GoPro subscription offers more cloud storage, premium editing tools, a private live stream link, and guaranteed camera replacement when damages occur.

Hey, my name is Larry. I’m a GoPro fanatic and have been shooting action content with GoPro cameras for over 8 years. Previously known as GoPro Plus, I’ve been a paid subscriber to GoPro’s services for several years.

A GoPro subscription is beneficial for GoPro enthusiasts like myself, but it isn’t necessary for all users. This guide will explain what a GoPro subscription is and if it’s worth it. 

Keep reading to find out if you need to purchase a GoPro subscription!

Can GoPro be Used without Subscription?

First and foremost, you must understand that you can use a GoPro without a subscription. Although GoPro Subscription is a useful service, you don’t need to subscribe to create amazing content with your camera. 

In fact, I have many friends who have created unbelievable action films with their GoPros, and they didn’t even know GoPro had a subscription service. So rest assured that getting a subscription isn’t a requirement if you have a GoPro.

What is a GoPro Subscription?

GoPro Subscription is a premium service that offers an elevated GoPro experience. For example, if you subscribe and later damage your camera, GoPro will replace it without asking any questions. Furthermore, subscribers can automatically upload their camera footage to the cloud or through a mobile device or computer when connected to Wi-Fi. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of GoPro Subscription’s benefits:

1. Cloud Storage

The primary reason I love my GoPro subscription is because of its unlimited cloud storage. Since I shoot a lot of content, I don’t always have enough SD cards to store all the footage. So instead, I’m able to upload my footage to the cloud and then delete the files on my camera. 

The best part is, the videos are stored in their original quality. This means I don’t have to worry about the resolution getting compressed down. You can also enable Auto-Upload once you have a GoPro subscription which automatically uploads your new GoPro videos and photos to the cloud if the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

2. Camera Replacement

Another benefit of GoPro Subscription is its “no questions asked” camera replacement. If you break your camera as a GoPro subscriber, GoPro will replace it without asking any questions. This policy covers Fusion, Max, HERO5, and later camera models.

However, there is a fee for damaged camera replacement:

  • HERO10 Black: $99
  • HERO9 Black: $99
  • MAX: $99
  • HERO8 Black: $79
  • HERO7 Black: $69
  • HERO7 Silver: $69
  • HERO7 White: $69
  • HERO (2018): $69
  • HERO6 Black: $69
  • Fusion: $69
  • HERO5 Black: $69
  • HERO5 Session: $69
  • Karma: $129
  • Karma Grip: $69

You are also only allowed 2 camera replacements per year and need to be from one of the following countries.

3. Private Live Stream Link

If you have a GoPro HERO10, HERO9, HERO8, HERO7, or MAX, you can create a private live stream link to share with your friends and viewers. This feature is only available for GoPro subscribers.

GoPro users without a GoPro subscription will have to live stream through Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or another media platform.

4. Premium Editing Tools

GoPro Quik is GoPro’s mobile app that allows you to edit and share videos with friends. With a GoPro subscription, you get access to premium editing features.

These include:

  • 25 additional photo and video filters
  • 2 additional themes
  • Speed adjustment tool
  • 190 background music tracks
  • Unlimited Mural events
  • Unlimited editing

5. Discounts on GoPro Products

When you become a GoPro subscriber, you get up to 50% off cameras, mounts, and other accessories on GoPro’s website. 

You can find the exact discount percentages on GoPro’s official Subscription Discounts page.

Is GoPro Subscription Worth It?

You should absolutely get a GoPro subscription if you want more out of your GoPro experience. My favorite feature is the auto-upload of new videos to the cloud when I’m charging my GoPro HERO10 Black. 

I also love the discounts on GoPro accessories and batteries I receive with my GoPro subscription. However, if you’re a casual GoPro user who only uses your camera occasionally, you may not get enough value from a GoPro subscription. 

Overall, I highly recommend getting a GoPro subscription if you film a lot of content, want discounts on GoPro accessories, and want access to the advanced editing tools in GoPro Quik. The camera replacement policy is also a lifesaver if your camera is at risk of getting damaged while you’re filming your content.

What is GoPro Subscription Price?

A GoPro subscription costs:

  • $49.99/year in the United States
  • £49.99/year in the United Kingdom
  • $69.99/year in Australia

This averages to $4.16 per month if you purchase a GoPro subscription in the United States.


Now that you fully understand what a GoPro subscription is and if it’s worth it, I want to cover a few other common questions I get asked. 

How do I activate my GoPro subscription?

You can purchase a GoPro subscription directly on GoPro’s website. However, you’ll need to create a GoPro account to activate the subscription or log in with Apple, Facebook, or Google. Then, you can login to the same account on GoPro Quik and get access to the auto-upload and editing features. 

What is the difference between Quik and GoPro Subscription?

GoPro Quik is GoPro’s mobile app while GoPro Subscription is GoPro’s premium service access. You can use GoPro Quik without a GoPro Subscription but you will have limited access to all the features Quik offers. Without a GoPro subscription, you’ll have limited filters, themes, music, and editing tools within Quik.

Can I cancel my GoPro subscription after 1 year?

You can cancel your GoPro subscription at any time to prevent the auto-renewal process once your term is complete. However, you’ll still maintain the GoPro subscription benefits until the entire year is finished. To cancel your GoPro subscription, log in to your account on the GoPro website and navigate to the Subscription tab.

Closing Thoughts

GoPro cameras are phenomenal devices that have allowed me to film some incredible content over the past few years. I’m a loyal GoPro user so I have no problems with getting a membership to GoPro Subscription. However, I’m impressed with all the premium features the subscription offers and how useful they are.

I hope this guide was helpful in determining if a GoPro subscription is worth it for you or not. But now I’d like to hear from you. Are you going to get a GoPro subscription? Are there any questions you want me to answer?

Let me know by dropping a quick comment right below!

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  • Andrew Smiley

    Good eveneing,

    I just purchased a go pro max and I am having trouble downloaded the go pro app on my PC and also using the quik app on my phone.

    Can you help me?



    • Larry Li

      Hi Andrew! What’s the exact issue you are having with both devices? The GoPro Quik mobile app is the primary GoPro software since GoPro Quik for Desktop has not been updated for a few years.

  • Judy Kinzle

    if I don’t buy the subscription can I buy the replacement part? is the “free subscription” only valid for the first year? is there a way to know what is the discount on other cameras *it says up to 50% off cameras*? if i don’t use the cloud can i use SD cards instead? thank you.
    Judy Kinzle👌

    • Larry Li

      Hi Judy!

      Check the following link to see the exact discounts a GoPro subscription offers: https://community.gopro.com/s/article/GoPro-Subscription-Discounts?language=en_US

      If you don’t have a GoPro subscription, you can’t get the replacement parts unless your damaged GoPro is covered by a warranty. Furthermore, you can easily use SD cards instead of the GoPro subscription cloud to save your videos. In terms of the “free subscription” it’s only valid for the first year if you have the option. If not, a GoPro subscription costs $49.99 per year.