How Much Video Can 512GB Hold?

A 512GB SD card can hold up to 48 hours of video if you use lower resolutions like 1080p and 720p. Shooting in higher video quality, like 4K or 5K, lowers the amount of video your memory card can hold because of bigger file sizes.

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In today’s guide, I’m excited to share with you how much video can 512GB hold.

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How Many Videos Can 512 GB Hold?

Several factors determine how many videos your 512 GB SD card can hold. This is because your recording settings dictate the size of your video file.

Shooting in a high resolution and frame rate creates a large file size. For example, if you record in 4K at 120 frames per second (FPS), your file size would be much larger than if you record with 1080p at 24 FPS.

As such, your video file size is influenced by your chosen resolution and frame rate. Your camera also has its own codec, which compresses your videos. Some codecs offer greater compression and smaller files, while others have less compression and larger files.

The best tip I can give you is to get your camera and record a 10-minute video using your regular settings. Then, view the size of the video file. For instance, if the 10-minute video file is 1GB, you can multiply 10 minutes by 512 to get 5120 minutes. As such, your 512 GB SD card can hold around 85 hours of video.

How Much Video Can 512GB Hold 1080p?

If you record at 1080p resolution, your 512GB memory card can store up to 48 hours or more of video footage.

How Much 4K Video Can 512GB Hold?

When you record with 4K video resolution, your 512GB memory card can store up to 12 hours or more of video footage.

How Much 5K Videos Can 512GB Hold?

Your 512GB SD card can store up to 9 hours of 5K video footage. If each of your videos is 10 minutes long, you are able to store 54 total videos. 


To answer any further questions you may have, I’ve included an FAQ section with some common questions I receive about 512GB SD cards.

Is 512GB storage enough?

Yes, 512GB is on the higher end of camera storage size. In fact, many older generation cameras don’t support 512GB SD cards. If your camera supports 512GB SD cards, this is more than enough storage to record videos and take pictures. However, I recommend importing your files to your computer as often as possible to create more space on your SD card when needed.

How much HD video can 512GB hold?

Full HD resolution is the same as 1080p. For this reason, your 512GB SD card can store up to 48 hours of full HD video. If your videos are typically 30 minutes long, your memory card can hold up to 96 total HD videos. 

Do I need 512GB or 1TB?

If you need a lot of storage space, I recommend buying two 512GB SD cards over a single 1TB SD card. If you only have one SD card, you are at risk of losing all of your files if your card corrupts or gets damaged. So using two SD cards acts as a safety precaution, and 512GB is plenty of storage space for most videographers.

Closing Thoughts

When you’re looking for a new SD card for your camera, I recommend checking the manufacturer’s specifications to see what SD cards your camera support. This is because not all cameras support a 512GB SD card.

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