How Much Does a Backdrop Cost?

The price of photography backdrops averages between $50 to $150., but it’s easy to find cheap ones that fall below the $25 range. There are also higher-end backdrops that can get expensive by comparison, usually made from better materials or including extra gear like stands.

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In this article, I’ll talk about backdrops. I’ll go over how much they cost, as well as what the different options on the market are. Keep reading for the complete overview if you’ve ever been curious about buying a backdrop.

What is a Backdrop?

Before covering how much backdrops cost, we should clarify what we’re talking about here.

A backdrop is a kind of portable background that a photographer can place behind their subject. Photographers often use them in their studios, but you don’t have to be a studio photographer to make good use of them.

For example, let’s say you want to take some portrait shots from inside your house, but you have a lot of things that would clutter the background. Or maybe, your walls are painted in a specific color, and you want a cleaner-looking background.

By placing a white backdrop behind your subject, you can solve those problems easily and replicate the photography studio look.

You can also change the color of a white backdrop by changing the lighting. Also, there are colored backdrops, and ones with patterns, in case you want more variety.

How Much Does a Backdrop Cost?

The short answer is that a backdrop costs as much as you’re willing to pay. This is an area of photography where you can go very cheap or spend a lot of money, depending on your personal preferences.

A quick search online for backdrops will usually yield plenty of results within a lower price range. Of course, many of these cheaper backdrops are smaller than their more expensive counterparts.

You can easily find a simple backdrop for less than $30, but some go for prices over $250. 

Some of these are higher priced because of special features, like better material or their ability to act as a green screen.

Others cost more because they come with extra equipment, such as stands that let you set them up anywhere. Without this extra gear, you’ll probably need a wall to mount the backdrop to.

These higher-end backdrops vary in price, but the range mostly ranges from $50 to around $150. The exact number depends on the specific product and what comes with it.

What Kind of Backdrops Are There?

Since you can technically make a backdrop out of anything, there are a lot of choices in this area. Even a large sheet of white paper, if held in place, can act as a cheap alternative to more professional backdrops.

Here are the most common options you’ll see on the market.


Polyester backdrops are some of the most readily affordable, and many cheaper ones are made of this material.


Muslin tends to be a bit higher quality, which is usually reflected in the cost of muslin backdrops. 

It wrinkles easily, which is undoubtedly a con to some, but it’s known as easily transportable and non-reflective. Both of these are good traits for a photo backdrop.


On the other hand, Vinyl doesn’t have the wrinkling problem and is ideal for printed backdrops. You can even get a custom vinyl backdrop printed with a specific design of your choice. 

These vinyl backdrops seem to fall between polyester and muslin in price. Of course, if you’re getting a custom one with your own design, that will cost more than a standard one.

There are other types of backdrops, but these are the most common types. Even if you just look at these three types, you’ll still find hundreds of options that likely cover any needs you have.


Here are some other questions about photography backdrops.

How Much Does It Cost To Print A Backdrop?

Custom printed backdrops vary in price just as much as standard options. The exact number will depend on your chosen material and size, but you should expect to pay more compared to a generic backdrop with the same specifications.

How Much Does A Wedding Backdrop Cost?

A backdrop for wedding photography isn’t inherently different from a regular one. Even if you buy one of the higher quality backdrops that also come with extra equipment, the price will probably be in the $150-200 range.


The price of backdrops varies greatly, and you can find suitable options across the price spectrum. Paper and polyester backdrops tend to be very cheap, while muslin and vinyl ones generally cost more but meet specific needs.

Do you use backdrops in your photography? What kind do you use? Tell us in the comments.

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