How Many Photos Can 64GB Hold?

When shooting with a 20-megapixel camera and using JPEG format, you can fit around 10,670 photos on a 64GB memory card or flash drive. However, this number isn’t an absolute. It can change if you’re using a higher or lower-resolution camera.

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In this article, I’ll break down how many photos you can fit on a 64GB storage device and whether it’s enough storage today.

If you’re unsure whether 64GB is enough space for all your photos, keep reading to get a better idea of how far that storage will take you.

How Many Photos Can 64GB Hold?

A storage device with 64GB of space can usually fit around 10,670 photos if stored in JPEG format and have a resolution of around 20-megapixels. 

This, of course, is only a general estimate. It’s impossible to give an exact number for how many photos can fit in 64GB because factors like the format and the resolution determine the size of each image file.

Twenty megapixels is a middle-range resolution. It’s not the greatest in the world, but it’s still enough to get professional results. However, many cameras these days, even on the lower end of the price scale, have higher resolutions than this.

Obviously, your resolution depends on your specific camera. For many cameras, a 64GB memory card will provide enough space to take plenty of pictures without worrying. But if you have a very high-resolution one, you might want to consider a larger one.

How Many RAW Photos Can 64GB Hold?

If you’re using the RAW format, the amount of photos you can fit on the same storage device drops to around 1,070. This is because of the file size difference in RAW images compared to JPEGs.

RAW files store more data, which gives you more options for editing photos in a program like Lightroom. One of the main drawbacks is that the format produces significantly larger files to accomplish this.

If you’re shooting RAW, you’ll either have to keep this added limitation on space in mind or bring a larger memory card.


Here are some frequently asked questions about storage space.

Is 64GB Enough?

For most photographers, a 64GB memory card will provide enough space. However, you may want to consider a larger one if you’re planning on shooting RAW and taking many photos per session, especially if your camera is very high resolution.

How Many Pictures Can 64GB Hold on iPhone?

The iPhone 14 has cameras with a 12-megapixel resolution. Using that number, we can estimate that a 64GB iPhone can store 17,1780 photos, assuming the storage was only used for pictures.


If you have a 64GB storage device, you can fit around 10,670 20-megapixel photos on it if they’re stored in JPEG format. But that number will drop dramatically if you’re using the RAW format.

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