How Many Photos Can 200GB Hold?

The amount of photos you can fit on a 200GB storage device depends on the resolution and file format. If you’re shooting in JPEG format with a relatively average 20-megapixel camera, you can fit about 33,279 photos in that much space.

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In this article, I’ll explain how many photos you can fit in 200GB of storage space and what factors will raise or lower that number. If you’re unsure if 200GB is enough, keep reading for a simple explanation.

How Many Photos Can 200GB Hold?

If you’re shooting with a 20-megapixel camera and storing the photos in JPEG format, you’ll be able to fit 33,279 pictures on a 200GB memory card or hard drive.

The amount of photos you can fit on a storage device depends on the resolution of the pictures as well as the file format. Twenty megapixels is used for this estimate because it’s a middle-range resolution that isn’t too far off from many of the most common ones.

However, your resolution is determined by the camera model, and plenty of cameras these days shoot at higher resolutions than 20 megapixels. On the other hand, many older cameras have lower ones.

If you’re shooting in JPEG format, you’ll almost certainly have enough space with 200GB, no matter what resolution you’re shooting at.

How Many RAW Photos Can 200GB Hold?

The RAW format produces significantly larger files than the JPEG format. This is one of the significant tradeoffs of the format and one of the reasons JPEG is the more popular one, despite other advantages RAW offers.

If you’re shooting in RAW format, you’ll only be able to store around 3,279 photos on the same 200GB storage device, even if the camera’s resolution remains the same.

For many photographers, 200GB is still enough space, even when shooting in RAW format. But if you’re also shooting with a very high-resolution camera, you might consider getting more storage if you use RAW instead of JPEG.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about storage.

How Many Videos Can 200GB Hold?

Unlike photos, it’s impossible to give a specific estimate on how many videos can fit in 200GB. Videos vary much more in size since length, not just resolution and format, impacts file size.

Is 200GB Enough Storage?

Most photographers won’t worry about running out of storage with a 200GB memory card. The only ones likely to need more are photographers shooting high-resolution photos in RAW format.


If you’re shooting a 20-megapixel camera, you’ll be able to store about 33,279 photos in JPEG format on a 200GB memory card. If you’re using the RAW format, especially at higher resolutions, you can expect that number to drop drastically to about 3,279.

How much storage space do you need before you stop worrying about running out? Tell us in the comments!

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