How Many Pictures Can 512GB Hold?

You can fit around 85,332 pictures on a 512GB memory card if each image has a 20-megapixel resolution. Of course, the exact number will be a bit higher or lower than this, depending on your camera’s resolution.

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Today, I’ll explain how many photos you can fit on a 512GB storage device and what things might raise or lower that amount.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll have enough space, keep reading to ensure you have the full info.

How Many Pictures Can 512GB Hold?

You can hold about 85,332 photos on a 512GB memory card. But that estimate has some specific conditions. For one, it assumes that each photo is 20 megapixels. Second, the estimate also uses the JPEG format instead of the RAW format.

Resolution is the main thing to consider when figuring out how far your storage will go. If you have a higher resolution camera, your image files will also have a larger size. This obviously means you can fit fewer of them on a memory card.

The reverse is true, also. If you have a lower-resolution camera, you’ll be able to fit more photos on the same-sized memory card. If you’re unsure what resolution your camera is, you should look up the product information.

Twenty megapixels is a reasonably average resolution, but plenty of cameras have much higher or lower megapixel counts in the case of older cameras.

How Many RAW Pictures Can 512GB Hold?

If you’re shooting in RAW format instead of JPEG, you can fit around 8,533 photos on the same 512GB memory card.

The main advantage of the RAW format is more control during editing, which is why many professional photographers use the format over the more popular one. However, it comes with the significant drawback of making much larger file sizes.

In fact, shooting in RAW format is one of the best reasons to spend extra money getting a memory card with a lot of storage space.


Here are some other frequently asked questions about storage space and memory cards.

Is 512GB Enough?

It’s safe to say 512GB is enough storage space for most photographers, whether they’re shooting in JPEG or RAW format. Only those shooting long videos will likely need more space.

Is 512GB Too Much Storage?

That depends on your own needs. Most photographers don’t need 512GB of storage, but there are some cases where it can be useful, like if you’re also shooting high-resolution video.


For most photographers, a 512GB memory card will go above and beyond covering their storage needs. You can fit around 85,332 20-megapixel photos on a card like this or 8,533 RAW photos.

Do you have uses for a memory card this large? Let us know in the comments!

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