How Many Pictures Can 2GB Hold?

If you have a 20-megapixel camera, your memory card can hold about 333 pictures on a 2 GB of space before it’s full. However, this number is subject to change based on your specs and settings, like whether you’re shooting RAW or JPEG.

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In this article, I’ll talk about memory cards and how many pictures you can store with 2GB of space. I’ll also explain what can raise or lower the number of pictures you can store. If you’re unsure about how much storage you need, keep reading.

How Many Pictures Can 2GB Hold?

The amount of pictures you can hold depends on multiple factors. These include your camera’s resolution, as well as your shooting settings. For now, we’ll assume you’re shooting in JPEG format rather than RAW, since it’s the more common choice.

If your camera’s resolution is 20 megapixels, you should be able to store around 333 pictures on a 2GB memory card. But the number of pictures you can store might be more or less since the resolution varies from camera to camera.

Many entry-level cameras these days have a higher resolution, while some cameras, especially older ones, have a lower one. For example, if you had a 24-megapixel Canon Rebel series camera, you’d only be able to fit 277 pictures on the same memory card.

Why is this? Well, the size of the image files is tied to resolution. Higher-res images take up more space, so you can store fewer on one card.

How Many RAW Pictures Can 2GB Hold?

Many photographers prefer to shoot using the RAW format because it grants greater control when editing the photos later. However, one of the main downsides of this format is the larger file size.

RAW files are significantly larger. If you have the same 20-megapixel camera but shoot in RAW format instead of JPEG, you can only fit 33 photos on the same 2GB memory card.

Basically, if you’re shooting in RAW format, you should prepare to either bring a larger memory card or take far fewer pictures per outing.


Here are some other frequently asked memory card questions.

Is 2GB Of Storage Enough?

Whether 2GB of storage is enough depends on your needs. With a lower-resolution camera, you can take plenty of photos with this. But at higher resolutions like 20 megapixels and above, 2GB could easily feel like not enough storage.

How Many Pictures Does A 2GB Flash Drive Hold?

A 2GB flash drive can hold the same amount of pictures as a memory card of the same size. After all, the size of the files stays the same regardless of how they’re stored.


A memory card with 2GB of storage can hold around 333 pictures shot on a 20-megapixel camera in JPEG format or 33 shot in RAW format.

Obviously, however, these numbers will change if you have a higher or lower-resolution camera, and you should keep this in mind when figuring out how much storage you need.

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