How Much Video Can 256GB Hold?

A 256GB memory card can store over 24 hours of video, depending on your recording and compression settings. If you record with a resolution such as 5.3K or 4K, you can expect your memory card to store up to 6 hours of video.

Hey, it’s wonderful to meet you. My name is Larry, and today I’m going to explain how much video can 256GB hold. I’ve been an avid filmmaker for nearly a decade and have experience using hundreds of camera SD cards.

I’ll share what I’ve learned about 256GB memory cards throughout the past 10 years. 

Let’s dive right in!

How Many Videos Can a 256 GB Hold?

The number of videos a 256 GB memory card can hold depends on your camera and compression settings. Higher frame rates and resolutions create larger video files. Therefore, you can’t record as many videos if you use settings like 4K and 120 FPS.

My best recommendation is to take out your camera and record a 10-minute video. Then, view how big the file size is. You can easily determine how many 10-minute videos your 256 GB SD card can store with that number.

For example, if the 10-minute video was 1 GB, you’d be able to record 256 videos with your 256GB memory card.

Is 256GB a Lot of Storage?

Most modern cameras support 256GB SD cards, which can store many photos and videos. As such, 256GB is plenty of storage for most camera users. However, unless you exclusively film videos at 4K resolution, you shouldn’t worry about filling up your SD card too quickly.

If you find your SD card at max capacity too often, I recommend importing your files to your computer. Then, you can delete them from your camera to clear space for new videos and pictures.

However, before you purchase a new 256GB card, it’s essential to make sure your camera supports 256GB SD cards. Look up your camera model’s manual and check the memory section. 


Before you go, let’s discuss a few common questions I receive about 256GB SD cards.

How many hours of 1080p video can 256GB hold?

You can record up to 24 hours of video using 1080p with a 256GB memory card.

How long will a 256GB SD card record in 4K?

A 256 GB SD card can record up to 6 hours of footage in 4K resolution.

How many photos and videos can 256GB hold?

A 256 GB SD card is relatively large and can store a lot of files. This memory card can store up to 100,000 photos if you use a 7MP camera and standard JPEG photo format. A 256 GB memory card can store up to 24 hours of videos. If you usually shoot 10-minute videos, this would be 144 total videos. 

Is there a big difference between 128GB and 256GB?

The difference between a 128GB SD card and a 256GB SD card is that the 256GB SD card has double the storage space. I prefer using multiple smaller SD cards instead of a single large one in case the SD card corrupts. For this reason, I recommend using two 128 GB SD cards instead of a 256 GB SD card.

How long is 256GB video?

A 256GB video can be anywhere from 6 hours to 24 hours or more. However, your camera would likely run out of battery before you’re able to fill your SD card.

Closing Thoughts

This wraps up my guide on how much video can 256GB hold. Although I can’t give you an exact answer because each camera uses different recording and compression settings, you learned an approximate estimation in today’s guide.

As a rule of thumb, higher resolutions and frame rates produce larger video file sizes. Nevertheless, now I want to hear from you! What type of camera do you use? What kind of videos do you create? Can I help you answer any more questions about video camera memory cards?

Leave a comment down below and let me know.

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  • John B

    Going to Israel in few months… planning on taking lots of photo and video. Using GoPro Hero 5 Black with SanDisk 256GB Extreme microSDXC. Setting maybe 1080 at 30fs. Have a 10000mAh power stick mounting to a 61inch Monopod Carbon Fiber Walking Stick and Aluminum Frame Housing Skeleton Shell to protect the GoPro.

    Will be there for 11 days with no laptop or any ways to transfer videos… Will the 256 SD enough? Thanks