How Much Video Can 128GB Hold?

A 128 GB memory card can record up to 12 hours or more of video. The exact length your camera can record depends on your recording settings, including your resolution, frame rate, and compression settings.

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In today’s guide, I’ll explain how much video can 128 GB hold.

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How Many Hours of Video Does 128GB Hold?

The exact number of hours of video your 128GB memory card can hold depends on a few factors. These include your resolution, compression, frame rate, bit rate, and file format.

Because there are so many factors that affect a video file’s size, here’s the best advice I can give you. First, take out your camera and record a video for 10 minutes. Then, see how large the file size is of the 10-minute video. 

For example, if the video size was 2 GB, you’d be able to record 640 minutes or 10.66 hours of video.

Lower resolutions and frame rates create smaller video sizes. So if you find yourself running out of storage space too often, I recommend lowering your recording settings. You can also import the memory card’s files into your computer and then clear your memory card to create more storage space.

How Long is 128GB of 1080p Video?

The length of the 1080p video you can record on a 128 GB memory card depends on your frame rate. In general, 1080p and 60 FPS allow you to record up to 14 hours of video. On the other hand, shooting at 1080p and 30 FPS allows you to record up to 16 hours of video. 

How Many Hours of 4K Video Can 128GB Hold?

How many hours of 4K video your 128GB memory card can hold depends on your bit rate. Most cameras use 12 MB/sec, so you can expect around 3 hours of video storage at 4K on your 128 GB SD card.


If you have additional questions about 128GB memory cards, here are some common questions and answers. 

How many videos and photos can 128GB hold?

A 128GB memory card can store up to 13,000 JPEG photos in standard quality. However, the number of photos your memory card can store is much lower if you shoot RAW photos. Furthermore, a 128GB SD card can store up to 12 hours of video if you use a low resolution and frame rate.

How many hours of 1080p 30fps video can 128 GB hold?

A 128 GB SD card can store up to 16 hours of video when shooting with 1080p resolution and 30 FPS. However, the amount of time your camera can record is much lower if you don’t use compression.

Is 128GB storage enough?

A 128 GB memory card is the perfect size for most videographers. This amount of memory allows you to take as many pictures and film as many videos as you want without needing to worry about running out of space. However, I always recommend importing your files to your computer so you can clear your memory card.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my guide on how much video can 128GB hold. Although the answer varies drastically depending on your recording settings, you learned an approximate estimation in this guide.

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