What Camera Does Harald Baldr Use?

Because he usually shoots his videos on the move, Harald Baldr uses the compact Sony FDR-X3000 instead of a more conventional choice of camera.

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In this article, I’ll talk about Harald Baldr’s choice of camera and why it’s suitable for recording travel vlogs. If you’re interested in what goes into Baldr’s videos, keep reading for the full breakdown.

What Camera Does Harald Baldr Use?

There’s not a lot of information about Harald Baldr’s camera setup, but we know he uses the Sony FDR-X3000. This one is classified as an action cam, placing it in the same category as GoPro’s line of small cameras.

While the FDR-X3000 is certainly an uncommon choice of camera for a content creator, Baldr isn’t the only one to use it. 

The model is also used by Bald And Bankrupt, another travel YouTuber who uses the FDR-X3000’s small size to take it on the go in various countries.

The camera provides the same quality you might expect from a larger model. It can record in 4K, and there’s a 3.5mm microphone jack in case the internal mic isn’t good enough for your needs.

It also features image stabilization, which is pretty much a must for a smaller camera that’s more prone to shaking when on the move.

Durability is another crucial trait for action cameras, and the FDR-X3000 has that also. The body is designed to be dustproof and freezeproof and can also be submerged in water up to 197 feet.

The underwater housing comes standard with the camera, which might make the FDR-X3000 a more attractive choice if you’re avoiding buying extra gear.

With that being said, you might want to bring extra batteries if you’re making videos with the FDR-X3000. 

Some users have mentioned that the battery runs out quickly and that the battery life when recording in 4K quality is only about 50 minutes.

What Other Equipment Does Harald Baldr Use?

There’s not really any information out there about what kind of equipment Harald Baldr uses other than his camera.

Just like his occasional collab partner, Bald And Bankrupt, Baldr is pretty minimalistic regarding equipment and doesn’t use a lot of fancy gear like drones or gimbals to make his videos.

From some of the camera angles he uses, it’s safe to assume he has some kind of selfie stick to hold the action cam more accessible. Even this, however, is likely to just be a cheap generic brand product.


Here are other frequently asked questions about Harald Baldr and his camera setup.

What Does Harald Baldr Do For A Living?

Thanks to the success of his channel, Harald Baldr has been able to do YouTube full-time.

Can You Livestream With The Sony FDR-X3000?

Yes. The Sony FDR-X3000 has HDMI and audio output ports, allowing you to connect the camera to another device for use as a live streaming cam.


YouTuber Harald Baldr keeps it simple, relying on the Sony FDR-X3000 action camera and not much other equipment to produce his travel videos.

What do you think about action cameras? Do you use any of these cameras from brands like GoPro or Sony? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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