How Many Pictures Can 1GB Hold?

Realistically, a 1GB memory card will hold around 260 pictures. However, the amount can vary drastically depending on the size of the photos.

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In this article, I’ll explain how many pictures a 1GB memory card can store and the factors that determine this. If you’re unsure about memory cards, keep reading for a simple explanation.

How Many Pictures Can 1GB Hold?

Generally, 1GB of storage can hold around 230 to 260 photos shot with a DSLR camera. But it may store more pictures if the file size is smaller or less if the files are larger.

Camera specs impact how many photos a memory card can hold. A higher photo resolution means a larger file size, so higher-end cameras tend to fill memory cards faster.

The 260 photos estimate assumes that the file size for each one is six megabytes. This is close to the file size you can expect from a 20-megapixel camera.

These days, even a lot of entry-level cameras exceed the 20-megapixel mark. In these cases, you’ll be able to store even less than the 260 photo estimate.

How Many RAW Pictures Can 1GB Hold?

The RAW format provides some solid advantages, but one major drawback is the file size. RAW photos are uncompressed, making them larger.

Even if the camera’s resolution is 20 megapixels, shooting in RAW would produce files closer to 66 megabytes in size. 

Based on that size estimate, you would only be able to store 13 of them on a 1GB memory card.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about photo storage.

How Many Videos Can a 1GB Memory Card Hold?

It’s impossible to determine how many videos a 1GB memory card can hold because video size varies greatly depending on length and quality. A long video, naturally, is usually a much larger file than a short one.

Is 1GB Enough Storage?

Whether 1GB is enough storage largely depends on your needs. It can be perfectly fine if you’re only taking a few dozen photos instead of hundreds. If you’re taking larger amounts of photos or shooting RAW, you’ll need more space.


Generally, you should expect to be able to store around 260 photos on a 1GB memory card. 

However, if you’re shooting in RAW format or have a higher-end camera with a high resolution, the number of photos you can take will be even smaller.

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